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“Wildlife” photography with the Bronica

“Wildlife” photography with the Bronica

Good morning guys, I wasn’t expecting fog this morning But when I woke up, I saw it and I had to get out. I came across this scene right here there is a nest of storks, they were here and I was going to try to To make an image of them in the fog, but they flew away and they are up there now So I’m just waiting to see if they come back once they get used to me. Hopefully! The camera is ready, the composition is ready. I just need the storks to be On the nest so hopefully that happens soon I’m trying to give them some space and see if that way they come back to the nest, but they are not buying it They are still up there I left my cameras there all setup, but I don’t think this is going to work I’ve been here for a half an hour or so They are still there. One of them maybe taking a nap actually, so I don’t know This image is not gonna happen today. They believe I’m here to eat them I’m just gonna take the two compositions that I found for this nest without the storks in it I think it’s still gonna be a good couple of images. So we’ll see I really wanted that shot of the birds. It’s a real bummer that it didn’t happen I guess that’s why I can’t be a wildlife photographer but anyway I moved on because the day is still pretty foggy and I love these kind of days as you guys know. As you all know I like power lines, too, in the fog, and I found this one… this post or thingy. It’s actually acting as a frame for the next one. That’s what I was trying to do here I’m just using my normal lens, orange filter HP5 1600 ASA, I mean, it’s always the same, there is nothing else to say about it. It’s pretty easy I switched to my long lens now, the 150mm. This is making the pole that is farther away look a little bit bigger It’s compressing that background as you can see I’m using the tripod even though the shutter speed is 1/500sec I could be shooting this handheld But the reason for using a tripod here in this case is because I’m trying to capture that symmetry of this Pole that is here in the foreground And when I do that, when my image has some kind of symmetry and some really strong lines It drives me crazy when there is some element that is a little bit out of place. That’s why I use a tripod So I can be very methodical about the composition and have everything in the perfect place This is gonna be the last image of this morning as I said, I wasn’t expecting to be here today making images, but when I saw the fog outside I just ran out of the house and I forgot to grab some film so this is the only roll I have and this is the last shot of the roll, and I’m gonna be using this last frame to capture once again, more power lines in the fog. I know I’m getting repetitive here I believe that you can’t have too many images of the same subject or similar subjects like power lines The reason for that is because when you go back to your past work from months or years ago say that you’re putting together a book, an exhibition, or any other kind of project with your images The more images that you have of that subject the better In a few months time or a few years whenever I decide to do something with the images that I’m making today I’m gonna be very very thankful that I have, say, 8 to 10 great compositions of power lines in the fog because I’m gonna be able to select the best ones from from there I kind of got it It was with my digital camera and a little bit rushed composition because I knew they were about to fly away But I think I got something, hopefully it looks good Yeah, pretty happy now

32 thoughts on ““Wildlife” photography with the Bronica”

  1. Al final, la espera tuvo su recompensa… Y qué recompensa!! Fantástica imagen la de las cigüeñas, me ha encantado 👏👏👏

    Un abrazo, Adrián!

  2. Great shot of the storks. I also take a lot of bird photography, but have been gravitating to landscapes more thanks to your videos.

  3. I'm not comparing your channel to anyone else, but I must say that it's really that type of content that I've been looking for, it's not that hipsterish heads shooting their point'n'shoots(there's nothing wrong, but), it's more genuine than I expected it to be. Thank you.

  4. Whoaaa that final image. With more storks in the background! And I'm really glad you standardise your portfolio. That shot would've been a lot harder to make with the bronica

  5. Really enjoyed the video. IMO, you have to shoot scenes repeatedly to get the best out of them. Not machine-gunning digital images by the hundred hoping that one will work out okay – but carefully considered photos. I'm really glad you managed to photograph the storks. As the old saying goes; sometimes you're a bug, other times you're a windscreen. This time you were the windscreen 😉

  6. You are a real inspiration. Driving to work the other day, in the for, I was thinking of your videos. I hope to see you in Elkhart.

  7. Beautiful captures! Just a thought here… your yellow jacket may have been alerting them. Bright yellow, especially in winter, isn't natural to wildlife. If your back in the area, maybe try and wear a more natural or muted colour. It might not be as attention grabbing to them.

  8. Wonderful image of the storks, I'm so glad you managed to get it! (Shame it wasn't with the Bronica, but who cares considering the final result)

  9. Your digital files have a very nice film look, solid body of work, I'm trying to achieve the same look across all my work to, regardless of the medium

  10. what a great shame you could not get them on the bronica, on film that shot would have been great, and all the "noise" in the shot would have been the grain in the film :(.

  11. Well done for being so patient! The photo of the storks is superb and I liked the Bronica ones too. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  12. I would rather leave the birds alone instead of disturbing the nesting birds, or at least use some sort of hide to get the shots without scaring them from an up close open view.

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