Wildlife and the Wall | WILDxRED

we are going to build the wall it will
be a real war a real war are you ready
are you ready this is the Rio Grande that is Mexico
that is the United States Texas and that is Mother Nature’s wall it’s pretty
great the Rio Grande starts at Colorado flows through New Mexico and becomes the
us-mexico border when it enters Texas a border wall already exists along the
river in urban areas as for the rest it is some of the most inhospitable terrain
in the southwest on both sides of the border there are
national parks state parks wildlife areas and historic ranches that go back
for centuries this region is like the Greater
Yellowstone Ecosystem of the Chihuahua desert and the last true wilderness left
in the state of Texas desert bighorn sheep went extinct in this region but
they’ve been reintroduced and once again battle for breeding rights along both
sides of the Rio Grande the physical border wall would block
them from the Rio Grande the only reliable water source along with
everything else that depends on the river for water for survival
black bears were also killed out west texas then about 25 years ago a female
came out of the Malins in mexico cross the Rio Grande and had Cubs a Big Bend
National Park the Bears are back now about 40 of them
the border wall would isolate them genetically and prohibit future
dispersals for them and other important species I wish that everybody who wanted to
build an actual physical wall could come and see this place first because I think
if they came saw it and realized what the wall was going through and what it
would do it would have a profound impact on their way to think it the Chihuahuan Desert has landscapes and
an array of life that rivals Yellowstone whose Sydney in the Serengeti but it’s rewilding efforts the research
and the conservation work here has just begun in the center it’s the Rio Grande
River a border for us
but the heartbeat for this ecosystem a flowing changing desert oasis
the lifeline during drought we’re gonna build the wall folks we’re
gonna build that wall will go up so fast your head will spin and you’ll say you
know he meant it you

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