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When was your last kiss? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

When was your last kiss? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

(What’s the Jenga Time?) (They pick a block each in turn) (Answer or carry out what’s written on the block) (It’s a fail if there’s nothing written on the block) (Of course, if the tower falls down, it’s game over) Shall I go first? Or… Sure. (As if he’s communicating with E.T) What’s this? (As soon as he touches) (The tower starts shaking) (Oh, my gosh) Do you want to get this over with? Wait. Do you want this to end? Isn’t it over once it falls? Do you want to put an end to this when we just met? (I didn’t mean it) What’s wrong with this? (Shaking) Okay. (He’s just managed to get it out) – Did you get a question? / – Did you? Yes, but this is for you two. – Us? / – It’ll be fun. (Curious) There. When was your last kiss? When was it? (He picked a daring question from the start) Come on. I think it was when I was in second grade. With your dad? Kiss? Listen to their answers. (They can’t wait to hear their answers) No, a proper kiss with a guy. – With a guy? / – With the guy you loved. This is… – Was it when I was in kindergarten? / – How about… (She takes the block) How about we ask him the question in return and grant him a wish? – Pardon? / – How does it sound? – Really? / – Yes. (That’s a good strategy) She’s smart. So she won’t tell. It’s understandable. She might not want to tell him anything in case he becomes her boyfriend. Girls are generous about the guy’s past. But you should never tell a guy… – About your past. / – That’s right. Let’s ask him the question instead and grant him a wish. Are you doing this because your last kiss was yesterday? (She gives Hee a blow) Yesterday? (Laughing) Am I right? – “Honey.” / – Is that why? – No. / – “I’ll be on Matching Survival tomorrow.” “Please understand.” – No. / – It’s a TV show. No, that’s not it. (I should calm down) That’s not it. – You want him to do it instead. / – It’s embarrassing. It’s an embarrassing question. My… (Answer them like a man) (When was your last kiss?) (Embarrassed) My… – My last kiss was last December. / – Last December? – Yes. / – That’s nine months ago. Someone gasped over there. He’s trying to sound gentle on purpose. (It’s us) Nine months ago? (That doesn’t make sense) Do you believe him? – I doubt it. / – No, I doubt it. (Of course they wouldn’t believe him) Right. (I shouldn’t have said it) – Since we promised… / – Yes. We’ll grant your wish. What would you like to wish for? – My wish is… / – Yes? Tell me when your last relationship was. – Last relationship? / – Yes. Guys always ask that question. But once they hear the answer, they are never happy with it. (They never like what they hear) But this question is inevitable. (It’s an inevitable question for a couple) (So) There was a time during my school years when I exchanged notes with my friends. Are you talking about that old messenger site? As for me… (Choi Hee speaks up for the first time) – It was this year. / – This year? – This year? / – I broke up this year. This year. – That’s enough. / – Okay. It must still be painful. It happened during the first half of the year. No one asked about that. It hasn’t been long. Isn’t she being too honest? This is real. This is it. – This year? / – That’s honesty right there. She’s quite honest. (What did Andrew Mun think about her answer?) I liked it. I could feel that she was serious. That’s when my interest in her skyrocketed. It’s my turn. I haven’t done this in a very long time. (Exclaiming) (Let’s be careful) No way. (She’s being careful) (She succeeds) – Do you see it? / – Yes. (She bursts into laughter the moment she reads it) (What could it be?) I’m so shy. I’m already disliking it. “Look at the opposite gender in the eye and compliment them.” – Do I need to compliment him? / – Yes. – You’re complimenting me? / – Look elsewhere. I’m shy. Why am I sitting here? (She feels very uncomfortable) (I’m not going to watch) I’m so shy. She’s very shy. It’s fun to watch them. – I enjoy this more. / – I know. I like this. – I’d do this with my boyfriend. / – Right. Shall we do it too? Seulki, you’re so beautiful. The spot on your nose is very charming. I like it. – There should be a guy, though. / – I know. Andrew, you’re… (Her tongue gets twisted due to the awkwardness) Is my name funny? I said Andrew Myun. – It’s Mun. / – “Myun?” – Andrew Mun. / – Andrew. Andrew Mun. The more I talk to you, the more charming you are. That’s my compliment to you. – Thank you. / – Shall we commence? – Go, Seunghye. / – I’ll go. I pick this part. (Let me get a nice one) Gosh, why am I trembling? Pick something related to kissing. Seunghye, please. Pick something like that. (I’ll do my best) (Impressed) (Exclaiming) (The blocks collapse) This one doesn’t even have anything on it. (She picked a dud) (Is it over for me?)

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  1. For this episode i like to saw this couple compare another couple.. that guy so mature and handsome..and that woman so shy and cute

  2. falling in love with Andreww😍 he is so sweet and well mannered. Hopefully, he will date Choi Hee for real. Hope to see more videos of them. 🙏🙏🙏

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