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Why You Won’t Survive Storming Area 51

Why You Won’t Survive Storming Area 51

Alright, so you’ve watched some Area 51 YouTube
videos and you think you’ve got what it takes to break into the top secret high security
military base. You’ve gathered a squad and are patiently
counting down the days till showtime. But, before you rush the guards and free the
aliens, it’s probably a good idea to run some recon and figure out exactly what you’ll be
up against. So if you were to hypothetically break in,
What would happen to you? Would you be arrested? Killed? What will you see? This is the insane plan to Storm Area 51! Lets get it on! First off, what exactly is Area 51? Well, back in the 1940’s and 50’s, the United
States government was looking for places to perform tests on newly developed atomic weapons. Luckily for them, there was a gigantic desert
wasteland right in their backyard, stretching from Texas all the way to California. The only issue was, a few Americans lived
out there, and you can’t exactly start testing nuclear arms near populated areas, at least
not if you’re trying to keep it on the low. So, the government claimed and bought a bunch
of land in the Nevada desert, relocated anyone that might have been living there, and then,
well… Not long after, the Cold War began, and the
US needed to develop advanced experimental aircrafts to perform stealthy spy operations
on the Soviets. When looking for a place to test these secret
aircrafts, the government teamed up with the aerospace company Lockheed, today known as
Lockheed Martin, and realized that inside their Nuclear Testing Area there was a perfectly
smooth, dry salt bed known as Groom Lake which could work as a perfect natural runway to
test these experimental aircrafts, and so, Area 51, officially called Groom Lake, was
born. Oh, and by the way, all of this information
was completely Top-Secret until just a few years ago, when the CIA officially acknowledged
the existence of Area 51 back in 2013. Hmmm, seems pretty suspicious to me… Sure, experimental planes might be the official
story behind this place, but we all know what’s really going on there.. Or do we!? So what kind of security are we going to be
dealing with if we all decide to storm Area 51? Altogether, the government holds a 38,400
acre plot of land surrounding Area 51, known as Nellis Airforce Base. Today, if you start approaching Nellis Airforce
Base, you won’t encounter a fence or a security gate. In fact, you could theoretically drive about
2 hours from the nearby tourist attraction called the Area 51 Alien Center and end up
at Groom Lake. That is, if you aren’t shot before you’re
even a tenth of the way there. See, while there’s no fencing to keep you
from running onto the massive stretch of government land surrounding the facility, there are signs
IS PROHIBITED” Alongside a warning label claiming the area is a U.S. Airforce Installation. Oh, and just a few reminders that the use
of DEADLY FORCE is authorized against anyone dumb enough to actually ignore these warnings. But, there’s no way they can stop all of us,
right? So what if you were daring enough to ignore
these very clear warnings? Well, the huge hidden network of sensors placed
all over the base will make it certain that you won’t get very far before you alert The
Camo Dudes. So The Camo Dudes are what the UFO community
calls the security team for the area around the actual base. Now, while their name and uniforms might make
it seem like these guys are soldiers, they’re actually privately hired security contractors,
and if you’re hiring outside help to defend a MILITARY BASE, then you’d better believe
they’re way tougher than any available soldiers. If you try to run from these guys, you will
be shot, no questions asked. They have the authority to use lethal force
on any trespassers, and won’t hesitate to. If you comply with them, you’ll be handcuffed
and taken into a room on the base, but still very far from Area 51, for questioning. Once there, you’ll be held until someone from
the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office arrives to take you to the station, where you’ll be
arrested for trespassing. However, since that is only a misdemeanor,
you’ll usually just face a $500-1000 fine. So, that’s about it, we don’t know much more
about what’s going on at Area 51 itself besides what the CIA itself acknowledged back in 2013. As the Air Force has said, trying to illegally
gain access to a Top Secret military facility is dangerous. Security is authorized to use deadly force
against any trespassers, and they don’t have to try and stop you before firing. Chances are, Naruto running in will just lead
to a lot of people getting shot, and even if you put a bed down nearby, this isn’t a
game, and you don’t respawn. So please, let memes stay memes, and don’t
try raiding Area 51. Stay safe, and remember: the truth is out

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