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Words Of Wisdom From A Self-Made Billionaire – Advice For Success

Words Of Wisdom From A Self-Made Billionaire – Advice For Success

100 thoughts on “Words Of Wisdom From A Self-Made Billionaire – Advice For Success”

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  2. Being an ardent reader of books I want to suggest you(SIR) to read the book named "BHAGVAD GEETA". In case if you haven't read this book yet. BTW it's a holy book.

  3. dude seriously man.

    you are probably one of the most busiest person in the world and you still bother to spend your time making videos for us


    now you are adding in podcasts?

    damn man we cant seriously thank you enough

  4. Dan, you writed “self-made billionaires” but there are no self made things… even you said it a couple times… keep up with your goals and dreams, im working on mines too 🙂 strong hand shake from Portugal

  5. When I started watch8ng you we were only 200k now u are about to hit a million sbscribers I am a fan I belong to BBC..Billionaires Boys Club

  6. Sir.. I'm Harish i have watched some of your videos which was quite interesting and inspiring as well.. I m jus working for 15000k (indian rupees).. I always have an idea of starting a business but i don't know what to start.. But i just planned to choose a business and study about it in detail and move on it.. Do you have anything to say regarding this sir.. Help me with this..

  7. Wao, Wao. This 21st century is defenitley gifted by the best invention of all TIME, so often called INTERNET. whatever you want to listen, whatever you want to become, whoever you want to met. All is on your fingertips. Amazing.

  8. I hope sir Dan Lok give a thumbs up with my comments,thanks very much sir i inspired listening and watching your video's and i subscribe to you…from Philippines i am grateful and thankful for your advices,Thanks very much sir ❤❤

  9. Awesome!!!
    I am definitely going to watch your new show!
    Thank you for doing this Dan.
    I’ve been listening to you every day and even a bit of your mentor Dan Peña.

  10. This is very motivational and fantastic insights. Thank you so much for sharing. I will always come back here when I am lost.

  11. So true…re setting goals…
    I've never hit one I've set…but I have hit nearly ALL those I've seen myself experiencing

  12. It makes so much sense that you talk about making a difference in people's lives to make money. That is one of my missions in life: to help people eat better by focusing on the positives, not the negatives. Too many fad diets go to extremes. I encourage people to understand how fats, carbs and proteins work together to keep them as healthy as possible.

  13. always inspire me , I and my family loves you so much. ..I Will like you to be my mentor. …how do I go about it sir?

  14. I read a lot of books but your teachings are very different from others. You words are more practical and reliable because I can see it in your life you live it.. I learned a lot from you and you gave me hope .. thank u idol Dan. Nil here from Philippines..

  15. Hello Sifu!
    I am so happy to watch your videos and my life has absolutely changed since I met you last December.
    I really appreciate it and will do my best.

  16. Hi Dan, I don't think there is only one way of thinking that will get you to this first million or billion. I mean what motivates people can be different, the statement that if you dream about being a Billionaire, probably will never earn a billion is what I believe not true, and is a good sentence to say to people because most of them don't really dream that big. I get the point, don't focus on the money, focus on the work that will get you money. But at the same time money can be the same motivation to get there. We can debate about, but at the end of the day, it's not that important I guess. Just got a bit frustrated watching this video, because all I always dream is to become one. I am 17 and soon I am launching my product that I believe will change some peoples lives. Thinking this way didn't stop me from developing my company so, watching you saying that I am probably not going to earn millions got me questioning this billionaire these😂

  17. Dan is full of wisdom. He is a wise man. I have listen to mentors online but I have not come across somebody like Dan. I will never stop listening to him on YouTube and his Podcast. I have purchase one of his book at Amazon (FU Money). Thank you Dan

  18. Your so humble, I admire that the most. My financial status isn't that great, I losing my main job I getting stuck at a fast food with minimum hours. But your videos open and give me a different mindset, I don't want to be rich, I just want my debt paid off and have a great life with my girlfriend and her son. Thank you Dan Lok for your videos and God bless.

  19. I have a lot of ideas, but I say, will you succeed? But now I've started

    Thank you Dan for the inspiration
    and motivation ;

  20. Your experiences is exactly like my, except I went to melbourne and I’m probably at the stage Just before you going to your next mentor, the crazy danman! Fk he screams a lot, too much fear, too much anger, that his mentees mostly only have fear about it, not everyone is gonna click and rise to their individual aha moment, that the old man is trying to firing me up and strip all my previous societal programming inclusive of your own upbringing, and I don’t really resonate with that, I like your ways and style better, especially we both does wing Chun, grown up bad to the born, but awakening at the right time, if not too late for me,.. take care Si Hing(my sifu Barry pang is Bruce Lee’s masters student, we call him the grand master! 叶师傅

  21. asking successful people for their advice is the best thing you can do. poor people know everything. rich people never stop learning.

  22. Heart Mind comfort is not in this world but here after in Paradise afrer death judgment day.
    Read Quran words of ALLAH WHO creates you will get mind peace

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