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Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival Skills: Finding Animal Food

Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival Skills: Finding Animal Food

Hi, this is John Stewart and this is how to
track animals in the wild to survive in nature. You can track animals, find animals pretty
easily in the wild by doing a few simple things. First thing you can do is look for animal
tracks and droppings. You can walk find trails that have been cut through by animals. You’ll
see their tracks. Find out what direction their going and follow those tracks. Other
things you can look for is their drippings. You can find out if there fresh or there old
and that’ll help you know if something’s nearby. So those two things are real easy
to find in the wild by just following paths that animals cut through. Other things to
look around are water sources. If you can find a water source a small drinking hole
a pond a larger body of water. This is something that the animals are going to have to come
to. To get their water in case there’s streams and stuff that are dried up. So there going
to come here and find water and that way if you find it first. You can sit there and look
for them and wait for them to come to the water source. Another place to find food when
it comes animals and insects is if you find a old dead log, large log. You can roll it
over normally there’s moist soil up underneath it and this is where you’re going to find
worms, grubs, beetles. They like that cool moist earth. So you can find them under old
rotten logs and these are just a few things on how to find animals and food in the surviving
in nature.

3 thoughts on “Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival Skills: Finding Animal Food”

  1. So after you find the animal I guess it just lays down in front of you to eat it. Man, you were right. That is easy.

  2. I have watched hundreds of videos on survival and bushcraft, and I find that there are a couple of things missing from expertvillage videos. 1. Real information, never have I seen such a lack of it, 10 year old kids put more info in their vids. 2. An expert, after seeing dozens of expertvillage videos, I firmly belive that they have never seen an expert and wouldn't know what one looked like if he was standing right in front of them. Avoid expertvillage advice if you value your life.

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