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World’s Smallest Stove Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium

World’s Smallest Stove Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium

mmm so the ion Micro Titanium still weighs in at 45 grams or 1.5 ounces it’s very lightweight it’s very small you have the burner on the top that pumps out 8900 BTUs then you have the canister screw on the bottom and then a valve on the side to increase or decrease the amount of fuel the wings on the side just simply extend and then you can set a pot on the top and adjust your flame with the adjustment nozzle on the side you can see how tiny it is when compared to a standard sized bic lighter now you guys know I’m a big fan of bio stoves and I use wood-burning stoves most of the time when I’m out in the woods but sometimes if I just want to boil up a quick 2 cups of water for a mountain house or a backpackers pantry meal or any dehydrated meal a gas stove works very fast and it’s much quicker than preparing a wood fire and boiling your water that way or if you’re in an area where you can’t start a fire or maybe you’re you know a mountain climber and you’re up on a rock face and there’s no materials to build you know a wood fire for a bio stove canister stoves are the way to go again generally I don’t use anything but a bio stove I don’t carry gas canisters with me but for a survival pack or a bug-out bag in an urban environment they’re the perfect way to go so they also sent along one of their space saver mugs now this will nest with a clean canteen or a Nalgene and it’s perfect for using with a canister stove for dehydrated meals it takes 24 ounces to the top and usually you just need 2 cups for a dehydrated meal so 16 ounces and you’re ready to go the space saver mug also comes with a nice little stuff sack and the stove itself comes with its own little stuff sack as well so we just take the stove and then you can screw it on to any camping gas canister make sure that the nozzle is turned all the way off and also make sure your canister and stove is on a level surface or your pot will stay stable on the top so one nice thing about this space saver mugs that has the graduation marks on the inside very handy when using a pot of this size so most dehydrated meals take two cups or 16 ounces so I’m just going to fill this up with 16 ounces of water right there now one thing that this space saver mug doesn’t come with is a top and obviously water is going to boil a whole lot faster with a top but I’m going to boil without the top just to see how long it takes turn on the nozzle here very easy to light and we’ll crank it all the way up and see how long it takes so we’re just about at a rolling boil here and it took about six minutes a little over six minutes now I know I could cut that time in half if it had a lid but still not bad for a tiny little stove all right so let’s do this again and this time I’m going to do it inside where there’s no wind and I’m going to use a lid now I don’t recommend anyone try this inside but we’re going to go ahead and do so just so I can see the quickest that it could boil two cups of water three minute mark and we’re at a rolling boil so so three minutes about half the time and ideal conditions so I hope you guys enjoyed that review today of the Ali Camp titanium ion micro stove it’s awesome little stove it’s going in my bug-out bag it’s perfect for backpackers hikers campers you know perfect for survival kits bug-out bags it might even fit in an Altoids tin I’m not sure but it’s definitely tiny definitely very lightweight and definitely works very very well the valve is very good on it I’ve used some other cheap you know little pocket stoves like that and the valve ends up not working very good it’s hard to adjust this the pot supports are very Wiggly and things like that it’s a solid piece of titanium was with stainless steel pot supports and it’s so it’s very rugged and it seems to hold up really well the multiple times that I’ve used it the anodized space saver mug from Ali campus cool as well I like the graduation marks in there they’re very handy to have when boiling water for dehydrated meals the gas canister slips right inside and then you can flip the little stove in its little stuff sack and put that right inside as well and it makes a cool portable little cook set so guys give this video a big thumbs up make sure you leave me some comments below I do try to answer all the comments that come in on my videos and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel make sure you do for more videos what’s up guys ben from living survival and this is the ollie camp it’s got a little valve here that you just and a valve on the side to increase or decrease sometimes you just want to boil up some water very quickly the I am again generally I don’t

100 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Stove Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium”

  1. Quit watching when i saw you boil the water with the gold grippers still clamped to the side. Cool stove thingy though.

  2. Might be time for me to upgrade from the MSR pocket rocket. Just found your channel. Subbed obviously great content!

  3. what i learned from camping stoves is that you should not bring a burner that is too small, a bit of wind and cold weather and you will sit for a very long time looking at that water before it boils.

  4. I was out hunting last fall….bow season…5 days in a 7 day hunt….some hillbilly started shooting. I went to camp and got the whiskey out.

  5. Looks quite unsteady… as for the heating the cup of water with the handle next to the body..once the water boils, how do you handle the hot cup? Let the boiling water cool? How long before the super heated stove supports cool enough so you can touch them and pack it away in its little bag? Café… now there's the answer…

  6. sir very nice and wander full video, sir can u tell me where i can find this stove in New delhi India. because i live in new delh India. sir can u tell me because i have Royal Enfild bike, and i go every month in any woods in India.
    so i need this tell me sir.
    god bless u sir.

    Richard james

  7. Gas…hmm wood burns free its almost everywhere and if it aint hexamine….because I burn wood in the hexi stove..1 bit of kit 2 fuel sources minimum

  8. Hey Living Survival could you do a update now it's been a while and possibly do a side by side comparison with the bsr 3000t or even a lixada stove looks to be same for less than half price.. keep up the excellent videos and content by the way I love watching your reviews your very solid and informative with no bs.. btw these stoves are ideal for freezing temps.

  9. Sir I am from India and we dont get a chance to go out in the woods as people do in the west . There are some things we miss in India . Amazing video .

  10. Love the out takes! Dont let the drive by shootings distract you though, thats a feature of american life

  11. Light weight fine. Now find a way to reduce the weight of that can of gas it needs, that is where the backpacking weight is.

  12. Do you ever worry about the flame being too close to the gas canister? I use butane cylinders with a hose leading to the stove surface but they weigh that much more.

  13. Great kit.
    But the test was unfair. Everyone knows that water boils more quickly with the lid on your cup than when it's off.

    Just saying.

  14. The BSR 3000T version of this stove weighs 25g, this one has a lot less titanium then the BSR 3000T, I have something very similar to this one and it weighs 48g.

  15. Think of all the useful and more sustainable things you could carry of the same size and weight…

    You dont need a fucking one-time-use stove.

  16. a great video as I hope some day to winter Camp close to Montreal Quebec and I just ordered a "cheap" packer's stove from eBay which is taking 1-1/2 Months to get here, but next time it'll be Amazon as their del. is 2 days. this great little stove is only $39. I'm not sure if that is across the board or US prices and ours here would be around $70. I suspect. I am partial to Naphtha gas stoves as I know to the drop how much fuel I'll always have AND I can fill up all bottles along with a 5 liter can of this fuel. but for convenience and size, this one you just showed is amazing!!

  17. I have watched many videos on canister stoves in winter not functioning well and no wind breaker is recommended due to heating up those cans and could explode, but if those canisters need warming up couldn't it be possible to have that screen close enough to provide warmth to that canister so it works as it should in minus conditions???

  18. Please tell me that people don't actually take life saving survival advice from the guy who just lit a coleman stove inside his house potentially killing himself and anyone else in the house with CO poisoning?!?

  19. I have a knockoff of whichever stove is very similar to yours BSR3000T or Fire Maple Hornet or this one but all have great looking cooking reviews and flames. I just can't wait for mine to test out as I bought the 3 legged screwgate adapter along with a knockoff of the LPG adapter

  20. I got the BRS and feel guilty . The Olicamp is obviously better quality and maybe I'll get one. That shooter must of been having trouble sighting in his scope .

  21. Fogareiro nota dez.
    Eu ouvi disparos parece aqui na minha cidade Rio de Janeiro.
    A coisa aqui é crítica são traficantes trocando tiros com a polícia a vezes até todos os dias, isso é triste! Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil

  22. been using micro gas stoves and lanterns since day one, great for one person, they fit inside my small pan set, in the UK we have less opportunity for open fires, were not allowed to have them unless on private land, (of course they're are exceptions to the rule) strict gun laws too,   all adds up to less murders and wild fires ! nice and quiet lol

  23. Hey, I was wondering if I could use part of your video for an Ad. Of course, I would source you at the end of the video. Let me know 🙂

  24. Nice item. One of the biggest issues I have with portable stoves is their lack of finite adjustment. In other words can this stove be turned down for a steady simmer?

  25. That wasn't invented by some black person from communist South African was it was that invented by a white human band. Great invention.

  26. whenn conducting these tests it is imperative that you start with a new can each time because as the can becomes empty, it outputs less fuel. The can should also be the same temperature because as the can empties it becomes cold and the colder the gas can the less it outputs. you should conduct these tests again with this in mind for more accurate results.

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