Wolfgangs Ambulo – Survival Knife: Unboxing, Test & Review (2019)

hi guys and welcome to that welcome bushcraft thanks a lot for tuning in today’s video is all going to be about this knife the Wolfgang’s am Bulo survival knife or Wolfgang’s ambulance it in English and in this video you will get an unboxing video with the first impressions that I had of that knife you will get a full test and review because I use this knife for a couple of weeks now and I’m going to show a couple of practical demonstrations and then by the end of the video in part 3 I will give you my personal verdict I will give you a couple of thoughts on the knife and tell you whether I consider it worth buying or not so if this is of interest to you join me let’s go after ordering one of these knifes you do receive them in that gift box like that pretty nice it’s close with a magnet right down here that already gives a good first impression so if we open it up the next thing we find are a couple of business cards they’re all in German and I’m not going to go into details but basically this one is stating do you like your product and on the backhand side you can find a QR code and some information how to give reviews and feedback to the company the second one is asking is everything okay with your product and on the backhand side you find a contact address in case you have any kind of issue with the knife or the sheath and a statement of Philip the owner of the company in which he guarantees that there will be a solution found in case there’s any kind of issue with your knife so that’s already great thing here also contact address and on the backhand side and instruction on how to use the tech lock of the sheath so all in all that already gives a pretty good impression in regards to customer support seems like the company wants you to reach out in case of any kind of issue right then for the knife itself it’s nicely packed right here and foam with a lot of protection and that’s the humble comes with this well that need right here then you get the sheath Kydex type of sheath with a tiny survival kit right here and for the survival kit also a spare Ferro rod about the specifications of the knife we do have a total length of about 24 centimeters and the blade length of about 11 centimeters the width of the blade itself is between 2.8 and three point five centimeters if we would measure from here and from there and the spine has a thickness of four point five millimeter this deal is a d2 steel so this is a relatively solid material it hits 57 to a 61 on the Rockwell scale depending on the process of hardening so you get a really durable steel right here very hard steel and as you can also see the knife is made from one single piece so we do have a full tang knife here which is just great in terms of design because gives you one solid piece of metal no hooks inside the handle or so that might be a weak point of the knife so that’s really great about the geometry as such we do have a harpoon shaped type of blade right here which just makes it nice for gutting for any type of hunting or fishing activity right and also maybe for drilling into wood if you are trying to construct something it does have a hollow grind bevel so there’s a tiny bevel right down here maybe you can see this and that’s just a slight hollow grind right here we do have a finger guard which is just nice for resting your index finger on you cannot really slip into the blade right here it’s really nicely done on the back hand side we do have these groves just for some extra grip for your thumb also works really nice and for the handle itself we have those two elements on the back and the front made from a g10 type of plastic and mounted on that knife with torque screw so you could also remove this you could replace them if they break you could treat the metal as such because you can just take off those covers right here so that’s really nice also we of course to have the sheath the sheath as I said before is made from Kydex what can we say about it well first of all the survival kit that’s this pen it comes with a whistle that can also be unscrewed it does have a bottom compass right in the top a hole for a lanyard and in this cap you would have the fire steel which can be unscrewed it’s threaded right here and that’s just great because you could replace this once this has been worn off because after all you’ve got a second one in your kit right and then abound the mounting system we do have a tech top here so basically a button that can be like so then the tech lock opens up you could bring your belt right through here or maybe some kind of strap system on your backpack and then you just close this you hear the sound then it’s basically just locked in here for the first time and if you really want to lock it so you’re not able to accidentally open it you can slide this button to the left to off and then you can press for as much as you want then it doesn’t come off if you go back to one you can press the button and so before we will have a look at the actual knife I quickly want to talk about these accessories right here suggest you get an idea of how well or how bad they do actually perform let’s just start off with the whistle that one is incredibly loud and incredibly high-pitched and I will give you a demonstration right now so hello and welcome to the forest I decided to cut out the earlier whistle test that I did indoors from the video because yeah as it goes on the camera was compressing the sound of the actual whistle because it was too loud so it’s automatically reducing its volume and that’s all representative for you so you can’t get a proper idea on how the whistle works so what I’m going to do I’m just going to walk down this path all the way up there maybe you might not be able to see me and then I’ll just give it a whistle and then you should hear that whistle from the further distance to get a better impression okay let’s go [Applause] as you could hear it makes quite a lot of noise and that’s just great if you’re in the outdoors the idea behind this whistle is simply to be able to signal for help if you’re in any situation of distress you know if you’re lost in the mountains or if you’re on a kayak tour and you just lose your route and people need to find you and if you need help so that really works that’s perfectly fine we then do have the firesteel I’m going to show you a couple of demonstration in this video fifth right here it also worked perfectly fine I was capable of starting a fire with a bit of fat water a bit of birch bark in no time took me maybe 15 to 20 strokes because it’s not the strongest of all fire Steel’s it some creates relatively cold sparks compared to bigger fire rods and yeah nevertheless it performed well in that job it did also not break because if you take a look right here I was assuming that this screw right here could be the weak spot if you apply a lot of pressure onto the Ferro rod right if you just pull away like so and you just bent this all the time I feared that it might break right at that point and it did not so that’s also really good I was really positively surprised by that but yeah unfortunately as things go in life there’s also one negative point and that’s the button compass and let’s just have a look at it on a close-up right so this is how the button compass looked like right after I took the knife out of its packaging and as you can see the tiny metal disc that is supposed to turn towards the actual directions just is tilted and stuck in the lunette and this can actually be fixed just give me a moment just give it a tiny knock but what’s also really really disappointing about that compass is that it does not show too north now at the moment it just got it right so you can see right here is a comparison but if I’m just taking this and I’m just turning it into a direction see it gets stuck and solid here again for comparison with a proper compass so yeah basically this renders this particular compass useless if you want to use it for navigation see now it changed again and again and I think that this is not all too big of an issue if we take a look at this compass as such because those compasses are never made for proper navigation those are more gimmicks that usually come with survival kits and I do not blame Wolfgang’s here because it’s really hard to get a tiny compass to work properly also because this disk itself where you can see the indication of north east south and west is magnetized itself whereas with a proper compass right here you would have a magnetized needle that is just turning inside the unit right so just be aware that if you buy these type of things they are not made for proper navigation again I don’t think that this is bad quality from the manufacturers site I think it’s just impossible to get a proper compost work on such a tiny scale but yeah I just want to share this with you because I want the review to be honest so while we’re already at it let’s have a look at two other issues that I experienced with the first AM below that I received from Wolfgang’s first of all I used this knife right after unpacking to do some carving with a piece of birch like this one right here right and then I just did a couple of push cuts just like so and after the third or fourth cut my knife got stuck and then I carefully pulled it out backwards without doing any twisting so I don’t apply any kind of lateral stress to the hollow grind bevel but nevertheless after pulling out the knife and just giving it yet another push I realized that it’s not cutting as well anymore as it just used to do and I show you a picture right now here you can see a couple of microscopic chips in the bevel and quite frankly this is a really bad experience if you’re using your knife for the very first time if you are working with relatively soft wood so I had to reach out to the customer support of Watkins also with another issue because the sheath also has such it’s tight and it gets a grip on the knife but as you can see it’s a difficult to open so sometimes you need to use your hand for support just like so see and that’s a little dangerous because of course if you pull the knife like so you might cut yourself eventually and what basically happens I did receive a very swift reply from Phillip in which he stated hey thank you very much for your feedback we appreciate the honesty by the way we want to make this right we’re going to send you a second knife we don’t know where this is coming from might be a kind of production error and yeah there’s going to be a substitution for your knife so you are a happy customer and I very much appreciate this because there was no single statement about any sort of Defense the welcomes just took the criticism and welcomes provided a solution and one week later I did receive a second knife and now let’s just have a look at that because they really did resolve the issue see this opens just smoothly that’s really nice the sheath is really well worked and also if we take a look at the knife as such it does keep a niche and I’ve also been testing this for a couple of weeks now and the good thing is I could basically do a really hardcore type of test so the old one right here I abused in any way possible so I try to do some kind of yeah wood breaking just by ramming it into the wooden just applying some leverage right here right I used it almost like an axe just for chopping and such and I will show all of this in a second in a couple of video clips but I really gave the old one hell and I have to say that held up the chips right here just remained in that area and I also took a look at it with a magnifying glass with a pocket microscope and what I did see is that there’s indeed kind of a weak spot must be due to the hardening because you could see from the diagonal lines I don’t know the actual term for blacksmiths maybe you can leave a comment about this but you always do see these lines with the grind right and there was a bigger spacing between the lines right here where the chips happened and all the other part of the blade that just stayed stable and did not Bend did not crack and so on so I just want to stress that I did receive an awesome customer support that I did not experience the issues anymore with a replacement knife and that in my opinion everything that I just said about the negative experiences with the old one are based on technical production error same thing also with the sheath can happen once in a while and what comes resolve that problem so I’m really glad about this they take customer support seriously they don’t come up with any type of weird excuses that also sound frustrating to the customer but instead they are very straightforward in the communication provide a solution and yeah I got the second knife for free works just perfectly fine and I just want to demonstrate this to you right now let’s just have a look at a couple of clips in the outdoors so you can see yourself what this knife can do and what it cannot alright so let’s try to make a feather stick I’m using the new knife with the unchipped edge at the moment got a piece of spruce right here and I’m first going to strip this and then we see what I can get a nice fantastic out of that okay so as you can see right here it certainly does the job it’s not the prettiest of all feather sticks but I also didn’t pay all too much attention to proper technique and I just started off with a couple of random angles as you can see right here that’s a different angle than the 90-degree angle right here that was a little troublesome but I got tiny stick like that works and that’s definitely going to help you build a fire so I say it passed that test [Applause] okay let’s see what happens if we try to strip a branch from all the tiny twigs I’m first using the old knife the first one that I got and then I will use the new knife so yeah as you can see that works perfectly fine with the old one time to give it a try with the new one [Music] so just for the quick comparison this is the branch that has been stripped with the old knife as you can see even the one with the chips gets the job done and the branch is about the thickness of a thumb so you can definitely work with that let me just show you the other one that I cut with the new knife so for the comparison this is the branch that has been cut with the new knife as you can see it definitely gets the job done it only gets a little tricky as soon as the yeah site tweaks that just grew out here are getting about yeah pinky size but that’s perfectly normal the knife really gets the job done really nice and yeah you could process basic firewood with that just like so so I got myself two pieces of hazel right here green wood actually and I just want to try to build a dovetail push fit construction which is often used for clothing hangers equipment hangers pot hangers for shelter building and I don’t know what so let’s just give that a try okay so we first start off with a flat base right here and then we just check the approximate measures now we’re carving the nut [Applause] [Applause] so that works perfectly fine really surprised how well the knife does carve Greenwood way better than dry wood that worked really nicely didn’t cost a lot of time and we got a result that can be seen so for a final test just to check the actual hardness and the actual toughness of the steel as such I’m going to do one last test I’m actually abusing this knife right now please note that this is not a proper technique for using your knife but what I did right here is cutting a couple of saw cuts right and I’m going to use the knife to get right into the wood right here against the grain and then I’ve tried to break it out like so the intention is just to show you what it does to a knife also with a hard steel because in theory the steel should not Bend it should be more likely that it has get some sort of crack right because it’s a hard steel but not a really tough steel that’s the difference and again I can’t stress this enough please don’t use this technique it’s just abusing your knife for no reason I’m just doing this for you because after all I got the first knife here still with its chip damaged and I just want to rough it up a bit so you can see how it actually performs in this case okay so let’s go okay so that’s that so basically we could have a tiny cup holder right here or so if this was a bench right and if I take a look at the blade there is barely any deformation like on the very tip I think you cannot see this on camera right here but that’s just slightly bent really slightly and we’re talking about like a degree or so it’s not too bad of an issue also given that again this is an abuse of the knife not proper use but yeah seems like this deal holds up I cannot see anything on the first glance right now and if it can withstand this it can also withstand everyday type of tasks if they’re executed properly all right so to wrap up the video let me share a couple of final thoughts with you and also give you a recommendation on whether to buy this knife or not and in order to get the proper context for my verdict so to speak I want to talk about the customer experience first as you’ve seen in the video the first initial experience of mine was a rather negative one but Wolfgang’s really managed to turn this around they make me a satisfied customer of their company simply by offering proper customer support they are a solution orientated they’re Swift and replying they face customers on eye level they do not search for excuses but rather provide solutions that’s why I got the second knife here right can’t be any better than that and they also took the criticism and they escalated it to their development team and just as a story that I also know from watching other reviews online and this is actually kind of a mark to version of the am below so that’s the 2019 version there also was a 2018 version with a bit of a different design and the design has been altered due to the feedback that the earlier customers gave Wadkins so that also speaks for the company then if we talk about the knife as such well the extra tension of the knife of the second one right here it’s just amazing I used this for a couple of weeks now also for heavier tasks like buttoning and yeah basically chipping wood I also carved a cook’s ax with this and that’s just perfectly fine it still is razor sharp and that’s what it’s all about right and also for the steel I just check this with the microscope again I cannot find any flaws so this knife is a really good one even though the first one failed me in the first instance also what speaks for this knife is actually the price because this knife here is about 70 euros in the retail price and if you get the one with the orange handles it would only be 60 euros so for a couple of tenors you get a really sturdy full-tang knife that is capable of performing well when it comes to generic outdoor related tasks so we’re speaking about fire starting food preparation battening and making firewood basically we talk about shoulder building and all these kind of things so if you are really looking for an all-rounder this knife is for you absolutely if you’re looking for a knife that is suitable for more detailed crafting work so anything that is related to very detailed whittling or so that of course is not a suitable knife but it’s also not made for this if you look for something that you can use on camping trips canoe trips just for very basic bushcraft work for survival training and so on this knife certainly is that go-to knife I can recommend that in this particular context what I also want to mention quickly is that both guns also produces other knives like this one right here this is the model Cointreau it’s a foldable knife and this really convinced me to there’s going to be another review on that particular knife which I will link right now in the top right corner of the screen make sure you check this out because that knife also replaced a buck knife as an EDC knife for me and that also speaks for the company because again which is having a look at one knife right now but how is the overall performance of all comes as a company well really positive experiences I had in this particular case and they do it very nicely when it comes to product development and such so make sure you check this out and yeah if you want to buy yourself the Ambu low I provide you a link in the information box below please make sure to check it out and if you want to please also order via that link directly because it’s an affiliate link I would get a small percentage of the payment you would pay to wolf guns and by that you would support my channel basically you give something back in return for this review right and I would very much appreciate it if you don’t want to buy one of course this decision is also fully up to you I just hope that you’ve got a good insight and what this knife can do and cannot do I hope you did like the review because I tried to make it as honest as I could I also want to stress that wolf guns also explicitly asked me to keep it honest and also to incorporate the negative points which I would have done anyway of course because you need to hear the truth about my personal experience here but yeah also that speaks for the company just to stress that yet again that they are very receptive for any type of criticism and that they are really looking for solutions when it comes to their customers in general so yeah I hope you like this video if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you are not a subscriber please also do subscribe to my channel and there will be more videos like these in the future and yeah thanks again for watching I very much appreciate you investing your time and watching this video and I hope you will have a great time outdoors and if you buy the knife a lot of fun with your actual Bulo so up until then have a great day enjoy nature and see you next time bye bye you

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