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WORLDS BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE! 24 Hour: Fortnite Gaming Room, Ball Pit, Nerf & More

WORLDS BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE! 24 Hour: Fortnite Gaming Room, Ball Pit, Nerf & More

and we are back with a brand new video
and today guys i am currently outside I’m on a Segway right now for Segway
around my pool it is a beautiful day out today which we were not expecting cuz it
was supposed to rain we decided that we were gonna do something inside which is
a billionaire box 4 so I think Logan’s been down here he’s cleaning up a little
bit because guys our basement is messy check this out well if you guys can see
this place is an absolute mess but there’s so much potential you do all
this room we have to build our billionaire box fort if you guys haven’t
seen this we can use it parts of this for like our music video and stuff like
this but this actually started out as the base for our billionaire box boards
this isn’t your average billionaire box for it this is gonna be a box for
Paradise it’s gonna take us a couple days to build because there’s just so
much space to govern we have this room here we have connecting rooms over there
and then over in this room I mean it’s just a massive massive box quarters as
Laurie was saying we want to turn this into a massive box for Paradise but we
need your help to decide on what to add on and what sections to actually fill
this is gonna be an add-on project that we keep building together and it’s all
gonna start today with the very first room starting here we’re to be making a
fort night gaming room many places to sleep we need places to play games we
need places to eat all of that good stuff is gonna be in here but then once
we have the base down guys we can start adding on like lots of fun stuff like
Logan said the fort night room we could also get like a hot tub maybe the
extension that goes to the pool oh dude an extension that goes from here into
the swimming pool that would be sweet that we do the swim you know enjoy a
billionaire life and then jump back in the box for just hang out for a little
bit but I think we need to start cleaning up because this this place is a
mess this is not how we normally all right our rooms are super clean I
mean my rooms are not that clean right now below his rooms clean and of course
guys if you are brand-new to the channel and you love box sports you love
adventures be sure to hit that subscribe button down below as well as that Bell
buzzes having this video is the halo gun will end this like men okay we’re not
gonna fire against each other be neat like a camera
all right way quick challenge because I don’t like cleaning it’s really boring
so before we get into cleaning these nerf blaster bullets actually stick to
this target we go to the other end of the hall whoever hits the target or it
closest to the target wins and whoever loses has to clean up a whole mess yep
Jake you did it you didn’t hit any you missed that you guys he doesn’t see that
it hit the target bull’s eye to be hard for you to beat man oh okay we both
didn’t hit any of the targets so I think we should both clean you left the place
is clean and we are now ready to start building this billionaire box for which
I’m super pumped for I’m not going to give everything away yeah but one of the
main objectives is of course building in the for night gaming station I also want
to build a kitchen with a real working soda machine that can dispense sodas as
well as much more so we’ve got a lot to do but I think the first thing I’m gonna
start working on is a really cool entrance Logan I’ve been thinking for
this I am so sorry changing also I almost forgot because you guys are
probably asking from our last vlog what’s going on with the box what we
have here and we still have not been able to get this up if you guys missed
our last vlog you should obviously check that out we did an awesome box for a
drop test challenge well we found this in the woods and we have no idea what it
is guys so we haven’t opened it yet I tried when I got home but I think I’m
gonna need like a crowbar or something to actually get it open so I think we’ll
have to open this in the next vlog because today obviously it’s all about
the billionaire box board so that being said I think we gotta build this for it
and then start decking out with awesome stuff alright guys so over here I have my own
project going on which is a ball pit so so far we got this little enclosing and
we’re gonna fill it up with balls and Jake is working on the gaming room you
know I’m already excited I can’t wait to finish it so we can actually go in there
and start playing fortnight but right now I’m working on the door I want to
try and make a really cool door that not only is awesome to go through but we can
also walk so we have like a super-secure or that no one can get in unless they’re
allowed all right let’s keep building so I’ve been working on the front gate for
a little while now and it’s pretty sweet we’ve got this like nice architecture
here and what I want to do is actually mount a security camera on top of here
so that while we’re in the fort we can take a look and make sure you know no
one’s trying to get in her fourth that shouldn’t be in there
but while I was finishing up this Logan did finish up the ball pit which means I
think before we keep building we take a little break and check out this ball pit
I grabbed all of our ball pit balls here yeah so let’s jump in the fort is I
guess start dumping it in we go alright let’s get all of these in here now we
got to be really careful oh we don’t want to get the entire for a fill with
balls you got to make sure they all stay inside the designated ball pit area our own homemade ball pit guys this is
awesome guys I don’t even think we need to make a bed for Logan you just sleep
in there inside the ball pit which means we gotta get back to work cuz we’ve got
lots more to build and the Sun is going down guys it is getting dark and of
course this is still a 24 hour challenge but the best part about billionaire box
sports this is never really a challenge cuz we’re living a luxury life it’s
billionaire box fort okay guys so we’ve been working on the box sport for quite
some time the Sun has gone down we haven’t been grinding down here to make
this thing epic but it is all coming together and guys check this out this
might be one of my favorite billionaire box worth we have ever created so right
now I’m currently in the gaming room we got the LED light strips surrounding the
entire place optimal gaming lady we got both our monitors here set up for some
dual port night play later on in the night but come on I’ll show you guys
this all right this is the main area here now we haven’t put the roof on yet
and we still have a bunch of stuff to do like this place isn’t complete yet but
we got our ball pit which you guys already see and check this out we put up
an actual working dartboard dude
just can’t get enough of this guys we have so many really cool ideas
to add on to this billionaire box cord and of course if you have any
suggestions be sure to leave them in the comments and check this out
Pappa Jake bullseye first shot while that bullseye is in the ball pit also in
terms of security guys check out our front entrance here so we’ve got this
door here and I actually took this design from our zombie videos so we have
the door and when it’s closed you can take this thing here and put it
in like this so this actually acts as lock which means you can’t open this
door I mean even from the other side it is pretty much impenetrable and I’m
gonna add a camera to the front door so we can actually see what’s outside well
where you know in the box for gaming and stuff like that but guys we still have a
lot more to do with this I still have to finish up my vending machine I sell to
finish up the kitchen and this is a 24 hour challenge we gotta get our snacks
in here we gotta get our water in here are comfy blankets so let’s head on over
cuz right now I think I’m gonna start working on the vending machine alright
guys so Jake and I have been building for a very long time and this fort is
looking amazing once I put the roof on instantly and this awesome arcing door
so I’d say we have about ten minutes left of building and then we’re ready to
chill dwell Oh clack midnight this is the final reveal the moment of truth
that you guys can see our box for paradise that we are gonna be
continuously adding onto right now you know I’d say it’s one of the biggest
parks we ever built but after you guys helped us out and after we keep adding
on this is gonna become the biggest fort we have ever built it is gonna have
everything in it that we can even imagine up and already we have some
really cool new stuff so let’s check it out I want to show you guys this place
without further ado welcome to part one of our billionaire box board and right
off the bat guys we got the camera installed here so we got the front
entrance here as Logan already showed off we got our door push in like so and
let’s walk inside the front entrance here check it out guys so you come in
here it’s kind of like a cool like front entrance area but the coolest part about
this is that we can actually close the door and then make sure we’re all safe
and secure with this lock so no one can get in that we
don’t want in on top of that guys actually went ahead and got the camera
hooked up to my phone which means we have a feed up outside the box board how
cool is that guys so I can literally check out my phone I can see who’s out
there you know they’re like oh want to come in you’re building a box for pop
Jake it’s so sweet but I’m like no you don’t get to come in because I want you
in here I’m kidding ever everyone gets to come and enjoy the billionaire box
pop but either way you know we can make sure that no like zombies or anything
come in here but check this out guys this is the main area here we got lots
of wall art like he’s lying here that’s that’s art that’s fancy stuff that’s how
you know it’s a billionaire box but when you got art on the walls over here we’ve
got the ball pit which is apparently Logan’s ball pin now he loves that and
like I said guys we’re gonna be adding on to this so over here right now is
just kind of a chill area but I think it will connect to that wall which will
actually go into some other places we’re thinking about building something really
cool that we’re gonna talk to you guys about tomorrow after we survive the
night because it’s got some pretty interesting stuff that we’re thinking of
but over here is the kitchen out we’ve got a rack of food we got snacks on
snacks guys check this out we got Doritos mixed we’ve got our cereal we’ve
got another flavored Doritos mix and then we’ve got my vending machine I put
a lot of effort into this and you guys actually suggested in the comments I
tried to make a box for a vending machine for Pop and it actually works I
mean it could definitely use some improvements but check this out all
right so let’s say I want like sprite all I have to do is go here activate the
sprite switch just like a machine and there you go you’ve got yourself a nice
refreshing sprite which is pretty sweet so we got water we got sprite we got
coke anything we want in here and then we can refill it and it always dispenses
one so we can fill this thing up with like five different sprites I made it
have to make a little bit taller but either way it’s a really cool feature
how sweet is that guys let me know down below if you think that’s cool and if
you have any suggestions for other like real working items that we can make out
a box cuz I love this thing but speaking of that guys let’s go ahead and check
out what Logan’s up to in the gaming room
of dude it is so cool in here we got our fortnight dual monitor setup guys so of
course we can play our fortnight duo’s together which is gonna be really
awesome so I definitely we’re gonna play a game of fortnight dooms after dinner
with you guys of course on board but now that everything’s set up I guess we’re
just gonna kind of chill out for a little bit like I said this is a 24 hour
challenge so I’m gonna grab some snacks and relax in here maybe watch a little a
little before night and then we’re gonna go to the kitchen because we gotta make
dinner for tonight billionaire style now it’s time to have our billionaire dinner
inside the billionaire box for it now I know what you’re thinking if we’re
having a billionaire dinner shouldn’t be grandiose and magical like they would
have billionaires eat lobster I’m pretty sure that you eat lobster and caviar
alright alright well what don’t we don’t have lobster today but what we do have
is some hungry man meals and that’s mostly because everything on new breed’s
is currently closed right now cuz it is extremely late and it’s almost bedtime
going for with you that we of course have to have our food so I’ve got these
here and we do not have a microwave but guys do not worry billionaires don’t
need microwaves they use the billionaire magic in three two one whoo and there we
go we’ve got ourselves some billionaire dinner and K microwavable meals but
that’s okay because we’re chillin in the billionaire box force so let’s eat up
let’s have our dinner and then we can head into the gaming room place in for a
night before bed let’s get you in here you sure you don’t
wanna cooperate we got Kofi I water we got sprite you let me know what’s good
all right let’s get Logan of water out of the vending machine here I believe
water’s in this one I should definitely label these but let’s drop this down how
cool is that guys all right well we’re almost finished up dinner now so I think
we’re gonna put away everything kind of clean up the area and then I think we’re
gonna head in the gaming room and start playing some for tonight okay guys
welcome to the gaming room we finished up with dinner and now it’s time to play
some fort net hang out and you know just relax like I said the best part about
this is we got the dual monitor setup so we can play duo’s in here while inside a
box for it close the door here so it becomes a little gaming pod room which
is super awesome especially with you like LEDs I love like the backlit look
to it this is definitely my favorite room in the billionaire box for it so
far but again guys we have so many other rooms to build and I’m really looking
forward to expanding this place all right guys well we got a controllers we
got the monitors set up so let’s jump into a game before tonight and let’s see
how well we can do keep in mind I want to see what we can do off of our first
game while playing inside the billionaire box Ford I’m gonna assume
that we’re gonna be the only ones in the game playing inside a box board by the
way guys in case you’re wondering what Gus is justjust just putting this out
there little PSA the racetrack spells Gus if you tilt your head to the left
and that’s a fact so everyone’s gonna call that customer I feel like we have
some advanced abilities because we’re in a box for we have something that no one
else has which means we need to win this game trip I don’t feel naked Jake oh my
god oh no there’s no guns up here oh he’s good
we got him I got him down I’m nice we gotta wait for the box Portland yeah
oh no where are you where you going over oh you got another guy coming in on you
oh he’s running up he’s running up to them we go Fox for power everyone all
right guys so right off the bat box full power is working for us we we got some
eliminations but I just want to put it out there I think my dinosaur with wings
is one of the best skin we got we got kinda a guy’s assaulting the base
there’s salt in there makes your box for it inside the game you got it you gotta
build something here uh box for failing skills to the rescue don’t you break my
box for it this is my password don’t do it oh nice box for power oh no Jake
we’re not in this storm let’s ride I should be used by box port
oh he’s up there nice good we don’t have too far to go we can do this uh I don’t
know if I’m gonna make it thousand today though it’s pretty good
for inside a box alright guys so we put a few more games but it is getting
extremely late and we spent most of the day building these things so we’re
pretty tired which means I think it’s time for us to hit that head now I know
in the future we’re gonna have our own rooms but this couch actually transforms
into an awesome bed there you go you got yourself an awesome bed looking to take
the bed out there in the other room I’m gonna take this bed here I got my
blanket looking you have to pass me a pillow though because the pillow here
but this is actually super comfy it’s like an inflatable mattress but it’s
even nicer cuz I’m all nice and safe inside our box board when we get up in
the morning we got some really cool plans to share with you guys as well as
having some breakfast in the kitchen as of right now I guess I’ll see you guys
in the morning good morning guys oh I guess I’m the first one up so I’m
gonna make some breakfast and get Jakob so for breakfast we have some honeycomb
cereal and now it’s time to wake up Jake Jake
are you awake come on Jake I made you breakfast oh this is Oh sweetie
my eyes are so awesome give me give me a second but what’s up guys another lit
day in a box for it waking up to this thanks for making breakfast do this
awesome I mean it’s a little too early for soda
but really do you wanna use our awesome sewing machine but guys today I think we
are gonna be working on a brand new addition to this place I want to add on
some really cool stuff including a tunnel that goes to the pool imagine an
entire room filled with Nerf blasters that we can easily access and they may
be like a nerf blaster range that we can test fire in there’s a ton of really
cool stuff we want to add on to this billionaire box force so guys don’t
forget to leave a comment down below as to what you think we should add on next
thanks so much for watching it we’ll see you guys next time

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