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hi guys it’s mark from
you’re a trusted resource in the UK for ponds and water features and today we’re
looking at this formal edged pond it’s got lovely water plants in there there’s
a real nice balance but what we’re actually going to do is
we can actually reconstruct this poorly built pond the owners spent a lot of money last
year on hiring a pond contractor to come out and build them a pond in their
garden they spent four thousand pounds and they weren’t happy with the results
the reason why they weren’t happy with the results mainly was because the water
level wasn’t right up to close to the grass level and they could see plastic
liner or rubber liner in in a lot of places and they just didn’t like the
look of it they didn’t like the look of the aquatic
baskets either so the main reason why they called us out is basically the look
of the pond it didn’t fit in with the rest of the garden so what we actually
did is we came out and did a design consultation and I actually liked the
formal brick edge it gives a boundary between the grass and the pond if you
didn’t have that formal edge as a mowing strip it would be a lot harder to look
after this pond because you’d have to stream around the pond and that becomes
a nightmare what you can actually do is you can actually run the mower over the
brick edge so we’ve kept that that’s the only thing that we’ve kept out of the
original pond the reason why it’s poorly built is because all the levels are
completely wrong it’s not actually obvious on the video but the water level
should have been right up to the edge of the brick this is what the client asked
for and down the other end it’s actually the levels were all wrong so there’s
lots of exposed liner down that end when you’ve got exposed liner the UV in the
Sun can actually deteriorate it if you if you if you have any patio furniture
the sun will discolor and it that’s basically what it does is it if it’s
unprotected so what you need to do is you need to protect the liner so putting
in rocks and gravel which is what we’re going to do in this particular pond is
one gonna hide the liner so you don’t actually see the liner also – it’s going
to protect the liner and also it’s going to make it a lot more interesting so
what we’re going to actually do is we construct this pond raising the water
level and where we’re actually going to make it into a freshwater rock pool
we’re going to actually put in a freshwater stream
out of the pond running down and we’re gonna have some waterfall filtration
going on here so the water quality is going to be absolutely fantastic so when
that when that when the clients cut in the grass clippings do go in there’s no
way of stopping that but because you’ve got filtration you’re going to actually
remove that nutrients as it builds up at the moment there’s no form of filtration
on this pond at all we’ve had the electrics put in so what we’re going to
do is we’re going to create some circulation and it’s going to improve
the pond tenfold it’s only a wildlife water garden for plants and the wildlife
but don’t you agree this fantastic brick edge is great so we’re going to keep
that and we’re going to keep the parts but we’re going to remove everything and
then what we’re going to do is disguise it all with rocks and gravel so you’re
going to have clear water rocks gravel for beneficial bacteria to keep the
water quality fantastic and you’re going to have the sound of moving water with
the benefit of waterfall filtration stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated just
following on from the last video what we’re doing is we’re reconstructing this
pool come over here now and I’ll show you what’s going on that’s better now
you can see what’s going on what we’ve done is we’ve actually removed a lot of
the water out of the pond there’s a little bit left in there we’ve removed
all the plants into a holding system there was lots of dragonflies a few
nooks there was even a toad in there but what we’re going to do today is we’re
basically going to cut out the liner and do some ground preparation work before
we put in the underlay and the new liner so as you can see we’ve done the
groundwork and basically we’ve dug out a lot there was a lot of concrete
underneath here believe it or not and that’s what was basically given pockets
of air and also and there was old carpet underneath which is which is old
practice what you should be using this should be using an actual proper pond
liner under light which is basically it’s a fleece material and it’s very
very thick it’s actually two hundred and sixty grams per square meter and it
takes a lot of Stanley blades to actually cut through it
it’s that tough and you know nothing can get through you know certainly if a
Stanley knife can you know has a job to get through then roots and stuff aren’t
going to get through at all we’ve actually cut the line on we’ve left the
liner in place on top we’ve actually dug back so you know the liner sits nice and
flush against the the ground and now we put in the proper pond underlay and now
we’re going to actually unroll the liner so let’s get on and let’s get the liner
into the hole we’ve disguised the aquatic baskets
we’ve actually taken their aquatic baskets out so that pond plants have a
lot more room to thrive and benefit from using the nutrients out of the water
these ornamental pond plants actually do turn into wetland filtration of some
type there’s no water flooding in and around them so they can’t actually
extract nutrients from other areas of the pond but what they can do is they
can extract nutrients from a localized area a couple of the plants will run but
they will find within time that they will find the spaces and they will go
all over but it’s just a case of it’s just a management it’s very much easier
to take out these types of plants than it is to take out single-cell algae or
green water or blanket weed filamentous algae that basically covers all over the
rocks and it just basically makes the pond look like a a slimy sea so what
we’ve got here is we’ve got pond plants that have been located in a couple of
area to create and disguise the the way that they’re formed and it’s not
basically they’re put in pots like they were originally in a line like a
regiment keep him with that formal traditional edge so what we’ve actually
done is we’ve created two pockets what we’ve also created is my favorite part
of this particular pond and that’s created a waterfall stream and what
we’ve done is we’ve spent a quite a lot of time on the placement of the rocks to
get them in the right place so we’ve got a magical sound of that it’s really
strange on how different water can sound when it’s falling this is more like a
babbling brook it’s actually my favorite part is the sound of this waterfall
coming into this pond as you can see we’ve got two Falls and then it sort of
like a rolling cascade and at the top there we’ve got a curtain of water
that’s broken up by a stone it just basically breaks up that clean glass
finish that the client didn’t really want so we put in that stone just to
break that clean glass he wanted the fall and I think that it looks and
very good just breaking it up and giving it a bit more interest then it rolls
into a top pull and then it rolls over the next spill stone down the Cascade
and into the pond my name is Mark from your
trusted resource in the UK for ponds and water features speak to you soon

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