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WHY Does Levi Survive Attack on Titan Finale? | How Eren ENDS Attack on Titan Part 4

WHY Does Levi Survive Attack on Titan Finale? | How Eren ENDS Attack on Titan Part 4

Why does Levi survive the Attack on
Titan finale? If you think otherwise let me know. So juicy Attack on Titan topic
and a lot to bite into for this Levi Ackerman discussion. I’m still surprised
at just how many people got fooled by others or perhaps tricked themselves
into believing Levi actually died. No chance no way that Isayama was gonna rub
off one of the most popular Attack on Titan characters off screen. This isn’t
Scout Ymir. This is Levi franking Ackerman. Besides there’s still more than
a few things that Levi needs to finish off
so definitely smash out like if you want Levi to live on or if you just want
to smash to Levi. First off a huge thank you to Crunchyroll for sponsoring today’s
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owning that bloody Levi figure. Come on he looks super badass! Anyway
getting into this in-depth discussion on Levi Ackerman. While I’m going through
this definitely post your own Levi’s endgame wish. Let’s see if Santa Isayama
delivers. Levi has really come such a long way. He’s gone from being that
fragile kid in the Underground rising into becoming humanity’s strongest. Levi
at this point has outlived and survived every single scout besides Hange. Fast
forward a beast Titan sushi time and four years later you had Levi bringing
down the Beast Titan again not once but two more beatdowns. Doesn’t matter that
one of those was staged. Things were going all fine and dandy until Attack on
Titan chapter 114. Perhaps Isayama stepped on a Lego or
just had a nasty troll fan letter cuz he gave Levi the ride of his life.
Kaboom super monkey explosion go. Oh yes I mean oh no Levi has finally been
de-powered. Very important key note Levi did not get killed off. Almost a year later
after that explosion finally an update on the grim adventures
of Hange and the bloody Levi. Levi officially is it evolved into mummy mode.
The guy is now like the slimy bloody caterpillar cocoon. Just wait he’s
gonna bloom into this beautiful butterfly a few chapters later and I’m
only half joking on that. Could you freaking imagine you got Annie got a
shocking wake up from the Eren alarm clock. By the way the most important part
Levi is alive besides some obvious money reasons to keep the top Ackerman
breathing which I will touch on later. Levi is definitely gonna have an
important role for the Attack on Titan finale. Before then Levi does have a very
different issue to overcome. Simply being that worst injury that Levi
has ever taken. Ironically the severe injury was almost entirely caused by
Levi himself. Really dude at Thunder Spear making some Levi monkey steaks weren’t
enough for you but let’s not dwell on the past.
How to resolve the Levi’s broken state and then move past it. Too bad
there’s those senzu beam or some healing Titan jutsu magic in the Attack
on Titan world. The resurrection of Levi there’s actually a few valid options.
Option 1 talking about that Titan magic Ackermans have been proven to be
Subjects of Ymir. Recall Mikasa being in the Titan realm. Levi should have also
been there being an Ackerman himself although probably kissing the ground.
Ackerman’ do have some strange unconfirmed and really unclear
connections to Titans which is a different theory video but in
theory a Levi who has these Titan traits could behave in a similar
manner. Think of how a Titan shifters heal after taking damage like all the times
that Eren shattered Attack Titan body or the more natural healing factor that
does exist for Titan shifters every single one of these Titan shifters in
human mode has boasted this ability. Funny thing about this the one major thing
going against any possible healing is actually Mikasa. Take a look at Mikasa Ackerman notice what’s remain constants of Attack on Titan season 1
nope Nope not her abs, not her smile, not her scarf but her scar.
Recall that one time that Eren left that little love mark on her. I know a
lot of you do want Levi to just heal via this Titan
connection however Mikasa definitely would have done so already if it were
possible. I do believe this is part of why Mikasa still has that scar.
It just shows as type of superhuman healing does not exist for Ackerman’s
although playing devil’s advocate a counter
to this. I do believe there could be this extra factor needed factor needed to activate
some secret Titan connected Ackerman healing. Perhaps the founding Titan or
royal blood and member needs to be involved. Come on Eren come over here
and pet Levi on the head a little bit. Rub his head pinch those cheeks or how
ironic would it be if someone like Zeke ended up restoring Levi.
Do I smell some Redemption coming? Option two a Titan Levi which is definitely
another popular Levi scenario. How about if Levi just eats Annie and becomes
the new sexy female Titan? That way Levi is gonna be able to shake a different
moneymaker but seriously for my Attack on Titan videos so far I keep seeing a
lot of you wanting this to happen. A very possible candidate right now would be
the little bird boy. Sorry Connie mama Levi is far more important. You’re gonna get
the next one I promise. It’s not like anyone’s gonna miss Falco too much
anyway and no Gabby doesn’t count. That said it still is unknown if Ackerman
could become a titan shifter although chances point to that being unlikely.
That said if Isayama wanted Levi to return in this fashion he would just
write it into the Attack on Titan story. Mikasa being in the Titan realm
already at least hints at this being a possibility. By itself I don’t have an
issue with Levi returning in this manner but you then open this Pandora Box of
possible issues. The whole reason that Levi got blown up in the first place
was really Isayama nerfing the very overpower Levi. At the same time
also this excuse to remove Levi from the story for a little bit. Levi
feasting on this little Titan boy would be him becoming this super overpowered
character. Levi returns now stronger, quicker, with healing and even a Titan if
needed. That’s if you give Levi the weaker Cart Titan.
Plus you do get into this other issue from a writing point of view. Attack on
titan has been praised for a strong story often avoiding these tropes that
almost every other series falls into. If you now do this with Levi is Attack on
Titan going to be similar to almost every other anime ,manga or light novel
where you have a fan favorite that’s almost died but then magically got
healed for the finale. Now playing Titans advocate very appropriate for this. Even
I need to acknowledge to counterpoints for this one.
Attack on Titan has already several other tropes throughout Attack on
Titan. Hell look at firkin Gabby. Gabby is the embodiment of this walking
predictable subplot. Two a more important reality. Technically Levi
returning at 150% what didn’t even make him the most overpowered character
anymore. That’s currently dino Eren with this colossal Titan army. The
story can use a super juice up Levi right now. Option 3 another Titan option
which is getting very out there. You saw how Zeke fully recovered when he was at
death’s door in theory it should be possible for something similar to happen
to an Ackerman aka Levi Levi being part Titan and for this I’m thinking this is
too much above all possibility compared to Levi just eating someone but hey you
do have them sane hunched around hey Hange why not hook Levi up to Connie’s
mother it’s not like that ty to mama is busy quick sidenote right here
I know there’s been some confusion in questions about the Titans and the Titan
realm due to recent events literally Ymir should it be in the Titan room
anymore in other words no one there to build
some Titans which some of you may think would cause problems for healing up levi
if you do go the Titan route however in the latest chapter you still have the
peak Titan young yamir also became a Titan without herself in the Titan room
not to mention the recent Dino Titan that Eren made and so on. In other words
it still is possible to go titan mode. Option 4 Levi just recovers on his own.
For this I’ll just direct you to my previous pretty in-depth video tackling
the whole Levi explosion. The high level idea from that involves Levi not being as
hurt as you thought from the concentrated thunder spear blast. Definitely not as
much as you’re led to believe. One major point what this is relying on him being
the top Ackerman pretty much being this mini Titan. Currently you have Hange
hauling mummy Levi over to the closest clinic.
Levi did get a downgrade enough to participate in the Attack on Titan
finale and not get killed off. Isayama’s Ackerman nerve patch: Levi is missing
two fingers sorry beyblading skill removed. Levi
also has a scar on his face now. I’m thinking that the blast could have
affected its eyesight. What Levi just needs now is some rest and relaxation. Oh yes I’m talking about a time skip. The question now becomes how
much time does Levi actually need enough to recover and actually also participate
in the finale. Previously you saw Levi injury his leg versus the female Titan. Levi was then
back in full fighting form in Attack on Titan season 3. Rough estimate of a few
weeks. Going forward into the last 10 or so Attack on Titan chapters
it’ll be Eren versus the world’s biggest hitters. That includes Mikasa,
armored Titan Reiner, the Pieck cary Titan, colossal Titan Armin and now you could
add a +1 to that with Levi. The jaws Titan and Beast Titan are a question mark
at this point. Oh almost forgot don’t forget about Gabby with a sniper. How
about someone nerfing Gabby. Here’s what I’d like to see happen whether Isayama plays out the events in this fashion or the Attack on Titan finale
has hints of my ideas at a high level. I mentioned Levi being removed from the
Attack on Titan story temporarily. Isayama did not bring this guy
back with like five chapters left and not do anything with him. Forgetting
about the major world issue for a moment Levi still has a certain promise that
needs to be fulfilled. Levi was supposed to take out Zeke due to Erwin’s final sacrifice. The problem Zeke’s current status is unknown but just like
Levi Zeke is such an important character to just be killed off screen which means
until Zeke has been turned into Titan dust this is gonna be a priority for
Levi. Getting into the more pressing major problem. Right away this possible
face up between Levi and Eren comes to mind. There’s really only these two
options for this confrontation Levi fails and Eren kills off Levi or Levi
succeeds good night Eren. Let’s dive into both of
these possibilities. First off the grim Attack on Titan future world Levi’s
dies which i think is far less likely. Isayama mentioned there’s
original ending where everyone died. Even in that doomsday scenario something
tells me that Levi lived on this lone wolf survivor. Then you bring out Levi’s
colossal fan base into the equation on top of that those actually being fans
that spend their hard-earned money on Levi merch
this really becomes this tough trigger to pull. A good chunk of people were
already pissed off when Potato Girl Sasha got killed off. Looking at the money
point of view it actually is funny I have been wanting to get this new
Attack on Titan poster but it’s always either Levi, Eren, Erwin more Levi or all
three which is true for most other Attack on Titan merch but hold up did
you notice that? Erwin popular? Didn’t mr. eyebrows die
off? aha! You cannot kill off your biggest Attack
on titan moneymaker except for one way. You’d have to give Levi this badass
send-off. The easy way would be to have this total fanservice moment to give
Levi a proper send-off. I’m talking about final Attack on Titan chapter Levi
having a statue to honor his passing. It’d be similar to that Helos statue
except this time an actual legendary hero. Then for Levi versus Eren it would
be coming full circle. Recall what Levi thought Eren years back what’s the right choice
no one really knows and definitely quote me later.
Levi dying would have a parallel to either Erwin or Kenny’s death. For Kenny
it’d be Levi giving some final wisdom to Eren. For Erwin it believed i
sacrificing himself to save someone else that could be Hange, Armin, Mikasa which
you do have this potential for the passing of a baton for the Ackerman’s.
Perhaps even Eren himself and yes this would definitely be a challenge for Isayama especially if Eren is the one that
deals that death blow. You’re gonna piss off a good chunk of Levi friends no
matter what. Then again you did have Isayama
advancing forward with the current Eren that had a lot of Attack on Titan fans
divided which means Isayama is no stranger to pissing off fans. Second
Attack on Titan future the one where Levi lives. I’m giving this like 70 to
80% chance of happening just for popularity reasons and money reasons
alone Isayama and/or his editor would want to keep Levi breathing. Keep
in mind this doesn’t discount Levi getting massively hurt again. I would say
just forget about the Levi fangirls and Levi fanboys for a second. I want
Levi to live on for a different reason. I know we’d like to joke about
Reiner being the one to suffer forever but before Reiner came Levi. The small
dude has had a rough rough life. Humanity’s sexiest started off with some
very humble beginnings born in the underground to a prostitute mom who died
early when Levi was just a kid. One day came uncle Kenny who took the guy in
briefly. Kenny later returned trying to kill him.
Then gone. Before that Isabella and Farlen Gone. Petra and the rest of the
Levi squad GONE. Erwin GONE. Levi ultimately being the one that laid Erwin to rest. Hange almost gone. One eye in the grave. The Levi squad squad v2 all gone. On top of that Levi being
forced to kill the 30 young bright soldiers. Levi really only has one close
buddy left now which is Hange. The same person who’s currently hauling his ass
trying to do her damn best to keep this guy in this cruel cruel world. Oh Hange
definitely do not pull a Levi. Ironically Levi almost ended up
killing Hange when they first met. So going back to Eren for a moment Levi
actually does share a parallel to Eren and the trio that being Levi’s thirst for
this false freedom that existed outside the walls.
Naturally Eren chose this different path compared to Levi to achieving this
journey true freedom. This Attack on Titan
timeline will end with humanity strongest surviving this Eren face-off.
Chapter 130 something somewhere on the shore of Paradise Island you’re gonna
have this shot. In the background you’re gonna see this research building. On the
front on the top of the shop a sign that says “Teatime”. Levi you are now free.
Anyway go ahead and show some colossal Titan love to Crunchyroll. Click the first
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Levi’s discussion I am super curious to see what you guys want to happen for
Levi in the Attack on Titan finale. Definitely subscribe so you don’t miss a
future video definitely watch one of my juice the anime videos next and I’ll see
you guys later!

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  7. I sure hope he doesn't survive, that could be enough to ruin the manga, along with the "gabi eats eren" theory

  8. I'm only guessing here, but I'm thinking that levi will become a titan shifter in order to become his old self again. Fully healed. My only thoughts on whom he will ear, is either the four legged titan (cart titan) or Armin sacrificing himself once more for levi to eat to obtain the colossal titan. Going one final showdown where he uses his combat skills first. He was trained as an assassin and in military, his battle strategy is superb. Fighting against eren, while zeke is still incapacitated, rallying the soldiers of Eldia and Marley. Having Erens and his army of titans against the people who are "important" to him. And when it's all almost over the battle close to am end, Levi shows eren his last plan of attack signaling everyone before transforming into his titan form. Blasting him and zeke away. Ending eren but I think he would give one last remark towards eren and zeke. before his final strike. But he would have to carry that weight like the lives of whom were lost in the previous battles. But fulfilling his promise to erwin in the end, and from this battle of having Eldians and Marleyans join together to see they were all wrong from the beginning. Finally ending the war and a new age of peace and freedom. Eren fought for freedom not just himself but others after it all. And I feel like eren used his titan abilities to share his memories with himself, like we saw in ep.1 when eren had that "dream" in the beginning. Showing it all to himself so every motion and plan went according to end up in the one reality where there was peace.

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  12. I had a dream a day ago, it's the last scene eren remembers or sees
    the war is over, there is a lot of destruction and blood around, slow wind, finally eren was resting on his back in a black coat.. I was seeing (experiencing) the dream through eren's eyes, as I see, all blood stained and tired Levi,confronted me(eren) , saw for the last time into my(eren) eyes, his eyes pierced me as he looked soo done and disappointed , I feel this feel of defeat in eren's body as he has fallen(physically) .. But somehow eren has a calm look on his face as if he has achieved what he wanted to even though may not be there to see how it moves from there.
    Levi is critically wounded and moving away from eren, staggering his last trail towards the dawning sun, as he looses his breath bit by bit, he remembers all the hardships he has been through, but never was showing any sign in his face about that, somewhere he believed eren, but it ended out to be different, he kept on moving as he was losing his hold and thought, did i do my part right. While thinking that he finally, had a image of him, simple life, in a shop, cleaning the place and cups. He smiled for the last time and he collapsed. His eyes are closing forever, but there comes some power into him, he was getting revived back to life
    Seeing at the back eren was there collapsing, in the arms of mikasa, and others also joined him at the place, Levi recovered but was unconscious, it looked eren has poured last of his power into Levi.
    Eren finally left his sinister look and opened up to mikasa, as he wants him to be heard, it was his final moments to express his heart, he himself was critically injured and losing his breath, mikasa and eren had Thier last conversations as, she included everyone, heard eren's original intentions for the first time. As the moment arrived, eren said, it's alright, I will go meet you and save you, more over I will see you again .. As he was closing his eyes, tires rolled, mikasa says " see you later" . First her face fades away, he could only see her neck length hair and scarf rolled onto her neck which he thought she abandoned. He smiles and leaves his last breath. Everything went blank, until a sudden shock and i woke up
    I know it's just a matter of dream, but I didn't want to forget this experience, so I shared this dream. All through dream, it felt eren wants to be defeated by his loved ones, mainly by Levi and die in hands of mikasa.. Finally, he was ready to leave, to his journey again , so that he can save them all .

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    ….It didn't.

    Kenny sliced Levi's face in almost the same exact way, and that particular injury didn't even last an entire episode. With the detailed attention to Mikasa's remaining scar, I have to think that was almost a deliberate (if covert) move to draw attention to the fact that she and Levi are different. My personal theory is that potentially Mikasa didn't heal from the wound Eren inflicted, precisely because it was Eren who inflicted it (her Acker-liege).

    Also, VERY glad you brought up the important point that with Eren as he is now, there is literally no validity in accusing Levi of being "too overpowered." You turn Eren into an omnipresent, nearly-omnipotent deity/devil thing? Going "Gandalf the White" with Levi is no longer excessive or trope-y at that point. :/

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