42 thoughts on “Will EUROPE survive WITHOUT FOSSIL FUELS? – KJ VIDS”

  1. I don’t understand why are they decommissioning their nuclear power plants? Did this video answer it and I just missed it?

  2. Yo fuck Iran and im Glad Trump Killed one of the terroridt leaders , You did a video bitching about it , so fuck you too

  3. Lets sacrefice everything we got on the altar of carbon in meantime the rest of the worlds spends and builds more carbon emissionplants than ever 😀 SWEDI-ZTAN! <3 <3 <3
    Lets also roll progress back to the dark ages so the church can play a major role again, fuck waiting for fusion or nuclear 😀

  4. Don't you think it is just a matter of time before West Europe embraces nuclear fission again as an energy source? I know the Netherlands are considering it. Even moderate parties. It's only a matter of exporting it to nearby countries if one of them does it…

  5. Thorium Nuclear Micro Reactors are a good viable option right now. The government need to educate the public on nuclear reactors to reduce the anxiety towards them.

  6. Until we have nuclear fusion we need MORE nuclear fission power plants! Not less.
    Green energy production and carbon emission trade are a SCAM favoring only bankers, the old oil industry, a handful on multinationals, lobbyist and a few elites.
    It's already costing too much for little to no result! And European tax payers will be paying TRILLIONS more in the next decade alone.
    This climate change nonsense is going to bring us nothing but financially ruin!

  7. Great analysis, as always. Thanks for these. Just one minor thing, I think France rejected indeed Albania, but not Bosnia, and instead North Macedonia from EU membership talks.

  8. I think this time K messed things up. There were news 2 years ago that the x (forgot the number, about 27) ex-Yugoslavian coal powerplants polute as much of the x times 30 power (around 700 if I remember it right) plants from the rest of Europe. So thinking that in these countries coal is the solution I do think is completely against their interest. I did travel that winter through Serbia and in some towns you could barely breath.
    Natural gas could be a solution for a while, but still nuclear I think should stay here until something better comes.

  9. Common! You don't think India and/or Pakistan is dependent on European goods, machinery and vehicles? If we go down then you will soon follow, real soon. Or are you just picking a fight by taking sides with China? I mean, do you plan to survive a stop in flow of oil to Europe by sucking up to China? Good luck! You cannot separate the US from any such equation! Not that they would help us, but we have converging interests regarding China.

  10. Coal is treat as Climate change Used for Power generation….No Problem in Steel Production…..Alhamduallah Inshallah…..

  11. Kareem Power grid.Constructed,Operated,and Maintanence by Kareem Power Authority will Satisfy Global Power needs from 2028-32 Onwards.By God Allah Will Guidance and Grace……Alhamduallah Inshallah…….

  12. Ukraine is way too big and corrupt why not partition it by giving Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Russia land cause I mean they are fucking useless and would be better off

  13. Fossil fuels is not actually fossil. If it was we wouldn't have been finding dinosaur bones just by digging few meters below the soil. Thomas gold wrote a book on this topic. Abiogenic petroleum.

  14. If more research is promoted in solar energy to increase its efficiency and reduce its cost along with large scale battery storage systems then solar and wind has the potential to solve this problem to a large extent…

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