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Why You Wouldn’t Survive A Town Full of Ants

Why You Wouldn’t Survive A Town Full of Ants

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head
over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. Today we are going to create a disaster scenario,
a kind of horror film much like the B-Movies “Legion of Fire: Killer Ants” or “Empire
of the Ants.” We have some amount of fear of ants for good
reason. It’s said that the most painful sting in
the world is that of a bullet ant, and the pain lasts a while, too. But there are a few other ants that will cause
you considerable pain if they bite you, though most ants are relatively harmless. What if every ant though- dangerous and not-
suddenly appeared at your doorstep? Welcome to this episode of the Infographics
Show, Could You Survive a Town Packed with Ants?? As Forbes wrote in 2016,even if you’re not
allergic, some ants can kill you pretty quickly. The Maricopa harvester ant for instance would
only take a few hundred stings to kill you. With other kinds of ants, it would take time
for you to die and would be very, very unpleasant. Ant colonies might be small and only have
around 30,000 individuals, but the biggest ever “super-colony” found in Japan had
around 306 million worker ants and one million queen ants. As for falling victim to a bullet ant colony,
the Forbes article said, “You will likely pass out from pain after the worst imaginable
hour of your life and then succumb to dehydration or shock.” So, let’s just agree that you don’t want
to be near a mass of these hardworking creatures. Ok, so today we are talking about all the
world’s ants, and they come in different shapes and sizes. It’s thought globally there are around 15,000
species (some sources say 12,13 or 14,000), and some are much more fearsome than others. Australia’s Bulldog ant is said to be the
most dangerous ant out there, and has killed people within 15 minutes after biting them. Unlike some other ants, it’s very aggressive. The Guinness Book of Records writes, “The
bull dog ant earned its name because of its ferocity and determination during an attack. It is extremely aggressive and shows little
fear of human beings, stinging a number of times in quick succession and therefore injecting
more venom with each bite.” When we are talking about dropping ants on
your town, you certainly don’t want to be in the neighborhood where these little devils
move in. There are 90 species of these large, formic
acid-injecting ants, but thankfully for your town they are not the most common ant in the
world by a long margin. You can actually look at an interactive ant
map of the world and see which countries have the most species. Many countries in Africa have hundreds of
species, but nowhere beats Australia. Queensland could be renamed Ant-Land. North America doesn’t have many species,
except in some southern U.S. states. Europe doesn’t have many species either. The BBC said Argentine ants have taken over
the world, spreading their wings and ending up in most countries. You will also find Carpenter ants in most
parts of the world, and there are 1,000s of different kinds of them. They are not too dangerous, but they know
how to take over a kitchen. Other common species are black garden ants,
odorous ants and the notorious red fire ant. You can see photos online of human skin that
has been in contact with a colony for just a few seconds. These guys mean business, and they are everywhere. But it really depends on where you live as
to what species you’ll be seeing regularly. Ants generally work in a colony, like a big
factory. They work all day and only ever take power
naps as opposed to long sleeps. They communicate using sounds, touch or with
their pheromones. They have different roles, and like an army
they will attack if they feel their colony and the Queen they are protecting is at risk. Some ants are even suicidal, going on missions
they won’t return from. Unlike humans, they don’t ask what is the
point of all this? Some ants are more nomadic than others, and
some such as the weaver ant live in trees. Other ants can be very invasive, taking over
spaces. So how many are there? The BBC says there are around 10,000 trillion
ants in the world. But that’s a hard number to imagine. Another source says that there are one million
ants for every human, and yet another source says 1.6 million for every human. Other sources say the weight of all the ants
in the world is about equal to that of all the humans combined. The BBC disagrees, saying the total weight
of humans (then 7.2 billion) was around 332 billion Kgs. All the ants on the other hand would weigh
40 billion kgs, according to the report. That’s just less than an eighth of all human
weight, so that’s something like 900,000,000 humans. If that figure is correct, we have ants weighing
the same as 900 million humans moving into your town. But as there are many species not yet found
and there is just no way to know how many ants there are, let’s just say that these
numbers are probably close. Let’s give you a clearer idea of what this
ant invasion would look like. We found one story that told us how many 3mg
ants could be squeezed into a 747 airliner. The answer was 46.5 billion. If we take that estimation as true, and if
there really are 10,000 trillion ants in the world, it would mean 2,173 Boeing 747s full
of ants would be dropped. Another person added up how many ants you
could fit into the average blue whale, and by their estimation you have 2624.5 whales
full of ants. That source also used the standard 10,000
trillion ants. There are already a lot of ants living near
you. A biologist called Rob Dunn has said that
there are 5.3 billion ants working in Brooklyn. In Manhattan he said there are 1.1 billion
ants. You can already see them in many towns if
you look down. Warmer climates often have more ants, and
they can be a nuisance in the house, especially if you tend to leave food out. 10,000 trillion ants in your town would certainly
get out of hand. So what would happen? Well, ants attack if threatened, and with
that many ants around they would attack you. Even if you are not allergic, you would soon
die of shock from all the stings. Ants tend to dominate the environment they
are in. The only problem for the ants would be the
confusion of suddenly appearing without their colony in another town. They would turn on each other. An entomologist at the University of California
said this, “Ants will fiercely attack any ant that is not a member of their colony.” They know this by smell. Your town has just turned into a Fortnite
Battle Royale for ants. The prof wrote, “The ant will keep searching
for home until she dies of hunger or predator or cold of night.” So, foragers, workers, soldiers, will all
be looking for home, but there would be so much confusion many ants would not only be
crawling all over you, but they’d be killing each other in the billions. We are talking about an Ant-pocalypse. The best thing you could do is take a load
of food and water into a sealed room and wait for the government to come and collect or
exterminate the ants. Suffice to say, the sudden move into your
town would upset the world’s ecosystems. All those bugs would in fact upset an ecosystem,
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100 thoughts on “Why You Wouldn’t Survive A Town Full of Ants”

  1. What would you do in this scenario besides using the flamethrower? How do you fight off ants at your home?

  2. i don't have a fear of ants, i find them to be majestic creatures, and i even keep ant colonies as pets

    and did i mention that i own a carpenter ant colony?

  3. So what if theres so many ants and there dangerous.They were made that way and they just want to survive there living creatures like us.BUT this is just my opinion.

  4. I would love to stock all those 9billian ants in that wix website your promoting sobra, hate website creators since even though your paying your money, u will never own your website like u would if you coded it yourself, miss one payment to wix and here comes the website repo truck snatching you off your site, will go down immidaitly so best to create your own site or pay a coder to create one that can't be tooken from u like would be on wix,

  5. Anyone love ants?

    Expect me?

    I love them because they are cool

    We're about to end this cockroach's whole career

    No but seriously I love these guys they are very cool

    Trust me I'm an ant nerd

  6. Eh I not so bad I have ants in my home and there bad but not a,problem as they coming for food also there a long long line of ant coming to my house I think about couple thousand working

  7. While bull ants are dangerous, it's very unlikely they would attack a human in real life not to mention they have very low numbers usually only with a few thousands.But… Let's say someone accidentally stepped on their nest. The ants would come out of the nest and if they saw you, you would definitely get stung. But they are very large ants so you would easily be able to see them and step on them. In fact the only ants you should be worried about are army ants, they can have colonies with millions of ants. And use chemical trails to form huge collums, and they will attack anything… that gets in their way. No matter if it's an insect, inverdibrate, small animal or a human.

  8. depends of which ant tbh Paratrechina longicornis is a type that doesnt bite and is harmless so if there is an area with a colony of this is pretty harmless

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  10. I think humanity would make a Bio-weapon. This is much more effective than flame or bombs!

  11. Coytote Pertson:Today im gonna be bitten by the infamous bulldog ant
    15 Minutes later:Dies
    His workersfriends:how you die to this but not other deadly things
    Edited:Get dis to 1k likes and ill put this in his commments

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