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WORLDS BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸ’° 24 Hour: Movie Theatre, Gaming Room, Escalator

WORLDS BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸ’° 24 Hour: Movie Theatre, Gaming Room, Escalator

so gaming rooms done let’s go check out
what Logan’s been up to guys check this place out why we’ve got a fully working
fireplace inside a box for you we gots the movie theater go and check it out
with the projectors here projecting onto the screen Logan’s over here changing
the movies hey yo what’s going on guys Papa take your from to baby and we are
back with a brand new video and today guys what’s up well it’s a big day it’s
the Big Smoke another day I know you juggle cuz if you think lower you juggle
put logging each other down below definitely not jump but anyway guys we
are back and it is the 3rd episode in our 3 episode goodness I will say good
bye series I sound so sad there clear things up this is a new chapter we’re
moving to a new house if you guys haven’t been following the last episodes
one you need to go check him out we’ve already done a fallout 4 vaults board
that was crazy we also did the Batcave which was
awesome and now today guys we’re doing billionaires box sport which is gonna be
the biggest box where we’ve ever made now we’re not doing a 4-story box court
but what we are doing is the biggest in terms of size not this way this way
I got show my gosh um alright guys come and come inside check this out so if you
guys saw the fallout 4 video you’ll know it kind of what the box for it looks
like but if we head inside here you’ll notice that there is each ton of room
inside so this is like a sleeping area I’m not sure what we’re gonna turn this
in in the billionaires box for but we already have a second level made up here
so yeah this area here then you come into the main common area which is all
the way down here open this up new area here we got tiny stuff we got nerf guns
everywhere and stuff like that but this is the common area you come through here
and you got all this space but that’s not all guys oh no this thing doesn’t
finish all right you go over here you’ve got this kind of back corner here I
might make this a kitchen I’m not sure yet we also have a seating area and on
top of all of that we have a secondary entrance here which uses a moving
conveyor belt as the entrance how sweet is that
so with this entire box for as it is now we’re gonna add on to it and make it
even bigger and I know you’re thinking how can this get bigger will it can
we’re gonna make a full-on movie theater a full-on gaming room a kitchen and so
much more this is gonna be craziest billionaires box we’ve ever
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Christmas giveaway we’re giving away some pretty cool stuff we’re giving away
some X boxes some iPhone tents or iPhone X’s whatever you want to call them we
also may be giving away some ps4s because a couple you guys are getting
mad that I always give away X boxes and I know I’m a bit of an Xbox fanboy but
if you guys win we might just give away ps4 instead cuz it’s the same price
anyway but if you guys want to enter into the giveaway you could be coming
home with a brand new Christmas present from Pappa Jake it’s the season of
giving so I want to get back to you guys give back to all of you amazing viewers
who have been liking the videos watching the videos every single day out and like
I said this is one of our last videos in this house after this we’re moving to a
brand new house but the house is huge guys there’s so much space for building
box for it’s so much space for doing fun stuff I cannot wait for where this
channel is gonna go to and I want you guys to come along for the ride
but alright guys and we’re gonna kick things off we got to start by building
out here what I’m thinking is we actually extend the box pour it out into
this huh Logan sub just foot excited so excited
cuz they’re like let’s build this box for whoa grab my hand box for builders
stick together cries I got this alright we need a
gaming room we need a movie theater oh and I almost forgot we got a fireplace
we’re gonna incorporate it in which is cool like I said guys we gotta get
started here so let’s start laying down the cardboard and start building this
thing let’s do it I guess we’ve got a cardboard here we’re gonna start laying
out the movie theater I think that’s the best place to start for this build and
then once we get this done I’ll start heading inside to deck out the inside of
the box for it with a bunch of other cool stuff we also the fireplace over
here and I have to get inside to the gaming room there’s so much to add to
this billionaires box for it so let’s get started alright guys check it out we just
finished putting on the movie theater this has been like absolutely one of the
biggest builds we have ever done and he just keeps getting bigger like guys I
went to the other side of the box for to get something and it was like a mission
I’ve never had that in a box book before but look at this we haven’t done the
lighting in here yet and I’m not really sure if I am I might put like some LED
strips for ambience but the main thing for movie theaters that have a dark so
as you guys but basically what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put the
projector in there as well as like a white sheet that we can pull down and
then we can watch movies and hang out maybe put a speaker in there of course
over here we have the entrance to the main box port which goes all the way
around there we stuff to build out viewer around the fireplace and I stuff
to get in and build the kitchen so there’s a lot to still do and I have to
start getting aside and decking this place out cuz guys this is a
billionaires box for this things coming along awesome there’s just so much it’s
so huge it’s like hard to wrap my head around but hopefully you guys like it if
you guys think this is awesome smack that like button down below let’s get a
billionaires box for worth of likes on this video so now that the movie theater
is looking awesome I think it’s time to set up the kitchen we’re still gonna go
back in there and set the projector as well as some lighting but we definitely
need food in this billionaires box for it we got a full kitchen check this out
guys now I still gotta add some components it kind of folds out you boys
think pop Jake that’s not kitchen you can’t make food I’m gonna show you guys
I’m gonna prove all of you wrong alright if you think you can make food let me
know in the comments down below right now Logan don’t worry I’m whipping up
some food for us buddy very little effort we got ourselves a
box for kitchen now it’s time to whip up some food like I said I wasn’t lying
this thing to make food so let’s go ahead and turn the knobs here no I’m no
chef boyardee but I know a few things about cooking food alright guys there we
go with a little bit of effort we’ve got ourselves a box for kitchen it check
that out guys this would not be a billionaires box for without the kitchen
and like I said this is our biggest billionaires box for we have ever done
so Logan’s been working on the movie theater lighting and I thought you know
what since we got a kitchen why don’t whip something up for us both to eat and
I know I already say my name yeah exactly dude what’s going on how’s the
Lighting’s done but you’re gonna have to see for yourself and you know I was
thinking the viewers probably don’t think this thing works they don’t think
we can cook something up imma prove them wrong logo check this out I mean it what
do you feel a little plastic kitchen I don’t know if it’s trust me trust me
what do you feel like most right now Logan I’ve been pretty down to hamburger
all right well I cannot give you a hamburger but it’s a few switches of the
button here and some nice two minutes of baking looks like I made us some make
flurries check that out man yeah made them from scratch
yeah I know it is it’s a magic oven that I totally made from scratch yeah should
we take a break have some McFlurry sand then get back to building I want to
check out the movie theater because I cannot wait to watch some movies in
there Oh Jake let’s go check out that movie
room I cannot wait to see wait wait wait anyway you go check it out I’m just
gonna go outside for a second okay all right I’ll go check in the movie room
all right guys let’s go check out and see what Logan’s been up to inside the
movie theater I’m super excited to see what’s going on get to walk up here
around here go through the cool door here and then force into the fireplace
room we’re gonna turn the fireplace on in a little bit we don’t want to get too
hot in here yet but it’s awesome that we have an integrated fireplace into the
billionaires box for it but all right let’s see what Logan’s been talking
about this is the entrance to the movie room here we go
three two one oh dude this is so sweet all right guys so this is the fully
decked out movie room we still haven’t added pillows yet or
like blankets and comfy stuff but it looks like all we even can change the
colors in here that’s so sick let’s make it green oh dude this is
sweet you’re not amazing I just cut my hand
you Mouse I’m cut your hair in a minute do you like it I guess how did you do it
so quickly it’s got scissors all right well look who just got a haircut yeah
dude you did a great job in here man this thing looks awesome I want to get
this turned on and see what it looks like on the wall all right guys this
Merc Thea’s looking awesome yourself to add to comfy pillows as well as the
screen for the projector here but before we get to that I want to go work on the
gaming room Logan worked on this room inmate is sick
so I want to try my hands at making an awesome gaming room we’re gonna head on
over there and start decking it out but let’s go through this massive box for it this is where a gamer rooms gonna be so
you open up this door here ya head on in and on the inside of here we’ve got the
vaulted ceilings it’s dark it’s well lit for gaming and on top of all that we
have these awesome seats which we considered a game so the way I was
thinking of setting this up is using the Nintendo switch because me Logan are
huge Mario Kart fans and we always love to get competitive and play some Mario
Kart so we’re gonna set the switch up on the wall here so we can sit here and
race against each other I’m also gonna add some extra lighting to this room to
make it even cooler so let’s get started so of course we’ve got seats here which
we can sit in you know when we’re gaming I can be over here Logan can be over
here we’ve got our Nintendo switch which we can of course choose any game we want
and then above me I’ve got a bunch of really awesome LED lights and the cool
thing about these guys is we can change the color you got blue LEDs look at how
sweet this looks next up I’m gonna go into the main area and start decking it
out with some really comfy blankets and pillows and then this box for it’s
almost done guys I think it’s time to get cooking dinner soon so gaming rooms
done let’s go check out what Logan’s been up to guys check this place out
dude it’s a chandelier we got is so sweet oh dude oh do tell I remember put
so much work into decking out the interior design of a box board yo this
place looks super comfy guys it’s great now look in the other I’m like we have a
fireplace oh yeah you’re all me turning on hold on we’ve got a fully working
fireplace inside a box for fireplace here we can relax here it’s all nice and
cozy Logan did you do anything to the movie theater check it out for yourself
guys I never thought that decking out a box fort like this could have such a
huge impact you know normally we build these things and we just kind of survive
in them like we don’t have blankets people have a lot of pillows other than
what we sleep with but taking a little bit of extra time and adding all this Oh
movie screen yo I could not wait to watch your movie in here all right all
right let’s go back out in the center because I know Logan want to show us one
more thing and then I think it’s time to grab some dinner and head up there and
watch a movie I got a mini game going I’ll be playing
darts what are we doing here it’s a nerf snipe off oh no way Oh cuz the Box
worked so long yeah through that door I don’t even know
if the nerf gun can go this far true I think I’m gonna go to the kitchen
and whip us up something and let’s go to the movie theater watch a movie I’m
cooking up something real nice for us don’t you worry buddy it’s gonna be the
best dinner you’ve ever had in a box for now that I got my full kitchen here I
really don’t think that’s a real Evan G oh is it Logan is it not a real oven
that produces some freshly baked pizza came straight out of the oven
nicely fresh and warm how did you pull that huh well you know you thought it
wasn’t real but guys I can treat this is a real oven so I think we grab a pizza
we head to the movie theater watch a little movie and enjoy some nice dinner
and a billionaire Fox bored all right guys go back into the movie theater we
got our food we’ve got our laptop here we got the movie theater go and check it
out with the projectors here projected onto the screen Logan’s over here
changing the movies up and now we can use our remote here to turn the lights
off or no dimmer you want to make him like a dark blue or if you don’t getting
into the movie just turn them completely off they decided because it’s almost
Christmas we want to get in the Christmas mood we’re gonna watch some
elf it’s my favorite Christmas movie of all time so we’re gonna have our pizza
and enjoy a movie got the Christmas red going chillin in the box for a movie
theater with the full projector going well more can you want
in the billionaires box for it we just finished watching the movie that
was a bunch of fun I’m sorry good time and that was all I could have fallen see
me it’s that comfy I was about to say this movie theater is so comfortable we
decided before we go to bed guys cuz we don’t want to get to bed it’s getting
late and this is a 24 hour challenge we decided we were gonna have a friendly
competitive game of Mario Kart you guys always see us playing Mario Kart and so
far I’m kind of the reigning champ all okay we’re gonna see about that we’re
gonna head all the way over to the gaming room which is actually a bit of a
hike and we’ll get up there I’ll show Logan off what the new gaming room looks
like and we’ll have ourselves a good game of Mario gaming room is awesome
gonna pick our characters here and then jump right into this race dude you are
going down man looks like win again I gotta I gotta
brush up on my skills man you dominated me on that but you know what we got a
lot of time this box for I’m sure we’ll play again but for now
Logan remains the Mario Kart champion next time guys winner
we had enough fun playing Mario Kart it has been a super long day in the box for
so I think it’s time to go check out our super comfy beds and get ready for the
nighttime because it is a 24-hour challenge and we got sleep soon it has
been a super long day I’m up here on the second story on the first story look I
got these cool little dividers here which i think is really awesome but
we’re gonna get cozy and tomorrow I’ll have our nerf off honestly guys this
isn’t even a hard 24 hour challenge the billionaire box sports are the best it’s
warm it’s comfy and if you have to wake up until nighttime maybe I’ll go watch
another movie or play some Mario good night guys we will see you in the
morning Oh wake up Logan it’s not a box guys we
are up we are awake it is officially a brand-new box for a day and I don’t know
is my hair good my hair is looking good this is like the first box for it hasn’t
wanted to you know it is time though to get up we’re gonna turn all the lights
on and we are going to have our nerf op which is gonna be sweet if you guys do
not remember from last night we built a target so what we’re gonna do for this
challenge guys is we’re gonna start off the morning with our nerf challenge
which basically means we’re gonna open up that door and tape it down and go all
the way down on to the other side and we’re each gonna have maybe five shots
each target marker has a point whoever wins is the better nerf player
we got this brand-new gun it is really awesome we used it in the fallout 4
video if you guys remember it’s the Raptor strike which is cool it’s like a
sniper rifle obviously we have the mega but this one uses regular Nerf dart I
thought it’d be an awesome thing to use for this challenge because it’s long
range so reach gonna get six shots each whoever has the highest score wins here
we go alright on the thirty dude alright start out pretty strong let’s see if we
get hit the 51 e alright alright I’m not seeing any bull’s-eyes no hold on man
that’s 50 points already here we go third shot come on little too high this
time oh the 10 all right you’re I got to get a bull’s eye in here Oh Jake that’s
raw lash I got this then that heart is so
long-range the sport is so big well Jake it looks like you got 80 points I think
I can beat that here we go you got Logan and me are currently tied and he has one
more shot which means if he hits a single target he wins but if he misses
it’s a tie and this goes into overtime all right looks like Logan got lucky on
this one guys he got to watch me do it first so he got some extra practice but
either way it was a lot of fun playing there from the Bach sport the fact that
we have a long-range nerf competition in a pop sport is pretty crazy if you guys
want to come along for the ride smack the like button down below smack the
subscribe button and of course hit that Bell button so you never miss an awesome
video but guys before we move into our brand-new house we are filming one more
video here so if you guys want to see the video it’s going up Monday let’s try
and crush 50,000 likes on this video and we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome box for it

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