81 thoughts on “Woman attacked by jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo”

  1. Terrible she was hurt but she asked for it. No need to punish the Jaguar, it's a Wild Cat in captivity…She got too close and it responded. Go figure….

  2. Everybody knows cats dont like to be taken pictures of without their consent…she should have asked first 🤦‍♂️

  3. Just because the jaguar seems quiet and peaceful does not mean you can just climb the barrier and get a close up selfie photo, you sure got a selfie but only with pain. People have to learn the hardway that these animals are built to kill. The jaguar did what naturally came to him.

  4. The barriers are there to keep these things from happening. She crossed at her own peril…and for a selfie?! I hope she recovers fully and that the animal isn't put down for acting undomesticated in an enclosed space, out of its natural habitat.

  5. This is just so precious! Another Rhodes Scholar from the millennial generation thinking she has the moral authority to cross the safety barrier at the zoo so she can get her priceless selfie.

  6. Sadly, there is no cure for stupidity. And now she'll live to possibly pass on her idiocy to any children she might have.
    The only thing I care about is how the jaguar is treated.

  7. I love when the animals attack people.. it's called Pay Back for everything the people have done to them..

  8. So Jaguar and the dealership is going to blame "human error?" She should have purchased a Toyota instead.

  9. I'm so glad they will not euthanize the cat. Not his fault. People need to follow the rules or they get what they play for.

  10. The headlines should be

    “ stupid women overrules zoo boundaries into a jaguar enclosure “

    This is actually a human being attacking an already captured free animal’s prisoned territory “

    I’m really surprised at the news caption !

    I hate it when we treat Homo sapiens as superiors in this planet for a one in a billion stupid Act !

  11. A black jaguar attacked a white person that’s what happens when you remove animals from their kingdom for money dumb thief’s

  12. Sadly, her woman privilege didn't extend pass the safety barrier. Perhaps she can contact Disney to correct that.

  13. 100% her fault, title is wrong as this stupid women brought this on herself.   Too ignorant or just an idiot.  Probably thought rules do not count for her as she thinks she is too important……….

  14. Yea, selfies with wild predators.
    Not on my list of things to do in my life!
    Not the Jaguars fault, it’s just doing it’s job!

  15. Natural selection in action. If someone is that stupid, its a good thing they remove themselves from the gene pool. Look up BINKY Bear at Alaska Zoo. He got many idiots but seemed to only want their shoes.

  16. The Zoo better NOT put down the Jaguar because of this incident. I feel for the woman in pain etc., BUT ….. It was the idiot womans' fault. NOT the Jaguar !!!

  17. Chris Rock would say: "Some People would say the Jaguar went crazy! The Jaguar didn't go crazy … The Jaguar went Jaguar!"

  18. I don't feel sorry for her at all… However I do expect to see this on Saturday night live hahahahahaha

  19. Soooo… why they keep saying this is the second time with the same jaguar? Just say it's the second time somebody stupid violated this jaguars territory!! Stupid is what stupid does!

  20. I wonder how long that Jaguar stared her down while she was creeping closer to his turf.

    You have to respect their boundaries! You don't mess with them, they won't mess with you!

  21. she deserved it and what about her family? I'm sure they were supporting her because it seemed like cool, right? poor jaguar, facing that garbage human being, I hope it is ok.

  22. is she a feminist? cause MALE jaguar are anti feminist …very masculinist dominant
    and they dont like Narcissistic women

  23. That was her own damn fault. WTH did she expect these are wild animals. Today on the news she said they need better barriers. News Flash you are the one that went past the barrier not the Jaguar

  24. U dumb as broad, I don't understand y people think they can disrespect nature, just because their in a zoo doesn't mean they're not wild animals, u idiot!!!!

  25. They need a statistic on how many stupid people taking a selfie get hurt or killed. Nature has ADVANCED in its natural selection process.

  26. I feel like they could've at least been more specific that it was a Black Jaguar aka a Panther. But still, IF THERE'S A BARRIER, IT'S THERE FOR A REASON.

  27. I feel bad for her but the animal did what they was born to do..if you pick up a snake and get bit your to blame not the reptile or animal that did it so hopefully they don't kill the animal because she wanted a close up selfie to a wild animal

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