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Wildlife-friendly mowing and edging grass

Wildlife-friendly mowing and edging grass

Hello, I’m Matt. Welcome to my small garden.
Now there’s no surprise what I’ll be getting up today. It’s one of my least favourite
jobs and that’s mowing the lawn. But if you’ve got a wildlife friendly garden there
are a few things you need to watch out for before you get started. [Music]. If you’ve created a patch of clover for
bees, be sure to check this also for frogs, moths and other small creatures. Disturb the
vegetation gently with your hands or if there are nettles or other forms present, you can
use a soft brush, pausing occasionally to to see if anything moves. When mowing, move
the lawn mower in a straight line slowly, keep watching out for any movement in the
long grass as you might see frogs start to hop about. Frogs and newts often reside under boards
and other sheltered areas, so check under any large leaves that border the lawn, such
as this rhubarb. I never use an edging strimmer as lawn edging
like this creates the perfect spot for small creatures to hide themselves away in. Pull
back the grass from the edging to check for frogs that might be lurking. Slowly cut with hand shears. And continue checking as you go along. [Music].

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  1. how do u keep pests away from ur veggies, like snails and slugs? they are having a feast on my sprouts and kale, I'm trying egg shells at the mo but they are still getting to them somehow

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