68 thoughts on “World of Warships – Bad Advice #5: Camping Behind an Island”

  1. ah, but some ships like the Cleveland with ridiculous gun elevations can fire from behind island with relative ease 😉

  2. i think captain bad advice was a tanker before he joined the navy. so he tries to use tank tactics and thats why it always goes so bad for him.

  3. I like it that you used some in-game sounds. More of that please, it creates a "home"-feeling 🙂
    And – good video with a good message 🙂

  4. It's a shame this isn't just for comic purposes, some players as high as tier 6 actually think you can get away with this. I know it's a game, but Jesus Christ the stupidity you encounter can induce some serious nerd rage. I like that our strategically challenged captain went out of his way to save his fish though 🙂

  5. i can try to understand the physics as to why a 50,000 ton ship would still go forward when yet its engines are in reverse, but i can not understand in full why it happens.

  6. Well, it he went full sea vs two battleships he still would be dead, so the island got nothing to do. The tip should be – if you're in the battleship never go behind islands, stay full sea, but if you're in the destroyer never go full sea, but stay behind the island.

  7. Actually a viable strategy in a DD since it accelerates/stops quickly, has smokescreen & torp dumping and hiding while waiting for reloads.

  8. Except camping behind an island is the only thing to do if ure not a BB that can shoot at max range… then u get oneshotted by aimassisting BBS if u get under 16km

  9. 這位船長絕對是一位好戰車車長,但戰車這套方法可不能套用在戰艦上面阿(WOT玩太多?!

  10. Reportet Yamato for turning guns in 0.5 second, getting in a T 5-7 Battle (Minekaze and Nagato) and for getting owned by them.

  11. Camping behind an island is fine, but remember that Yamato is a ship that is at her most effective when the enemy is forced to push into her. Stayed behind the island forces broadsides from the enemy team. It's not that you can't camp, it's just that battleships work differently.

  12. Hold on if you are playing as a Cruiser dont you try To get behind an Island where you can shoot enemy ships undetected?

  13. I had to camp behind an island today when the team refused to move from the cap and got slowly slaughtered

  14. I feel like this video is light jab at anyone who came over to WoW from WoT; your ship is not a tank god damnit!

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