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Why Store and Stockpile Food – Expect the Unexpected

Why Store and Stockpile Food – Expect the Unexpected

why store stockpile food expect the unexpected long term food storage basics survive any crisis long lasting food thrive survive any crisis emergency hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper the ability for
your family to thrive and even survive any situation emergency could depend on the food that you
stockpile and store for yourself and your family preppers what to hoard as far back as Biblical times in
ancient Egypt they stored food for the coming uncertain unknown and probably
hard times it’s something as Americans is in our history the pioneers the
farmers the people in the Dust Bowl raised stored food have always tried to have enough food raise grow food
it in the summer store food for the winter canning producing and preserving food for the
future for the unknown for the unexpected emergencies if your family survival could
depend on you providing food for them it’s only prudent for you to stockpile
food while it’s readily available buying food is prudent it’s not hoarding it’s
providing it’s preparing we you know you’re going to want to eat in the
future so why wouldn’t you want to have some food set aside to prepare to make
sure that you have enough to eat that there are many people in America who go hungry on a
daily basis you don’t want to put your family in harm’s way in the need of
going without because you failed to provide true food shortages have
occurred in other countries due to civil unrest Wars riots economic uncertainties
have resulted in food shortages food lines and people that can’t get the basic food
supplies that they need don’t think because we live in America that that can’t
happen to us because it can even if you have a localized disruption from a storm
or hurricane tornado and earthquake all kinds of things civil unrest even a
trucker strike could make it so that there’s no more food available for a
time period where you live if the stores can’t get open or the power is out
truckers can’t come the shelves in your stores go bare are you willing to be the
last person standing in line trying to fight over the last little bit of food
that’s left you don’t have to have that kind of uncertainty for your family if
you think ahead provide for food that you know you will use buy long term food storage emergency food and things that
you already eat have extras on hand and rotate the food providing for your family
gives you a sense of peace and happiness that you just can’t get when you live on
the edge you want to provide peace in your home and part of that is providing
for the things and food that you will need so think about stockpiling food have
some water on hand and any kind of first aid hygiene supplies things you never
want to live without those are the kind of things that you should store things
that you use to keep your life running smoothly and allow you to continue to
live your life with the things that you enjoy in its normal of fashion as
possible then no matter what comes along you have the things you need on a day to
day basis and it allows you to figure out what to do next
rather than what to do at this moment you have the things you need immediately
and it allows you to go forward planning stock up while you can so your future
looks bright learn more at please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel

9 thoughts on “Why Store and Stockpile Food – Expect the Unexpected”

  1. I am planning on doing some canning and have the pot to do the canning in along with some of the accessories I need for that. We have plenty of fruit growing in the area I live in and we can go out and pick it. I have a new plow, and tiller to work the soil and I have canned food in the home to survive for months on. The main thing we need to worry about is having dairy products on hand all the time and I encourage those I know to do the same thing.

  2. Thank you for the positive reinforcement on preparing for whatever might come down the pike. Now that's an old saying I haven't used in a while! I just subscribed to your channel and look forward to your comments and also I look forward to reviewing your other videos. I am a 67 year old grandmother who believes in preparing for several types of SHTF, which, to me, doesn't mean a total end of the world scenario. I live in Maine and ice and snow storms can be a big issue in the winter. The last place I want to be is in the grocery store, with the craziness all around, because some people couldn't find the time to stock a few extra cans of soup, veggies, fruit, mac and cheese, juice and some type of powdered milk for morning coffee. Buying one or two cans every time you shop will add up quickly. Don't let the kids eat just chips and chocolate because that's all there was left in the store. Nuff said on that. Thanks again for the positive reinforcement. I don't have as much support from family as I would like to have. But I will not let my gkids go hungry.

  3. I am a new subscriber, I'm glad I found your channel! All that you are saying is very true, thanks for sharing!

  4. Since my husband passed away I have been thinking about this a lot more. As the sole provider for our 7 children I am much more aware of how unprepared we were in case of an emergency. The more I watch the nightly news, the more concerned I become. I have recently started talking to my sister about my concerns and she is now starting a stockpile of her own.

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