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WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – ROE DEER – behind the scenes vlog with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – ROE DEER – behind the scenes vlog with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

♪♪ This is like a staring contest. ♪♪ Holy shit, holy shit… This is… …so great. I haven’t been out with my… camera and… binocular and… just being out for quite a while,
but now the calendar is almost… like totally free.
So what I did was pack my bag, made a… thermos full of coffee and
now my plan is to get up there and see… what is going on in the forest and in the meadow and then basically just without any… expectations just have a nice day. ♪♪
[upbeat music] This is actually, like, this is actually my land… and my forest I’m walking in now, but like I don’t really like to use the term my land and my forest. So I always say: “This is where I live”. Just because I live here these trees are not mine.
I think they are their own… and… I definitely don’t want to claim this mine. But yeah, it’s where I live and it also means that
I can set up photo blinds and… do what I want here.
That also means that the animals here… are pretty safe and… there’s not a lot of disturbtion… disturbtion?…Hmmm..disruption. So yeah, let’s get into it. ♪♪ ♪♪
[birdsong in the background] ♪♪ Don’t know if you can hear it on the camera,
but listen to the wind. [leaves rustling in the wind] ♪♪ I know it’s really ridiculous and I’ve just left home… But I really feel for a cup of coffee, so… Let’s go up, find a peaceful place, sit down,
have a cup of that. ♪♪ I can definitely smell the fox. And I can see there’s a little track going up there. So I might actually put a game camera here.
So…. I can see if there’s a fox using this track. Here it is. Worse comes to worst I can put it in that tree,
but let’s see if… …we can get… See if we can get it up at a better place. Maybe up here, because… There are too many leaves down there. When they move that will come on the camera. I have to remember that I’m a guest here. It means that… …I am… close to someone’s house.
Mr. Fox’s house. So… it’s about… trying not to make too much disruption and stuff. We will put it in here I think. Typical me, I can never decide
where to put up that camera. Right here pointing this way. And it’s looking in this direction. Let’s hope it works. Time to get back, get the gear and
the light starts to be very nice now. So to find a place
where we can have a cup of coffee. When I moved here five years ago one of the things I really fell in love with was this forest. And… Like it’s so wild, it’s so dense,
it’s so… full of all kinds of small creatures and… I feel it’s like when I walked here the first time I got the feeling that it’s like a fairy tale to… walk around here and I imagine like the stories from when I was a kid with all the small trolls… living among the big pine trees
and underneath the ground. I got so… Almost couldn’t say anything,
because I was just so touched about this… beautiful view from up here. It’s just like you can see the ocean far away and then it’s just flat and… It’s so huge and so like unspoiled by people. So,… it’s actually old sea bed down there. But from the Stone Age up here was where the people lived and down there was to sea. So when the glacier melted away,
the land kind of rose… and that’s why it’s now just very flat,
But let’s get up there… I want to show you that view,… because I couldn’t find a better way
to have a cup of coffee. ♪♪ Let’s get up to the viewpoint. ♪♪ Always hard with a backpack. ♪♪ Oh, this is beautiful.
Just wait and see, just wait and see. Whoa! I love this place. Look at this! ♪♪ Down there…
Let me zoom in. The white house there… That’s where I live. So now you know where I live
when I say… something about that. It was about time for an introduction, but let’s sit down, have a cup of coffee and… it still doesn’t really get dark
at this time of the year. So… Hello gull… I have to learn to stop… interrupting myself and
try to focus on what I’m actually talking about. But yeah, let’s sit down, have a cup of coffee… and then just enjoy the view
before we continue our little adventure here. It’s nice. ♪♪ I think I have just had too many days now
where it has been all about… like exhibitions and finding pictures… and also maybe you have seen
the latest video I made… How to get published as a photographer. Like it took me a lot of time,
because it’s not the kind of thing… I’m used to do.
I actually prefer to be out here with the camera. Bringing you on my small adventures in nature. All that kind of stuff has just kept me inside…
editing,… doing exhibitions,
packing, sending, signing books,… doing lectures, preparing lectures
all that kind of stuff… and… now today I just…
I could just feel how much I actually… missed being out here just with the camera, binocular, cup of coffee and… yeah… I mean… I much prefer
being out with the camera… compared to like… doing all the other stuff, but… I’ll not complain. I like that as well. It’s just, if it’s too long
between I’m out here it’s just… a meltdown will happen,
but this is awesome. It’s… …really, really nice. Have a look. Oooh! Oeeh! Mmm…! I think it’s time to… pack and… move a little further. I still have a few hours I think. At least one hour before it’s getting too dark. So… I’m going to go into the forest and out to the meadow on the other side or the fields. Maybe I’m lucky to see some deer or
a fox hunting or something. But yeah, honestly, I don’t care what I see. It’s just nice to be out here and…
Yeah, nice to be out here again. ♪♪ So I’m back in the forest and… It’s… a little windy out there and it’s getting dark.
It’s almost 10 o’clock now. With these old oaks… ♪♪ So when we come out here,… sometimes there are deer on the field… and sometimes I see the fox crossing the road
just like in one of my first videos. I didn’t expect anything and then suddenly
this fox…prrrt…over the… over the road and then it was just about… getting the pictures, but… Yeah, I’ll just continue my walk
for another hour or so and… maybe we are lucky to get just a single picture
and maybe we’re not. ♪♪ Okay… I’ve just seen a deer walking
among the pine trees over there. And I have no idea how to get close to it, because… Lets put the… I have the Tamrom 150-600,
but here there’s so low light now. In the backpack I have the Nikon… 600 mm. So that’s…
And I brought my camouflage jacket. So before we do anything,
let’s sit down,… get the camouflage jacket on,… get the 600 on and then let’s see
if we can get closer to that deer. ♪♪ Okay, let’s go. This is going… I want to see if I can get in there. Maybe I’ll go on the road because it’s too… It’s too noisy.
So… yeah… Let’s see. ♪♪ Before I go in to look for the deer,
I’m just going out here in the open. Just to see if… …if there is anything out there. I always go out before, just to check. Yes There it is. There is a deer. Okay, there is a deer. And that’s easier for me
than this one in there. Because this one… I can get close without… It’s looking in this direction. It’s relaxing again. Okay. Hold on.
I’ll just grab a picture. ♪♪ It’s coming in this direction. I have to move in.
If I move in now… there’s a chance that he won’t see me. Or she. Can’t see what it is yet. Let’s move in here. Behind these bushes. And let’s just try to… not make too much noise. [Exhales] Now it’s just about patience.
Sitting here and be quiet. And I…. Oh… Everything is so beautiful now.
The clouds, everything… Have a look here. This is awesome. ♪♪ [Exhales] I want to see if I can move a slightly bit closer.
But it’s risky business. Let’s see. ♪♪ Let’s try.
This is all about crawling. I have to stare at that deer… Or like close to the deer. And every time… it looks up… I just freeze. Because its eyesight at a distance is not good.
But the hearing and the smelling is awesome. I have the wind… from the side so it will not smell me. So I can make two mistakes now. One is to lose my concentration. Second one is to make a noise. ♪♪ I’ve managed to get quite close,
but still in a good distance so I don’t… scare the deer. But, let’s see if we can get a little closer and then… Just… Still,…
we don’t want to scare him away or her away. Just want to… keep a respectful distance. ♪♪ ♪♪
[Leaves rustling in the wind] ♪♪ This is really good. And I can’t move, because it’s staring at me. ♪♪ This is like a staring contest. ♪♪ I try to hide my face behind the camera. ♪♪ But it’s just looking directly at me. ♪♪ Okay. ♪♪ [Exhales] ♪♪ It slowly disappeared into the forest. I think I got a good picture just before…
it silently… walked across the field… and then it looked up in my direction… and walked and looked up,
but there was no panic at all. So… The camera was perfectly balanced
on the tripod and… I think I got… a good photo.
Where it’s just on the edge of the forest. But I was like on ISO 5000 and the image stabilisation was off, because I just had done the video. So there might have been a few shakes, but… [Exhales] I’ll find out when I come home.
That was such a great experience. ♪♪ I had no expectations for this trip at all. Just… Like,… just to be out here
was enough and then… Nature gave me this. This unique moment. Aaah…
It’s awesome. And now… It’s just about… getting away from here.
Back a few hundred meters to the road. Because… The deer might be just in there.
She’ll be standing there listening. And if I just take my equipment
and you know… walk away singing,… this moment
will be completely destroyed. So now it’s about getting the camera on the back… sneaking out of here… just as slow as I came. And then if I can sit up there on the road with my binocular and a cup of coffee… knowing that everything is continuing without my… me disturbing everything then I’m happy
and we can call it a good day. Another great experience. ♪♪ Holy shit, holy shit… ♪♪ It came out. ♪♪ This is crazy. ♪♪ Ooh… This is… too good to be true. ♪♪ The deer just walked out in front of me.
It’s absolutely awesome. When she came out,… she ate some of these leaves. Just in front of me. And because I was filming it… with the Nikon and
because I was vlogging it,… I didn’t get the picture.
I missed that shot. But it doesn’t matter,
because you got it. You got to see that moment. It’s awesome. [Exhales] This is fantastic. I think I’ve just made a decision. I could go now and see
if I could get closer one more time. But honestly, I don’t want to. I want to… look at that beautiful deer
walking silently away from me now. Just see her walking away slowly
over the hill up there through the grass. Once again,… I’ve been here and made a few pictures
and got out without disturbing. Absolutely awesome. I’ll get the telephoto lens on my back
and get out of here. Another great evening in nature. The forest is totally black now. It’s now that the trolls come out.
Look at this. ♪♪

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