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Women’s Protest Survival Kits | Terrific Women | Episode 3

Women’s Protest Survival Kits | Terrific Women | Episode 3

– Oh like, what does this
remind you of, Joy? (Both laugh) – How about you every night
of the week? – Oh my god. You’re not wrong,
you’re not wrong. I love to have fun
with privates. – To me, it looks like a kitty. – Oh my gosh…
– Oh! Thank you, Patrick. – Welcome back to Terrific
Women. Today’s topic is… Both: Women’s Protest Survival
Kits! ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ – Well, it’s protest season
again, and you do not want to be caught without a brassiere to burn!
– And which protest to choose? – So many. Vietnam War,
Women’s Liberation, uh, people who are very
interested in finding out who’s the father of their
unborn child… – People who want things real
bad. – Like to find out the identity
of the father of your unborn child… – And more! And to avoid
looking like a foolish flower, Joy and I suggest pre-dipping
your bras in kerosene. – Oh yes, the kerosene will
ensure that you look confident
in the glowing flicker of your brassiere flames.
We tried it this morning! – Mm-hmm, we made a prerecorded
clip, a bit of a demonstration, roll the clip!
Roll the clip. Hey! Yeah, you!
Roll the clip. ♪♪♪ – That’s the stuff! (Flames crackle) – Didn’t Linda’s brassiere
go up so fast? Was it the kerosene you ask? Nope, it’s just been around
the block! – (gasps) Joy! You devil!
I love you. – I know, I won’t apologize!
– She’s so fun! – You know what’s not funny
though is Linda accidentally burned
my maternity bra that I needed for nursing. – Oh come on, you have formula
for that these days. Besides, you don’t wanna cover
up those big heavy naturals! – Okay.
Both: Cheers! – Another great tip for your
next protest is to pack a light lunch. We suggest shareable snacks, in case you get put
in a holding cell with some new friends.
– Or lovers. May I draw your attention now
to this… plate of rolled cold cuts. Beautiful, powerful, elegant,
regal rolled meats. Right on top there we have
a couple of protest penguins uh, courtesy of Joy,
which is quite nice. – I dreamt them! And uh, one actually represents
me and one represents Linda. – Yeah, ‘cuz we love a cause.
A cute cause! – We’re not getting down off
that hill of chickpeas! And over here is one of my
specialities. Creamed meat on saltines, which is perfect for the salty
lass with a political agenda! – All this talk of salted meats
is making me thirsty. Why don’t we head down
to the living room and get a couple cocktails? Oh Alejandro!
– Oh! (Laughing) Alejandro: Ladies, today’s
cocktail is Protester’s Poison. One part rum, one part cola
and one part actual poison. Ay yi yi! Linda and Joy: Oh! Cheers!
– It’s spicy! – Oh, I love that! ♪♪♪ Both: Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. – Oh yeah.
– Mmm, (Lip smacking)
Poison-y! – Well, you know what?
That brings us to the next couple of items
on our protest survival kit. We have safety goggles
for tear gas and condoms, A.K.A. safety goggles
for your privates. – Ooh, that’s a good one! (Laughs) – Boy do I ever wish I had one
of those the night that… – Yes. – Anywho, next up we have craft
corner, where today, we’re gonna
be crafting some catchy catchphrases
for your protest signs. You wanna make them stand out. – I like a message on my
protest sign that can be used at multiple
rallies, such as “I DON’T THINK SO”. Cuz if you think about it,
that goes with all the rallies. – You know what, I like to keep
things really close to home, with a
“HONK IF YOU LOVE MUFFINS”. You know what, because honks
go a long way for morale during a protest,
and everybody loves muffins! – No, everyone loves YOUR
muffin, Joy. Because she’s a hot piece
of ass, and she’s a very excellent
baker! Also, it’s really nice
with protest signs to push your own personal
(laughs) That’s me! – And thank goodness too!
That Frank can rot in hell. He was a real piece of shit.
It was 18 months of hell, and you know what?
R.I.P. Frank. – I hate him. He’s not dead, but he’s dead
to me. – You know what, I also made
a sign like this to voice my own agenda. Tell me
what you think of this, Lin. – Joy, what did you cook up
for us sign-wise? – I decided to get a little
crazy with the layout. – Oh!
– There we go. “WHERE WERE YOU THE EVE
GONNA BE THE FATHER”. – Let’s put this away Joy.
BUT, good point! (laughs) A protest sign can really
save a person’s life. That’s it for today’s episode.
We’re Terrific Women. – And thank you for protesting
with us! – Pass me one of those suckers,
let’s give ’em a whirl. – Here we go.
– Come on, Alejandro,
get in here! – Muffins for Alejandro!
– Love muffins! Linda: Oh my God! Issues! – Protest! Protest!
– POLITICS!Announcer: This episode
of Terrific Women
has been brought to you
by Papa Luigi’s Pizza Pies.
When the moon hits your eye,
make it a Papa Luigi’s Pie!

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