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Wise Food Review Stroganoff

Wise Food Review Stroganoff

Wise Food Cheesy Lasagna how to make Wise Foods cheap prepping long term emergency survival food Walmart 25 year food Dehydrated Meals Prepping Cooking hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m out at my Granny Camp which is my off-grid Alaska cabin and today I was going to prepare
an entree from the wise company emergency food you may have seen the Wise Company emergency food
advertised and I’ve only seen before buckets of Wise food that you buy for long
term food storage recently at Walmart I found some Wise Company emergency food packets of just single
entrees this Wise Food entree pouch meal is for Creamy Stroganoff stroganoff and it was three dollars and
forty eight cents this wise company food emergency meal packet is a complete meal with four servings the
wise food company makes packets of dehydrated and dried food that you just
add water and it’s ready to eat in minutes this meal is called savory
stroganoff it comes with a creamy pasta with mushrooms onions and rich beef
flavor the wise company emergency long term food storage foods are supposed to have a gourmet taste be a
premium quality have a long shelf life they’re recommended for emergency food
storage and they’re made in the USA the wise foods are lightweight this package
weighs nine ounces the nutrition facts are on the back the package includes
four servings of 250 calories each you can also find the ingredients on the
back of the wise stroganoff package as well as the cooking directions the wise company emergency foods have a
shelf life up to 25 years as with all food it lasts best if it’s
kept in a cool dry place the wise company emergency food is packaged to last up to 25 years and the
package includes a manufactured date so make a note of when it was packaged so
that you know how long it will last bring 4 cups of water to a boil then
you’re going to add the contents of your wise company emergency food meal pouch you can see the meal pouch is sturdy
it’s designed to last we need to cut it open you can see
there’s lots of noodles and dehydrated bits for sauce remove the oxygen
absorber once your water is boiling add the contents of your wise company emergency food pouch stir it
around to mix it then turn the heat off put the lid on and let the contents of the dehydrated freeze dried stroganoff stand for 12
to 15 minutes it’s been 15 minutes we can remove the lid and stir it and see
how it looks the Wise Food Creamy Stroganoff is much more like soup than stroganoff I found that to be true
with another flavor of Wise Company Emergency Food packet entree that I tried that it had far more liquid than I would have
expected from something like a Mountain House freeze dried meal or the entrees by Augason Farms
so let’s try it and see how it tastes the Wise Food creamy stroganoff you can see it has a creamy sauce lots
of noodles and chunks of mushrooms and onion I suppose because it only contains
beef flavor let’s try it it’s very bland the noodles are cooked
through they have a nice texture to them I’m not sure though why it needs to be
so liquidy the mushroom bits flavor bits is still a little crunchy
so it’s certainly palatable remember these meals are designed for things like
off-grid living camping backpacking emergency food stockpile like a prepper
pantry or survival situation this isn’t a food that you would buy and want to eat every single day but
it’s certainly tasty enough if in an emergency or you’re out camping you need
a quick hot meal this can provide that for you I don’t know that I would buy an
entire bucket of the wise company emergency foods I’ve tried a few of them and they are
certainly not my favorite but the wise company emergency food meals are made to meet a need for emergency food
stockpile and if you could buy some of this and put it away for 25 years you
may then pray there’s never an emergency no it’s certainly not my favorite they
do come in other flavors I haven’t found one yet that would be my favorite but
there are more to try one of the benefits of finding a single packet to
purchase and try is that you can find out if you like the Wise company emergency food
you can find the Augason Farms emergency food packets also and those I found many of those
that are quite tasty and then you can buy more of the packets or you can buy
like a can of their packets from the Augason Farms and those I found to be
way tastier I also like the Mountain House freeze dried meal packet pouches but the Mountain House meal packets are far more
expensive for what amount of food that you get this was only three dollars and
48 cents for four full servings if your goal is to store a lot of filling food
so that you have enough then this might meet your needs if you want something a
little more flavorful I would certainly look at something more like the Augason Farms food storage food because the Agason Farms emergency food storage meals are way tastier originally when I found
Augason Farms they were around this price range but now I noticed that
they’re far more expensive so I guess it really comes down to you get what you
pay for would I eat this in an emergency
definitely would I want to stockpile this over other foods No
so I’m very glad that I was able to sample some of the Wise Company emergency long term food storage foods they
certainly must have people who enjoy it or at least enjoy the idea of
stockpiling because they sell huge buckets and multiple bucket packets that
it’s not a good idea to buy that unless you’ve sampled some of their food so if
you think you want to find long-term food storage get some of the entrees and
try them and see if it’s something that your family would enjoy everybody’s
taste is different so you just never know make sure whatever food you do
choose that you’re stockpiling plenty of it because the future can be uncertain
we want to make sure we always have enough to eat and to feed our families learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

11 thoughts on “Wise Food Review Stroganoff”

  1. you certain thats not clam chowder? 😆😆😂 starting to think all of these turn out liquidy maybe 3 cups of water would do it. thanks for the review alaska granny 😀

  2. We tried samples from different long storage companies before we bought a years supply. We didn't care for Wise either. We thought it was bland too. If I was starving I would definitely eat it but I'd eat bark too if I had to. Good review keep them coming.

  3. Thanks for the info, i get bear creek bag soups you get 8 servings for 3 bucks, and Augason farms long term storage they taste really good .Granny how long do you think the bear creek soups will last ?they are dehydrated.

  4. Thanks For Checking Them Out. I'm Certainly Going To Look for Smaller Sizes And Adjust Water. I Bring Pepper and Cayenne Camplng So I'm Covered Spice wise. Great Review 👍

  5. I have tried the wise foods and have found that with a little seasoning and meat added at the beginning of the cooking process that they taste much better.

  6. I'm glad you mentioned to take out the oxygen absorber. I thought it was a seasoning packet, which it sounds like it could have used. Thanks for the review.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, Granny. Better you eating it than me. I didn't care for the ingredient list.
    I wonder what would happen if you started with less water? Would it still properly hydrate the pasta and veggies? I think I'd rather store dry pasta and separate pasta sauces. But … I'm not a prepper. I have plenty of food for a few weeks, just in my daily pantry.

    I don't contemplate a SHTF situation. Although, sometimes I wonder what would happen if a dozen or more commando teams (think Army Rangers or Navy Seals) simultaneously attacked crucial parts of our power grid. Power plants or the transmission lines from the plants. Seems like a relatively small number of people could create a lot of havoc in our economy.

    Good wishes to you, Granny. You keep making videos and I'll keep watching.

  8. I did a taste test with Wise vs. Mountain House a few years ago and came to the conclusion that I could eat the Wise if I had to but Mountain House is much better.  Today I have shelves stacked full of Mountain House and some Augason Farms.  There are a few buckets of Wise that I’ll just keep in inventory as a last resort or to hand out to people who may be down on their luck in a SHTF scenario.

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