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  1. That rich unhappy guy you spoke about may use his entrepreneur "wins" as a replacement for the happiness he feels he should have with his family and wives. Seems he needs some form of spiritual therapy to direct him

  2. Success is the ability to guide and transform one’s life and indirectly gaining higher self awareness in every aspect of your life!:)

  3. Dan Lok you taught me to use my current niche as a baseline to get rich. Investing, passive income, expanding business and I'm well on my way. Thank you for your way of teaching it gave me great ideas.

  4. Hey dan what are some books you recommend on business, sales, entrepreneurship, self development? Can you make a video sharing some books and what they’re about…

  5. Hey Dan, I am a new subscriber. Really appreciate you making these videos. I am 22 years old and just bought my first duplex as an investment last year in Nanaimo BC. I noticed you are located in Vancouver. What advice do you have for younger people trying to invest in a exploding real estate market when prices seem to keep growing into unreachable numbers?

  6. What's the main differences between the Dan Lok that was just getting started with copywriting, and the Dan Lok of today? What new habits and mindsets do you have now that you didn't back then, and what things did you do back then that you don't now?

  7. Genious out of-the-box thinking, Sifu. Love it! — I‘ve supported my partner quitting drugs and now we‘re executing our life-plan together and enjoying it more and more.

  8. Success means fulfillment of my purpose and making a positive impact in as many people’s lives as possible while I am on this earth and leaving a legacy to continue my work when I am gone!

  9. Today I put in 6 miles, half of which before sunrise. At dawn, I witnessed a glorious spectacle of color.
    At the shop, I had a pleasant conversation with the clerk and fellow patrons.
    Just now, a tenant laid cash money in my hand.
    I'm not a millionaire. It's not one of my goals. I prefer to focus on quality of life.
    Now, if I ever make the New York Times bestseller list, then I may become a millionaire.
    I guess I better get scribbling!:)

  10. SUCCESS MEAN you get what do want but the HAPPIENESS not mean you feling it when you success

  11. I think everyone has a different definition. I think I've reached certain goals but as you said it changes. Thanks, I'm enjoying your videos… compared to others for some reason. You seem like you're just talking some real shit.

  12. Success is any form of happiness…Happiness consists of getting your hair cut every 2 weeks
    and watching your neighbor fall off his roof
    -Lin Yutang

  13. "Success is a predetermined plan executed successfully over a long period of time and having fun doing it" – Dan Lok

  14. It could be even a shorter goal that results in transformational change I believe can be regarded as a success. That is, overcoming significant momentum in the wrong direction and being able to change direction under adverse circumstances. I would agree that even with the challenges, the process would need to have been done joyfully. Otherwise, I would agree with your definition. Sweet!

  15. Dan,what advice would you give to someone who wants to design and build their own cars,has innovative ideas but lacks the money to test and implement them

  16. My definition of Success is when i am able to change people’s lives for the better and be able to give back to community my always been to lead a medical mission in different parts of poor nations year over year until i am not able to do it.

  17. I really resonate with this . The most famous eye doctors in the world told me at age four , in Toronto , that I would probably be blind as an adult , after being rushed into emergency cataract surgery ( which was done when it was a little too late , yet successfully considering the situation ) . I knew nothing about the term ' positive affirmation ' as a child yet I created my own positive affirmation intuitively . I used to repeat ' I will keep my vision ' over and over in my mind , and as I did that , my perception of the word vision became more and more rich and deep . When all my friends went to university , I decided to go on a healing adventure out west . I decided to do what I could to heal and keep my vision . I left my very comfortable life in Ontario ( where I grew up in a mansion in the idyllic woodsy hills north of Toronto , and had been scouted by top level heads in the music and industry that wanted to turn me into a " big star " ) The thing is – in my mind , I am a star in my own view already:):) !! . I have always said that the best ' movie ' is real life . Life is what you make it . It's supposed to be fun . I joyfully renounced my possessions ( including tons of designer clothes ) , wandered through the glorious wilderness with all my possessions in a backpack and sometimes with bicycle touring gear , for many years , through many remote locations of my dreams and erased the concept of linear time from my mind because I realized that for me , it is healing to tap into a timeless level of consciousness . I studied meditation , yoga , sound healing and entrepreneurship for many years with my favourite world renowned masters . I found very rustic , very zen – world class art studios in the wilderness to practice painting in , with no computers , no phones , no television etcetera . I focused solely on collecting the highest caliber paint brushes , paints , canvas , musical instruments , organic food ( and grew some food myself ) and really enjoyed the whole process . I participated as a multidisciplinary artist in all sorts of electronic music events and built a very strong international network . I recently visited my famous eye specialists in Toronto ( great people ) and they've told me that they can't believe how well I'm doing . When it was expected that my vision would deteriorate dramatically in accordance with global statistics , my vision had miraculously improved . They've labeled my vision a miracle . Of all the millions of kids worldwide that have had access to cataract surgery , I'm in the top two of those of us who've become adults . I can see well enough to drive cars ! Plus , my naturopathic doctor has told me that my adrenaline glands are healthier than the average four year olds , and he thinks it's because I've been so creative while working with my hands , joyfully . It makes sense to me . I've conducted extensive research on health and wellness and I'm very passionate about it . I am now learning to integrate my story into urban culture , with a goal to travel and share my story internationally , and Vancouver is a good city for this process to begin because it's such a natural city . There are lots of wild spaces right here in the city so it's a good place for people that come from the woods . I am not yet financially wealthy , yet I've always known that some day I will be and I enjoy understanding that it's not about rushing and doing what everyone else is doing for me . I am aware that my story doesn't impress everyone , yet it impresses me . I'm so awestruck by the miracle of life . Everyone is a miracle in my eyes . I really mean it . Here we are on a rock in outer space . It's a total miracle . Success to me is , and always has been , all about enjoying each day as much as possible , staying grateful for all lessons and opportunities , being open to growth , being intuitive , staying disciplined and strong , learning more , staying positive , being creative / innovative and being true to what it means to have a clear sense of unique individuality . I want to encourage more people to realize that it's powerful to live with heart . It really is important to be true to yourself:) When I am financially wealthy , I will not be more happy than I am today . I'm already happy , yet I will be able to impact people on a grander scale , and I will be able to share and give more to others . That is a worthy goal .

  18. for me sucess is getting a great body/physique, and having a great parnter, which i could pull out a good love story which i would remember.

  19. Success for me is achieving my goals and in the journey towards my goal help others to achieve their with help of association and bond

  20. My definition of success is living life to the fullest and positively impacting people in every aspect of my life. And one of my most satisfying moments is knowing that I've helped someone who felt like all hope has vanished. I can't say that I have made a wooden nickle in the effort, but rather the effort and seeing it through to fruition IS the ultimate reward.

  21. Hello Dan from France. I think a lot of your fans are still struggling and dont have the money to pay coaching. (me include) But i promise that, when ill make serious money, i will come to Vancouver and pay any price just to thank you personnaly. All your free vidéos and your book taught me more than school in my entire life. Thank you a million times

  22. In my eyes succes is to be happy with who you are or what you have achieved and the path that you have taken to be there. I personally find that having the pre determined plan (especially setting goals) is a way of reaching it, not a need for obtaining it. Life is very dynamic and some unplanned things can really alter it, but that doesn't stop a person from being succesful in it's specific situation.

    Your content is really life changing Dan, you are amazing! I am planning on giving you back my own opinion more by writing these comments.

  23. I love the Boss In The Bentley series, short, sweet, and on point every time. Now I have a new understanding of the "why" behind the goals and visions set, thank you.

  24. My definition of success is getting up and going to work because you want to and because you have to.
    Any day is a day that you could skip out on if you choose

  25. Say It Dan! “ Success is the QUALITY of your journey to your clear cut plan”; it’s not about the destination!!!! THIS is at the TOP of my FAVORITE Dan Lok YouTube videos. Think I’ll repeat this one every week. Thanks for all that you do! I am sooo blessed to have you as my mentor.

  26. good plan – getting progress ; the question 'what is success?' is interesting – for me it might start more questions than answers ; years ago Positive Thinking books were what I read ; these days the Byrds Turn Turn Turn song has learning , education

  27. My success would be not having to worry about money, not having a lot of it but not having to worry about it and being happy and enjoying life. I feel once have the money to buy a house I won't need nearly as much money to support myself so I can work part time. I'm also working on passive income by mining cryptocurrency. My goal for the end of the year is to bring in £500 a month from my mining farm, drop to 2/3 shifts in work and slowly save for my house while working on personal goals.

  28. Success is all about your way of life or life style. I don't think success is measured in money, or big wins, but in over-all life style. If I am working from my home, living with my family, in good health, having a nice day, eating great food, and doing things on my own terms, I am a success. If I am hating where I am and who I am with, then that is not success, not for a trillion dollars. But I definitely think a plan is needed. Plan for the life you want to experience and make it a reality.

  29. I feel you definition of success gave me a lot of clarity, sometimes my mind blurrs what I think my golas and dreams are. That’s why I love simplicity. Thank you Dan!

  30. According to me success is the balance or combination of health, wealthy & personal relationship.

  31. Success for me is learning from mistakes, and never repeating those same mistakes. After all, Thomas Edison said it best, while developing the light bulb: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

  32. Success is progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. Having a predetermined plan, and successful executing that plan over a long period of time and having fun doing it.

  33. To me it means to be at peace with yourself. Whether good or bad things happen to you, you are neutral not overly joyed or overly sad.

  34. Thank you, Mr Lok. I prefer your words of motivation over any business figures out there.

    My definition of success is 'to be a person who is able to turn (good) dreams/ideas into reality, especially ideas that can benefit not only me but also other people, ideas that do not go against my conscience'.

    When a good idea pops up in my head, I want to be able to execute it without any terminal restrictions, to go wherever I want to go, to set up any business I want to, to create systems to improve lives of those who are in need, regardless of the scale of these ideas.

  35. Hey Dan thank you on this video, it brings so much value like, people should think that they are already successful. I hope you have something on how to connect with successful people in country where you are stranger and dont know language (live in german and know english just)

  36. for me success is…Creating Value! Having Fun while doing it! Being Nice to others!….Enjoy your Journey!

  37. i stumbled on the Lawrence nightingale recording and he defined it exactly the same. i have started building my farm and i have no regrets

  38. At first i think just to reach that goal. Rewatch this my Success is a pre determined plan and execute it successfully and have fun during the process and I attract success.

  39. Hi Dan this is the video that I love most. I thought that you only measure people success and happiness with their wealth but in reality you are not as bad as I think. I believe that money is important but for me I want to make millions but for some they think 100,000 dollars is already financially independent and for me they are successful like in Denmark and Sweden. But for people that hate rich people and say money is evil I believe its just an excuse for make them happy but in reality they are not grateful and happy and successful.

  40. Dan
    Achieving my vision of where I want to be in 5years from now in my life with my family, with Clarity and Happiness.

  41. Hi Dan, What is your definition of rich is to be Millionaire or Billionaire?

    Also what about your's for broke, is a debt-free person is considered as broke?

    Finally could we consider success and richness having very close definition or meaning?

  42. Success is doing that thing that u love that u need.sometime your success make u happy but if u r happy u will succeed everytime..💐💐

  43. Today I measure success by my personal growth. The higher my level of growth, the greater value I have to offer humanity. My wealth will be one benchmark of how I measure my success. Other benchmarks are doing so without mistreating others or allowing myself to be mistreated in the process. Kindness and wisdom in word and dead. All measured through quantification of cause and effect. Thank you for your service.

  44. I am doing my own bussiness. Having heard this video is really like a slap in my face. Really really good. I like ' quality of the journey' . Agus from Jakarta.

  45. Success is, having a predetermined plan and successfully execute the plan over a long period of time and having fun doing it!

  46. Dan, your take is sophisticated and encouraging. There is a lot more to life than money; however, it's easy to turn that into an excuse to not work. Your approach bridges the gap. A successful person has clear goals to provide for his family and plans accordingly; money is by definition a crucial part of that.

  47. Dan, you're an inspiration. I have a question. My close friend always brings up this topic and he says both I and him are successful. The only difference is I have 10 properties, drive a +100k sports car, wear top clothes, eat at the best restaurants, have bachelor education and have top job, fly in business and have the best holidays, while he still is paying off his only home, loan on work vehicle (ute), dresses like crap, doesn't go out, barely passed high school etc etc. It's extremely toxic discussing this topic with him as the situation is quite evident and he is extremely competitive (jealous). In today's world success can only be measured by wealth, position and happiness. Happy to get your thoughts or do a video on this but it is very disrespectful when some people who have achieved nothing and have nothing trying to compete with someone who has achieved more than them and have more than them. This is very toxic friendship. Thoughts please.
    P.S. He is the same type as the one you've discussed in your other vid, does money buy happiness 🤭

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