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Would their heart change after the talk? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.08]

Would their heart change after the talk? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.08]

(It’s time to meet their partners of fate) It’s the Ladder of Fate. You can now go on a date with the person you like one on one. This is fate. I see someone has a different hairstyle. Wait. Is that a ponytail? (She looks different from the opening) ♪ Hee, look at me ♪ – Be quiet. / – Fine. (Will he have figured it out?) – What’s that? / – It’s a ponytail. (Will she be able to find love?) There are the names of the males at the bottom. Right. Yebin can go first. (The ladies will choose their numbers) – I’ll choose number 3. / – Number 3. It’s Yebin. Seunghye? – I’ll choose number 1. / – Number 1. Seunghye chose number one. Seulki chose number two. I’ll choose number four. You wrote her name wrong. (Seunghye, Seulki, Yebin, Hee) We’ll start with Seunghye. I know who she wants. I’d like to meet the fourth man. Hoyeong looked very gentle. So I decided to choose number four. Here we go. (Nervous) It’s number one. Who’s going on a date with Seunghye? With Seunghye? (Please) It’s Dentist Wu Seungseok. (They’re trying to keep a straight face) (Congratulations) – It’s Seulki’s turn. / – Yes. Sing it! (Where will her fate lead to?) Is she being matched to number two? How did it go this way? – What? / – Seriously? I was attracted to Hoyeong. I was impressed by him during the opening. (Will she be able to go on a date with him?) (What’s the result?) It’s Park Hoyeong. (Seulki and Hoyeong are going on a date) (She feels bitter) Now it’s Yebin’s turn. What’s wrong with your hair? It’s nothing. – Are you untying it? / – I just feel cold. (Laughing) I feel cold. (Will he have figured out from Hee’s behaviors?) Would you like to tie your hair? (She’s hilarious) Here goes Yebin. (Curious, expectant) These are the same numbers they chose. We’ll reveal both at the same time. – Yebin and Hee. / – Okay. We’ll reveal both at once. – In 1, 2, 3. / – In 1, 2, 3. (Which of the men will be going) (On a date with the ladies?) – Three! / – Three! (100 Jeong Juyeong, Stockbroker Andrew Mun) Yebin will go on a date with 100 Jeong Juyeong. (Yebin and 100 Jeong Juyeong are going on a date) Hee will go on a date with Stockbroker Andrew Mun. (Hee and Andrew Mun are going on a date) (That’s interesting) Go enjoy your dates! Go ahead. (The one-to-one date begins) Which jelly would you like? I want the cherry flavor. (He’s being gentle and opens the lid for her) – Here it is. / – Thank you. I’m going to eat this one. Isn’t he attractive? We’ll listen to it a bit more. (He failed to persuade them) What type of women do you like? When I ask someone to go on a trip, I’d like her to say yes without hesitation and not make excuses. I always have my luggage packed. You’re prepared. Because I could go on a trip anytime soon. When you come back from a trip… – The world looks different. / – It looks different. That’s exactly right. (We’re on the same page) Juyeong is actually… – The best match with Yebin. / – Right. His shoulders are broad and he’s tall. (Right. They’re a good match) – I exercise alone. / – I see. Do you also wrestle? – Or judo? / – Wrestling and judo? Why judo? – It’s because of your ears. / – My ears? (Are my ears strange?) It’s not because of judo. (She stares at him) (She puts her hand on his ears) Right. Because they look like this. (She touches his ear) (He feels shy and embarrassed) I see. I’ll try judo. I should go learn judo. – See? / – Isn’t he cute? (Makes my heart flutter) I wish we ate pork hocks together a while ago. Not many liked pork hocks. I was with a guy. I thought I was going to be eating alone, but Andrew Mun chose it too. Why would she talk about Andrew in front of him? It’s a completely different guy. (She’s talking about Andrew Mun when she’s with me) – How was… / – So I ate with him fortunately. The conversation with him? – He was thoughtful. / – Yes. He was very considerate, so I think he’ll be very attentive to his girlfriend. – I think he will. / – What about me? (I’d like to know what you think) (What should I say?) (How will she answer?) I think you’ll be very manly, and you’ll be able to protect your own family. A man has to protect his family. May I ask… I think it’s a bit late, but how old are you? I was born in 1983. – The Year of the Pig? / – Yes. You’re older than me? – I am. / – No way. Seriously? (Flustered) (What’s that reaction?) What kind of skincare are you getting? You look so young. You’re beautiful. (You’re beautiful) You’re beautiful. Thank you. You’re a beautiful woman. I can’t even speak well since you’re so beautiful. (He tells her how he feels honestly) I don’t really get nervous. I usually speak well about what I want to. And I can’t right now. It’s for the first time. The female celebrities were talking about this before. – We’re doing this sincerely. / – Yes. So it feels new. Are you attracted to anyone? – I am. / – I see. How about you? – Me too. / – You do. I’m curious, but I won’t ask. Although I’m curious… Right. I can’t tell you now. (They’re curious about each other) We really clicked well. I’m surprised. I think I’m becoming fond of her. I was excited. I felt he was quite a charming guy. After the date, I changed my mind. (Will these two become a couple?) This is awkward. – To be honest… / – Yes. – I… / – Yes. (Why is she hesitating?) What’s wrong? I looked at your card. (He’s genuinely surprised) – Really? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – No. – So… / – Yes. I felt good to hear that she chose me. I wanted to get to know her. – I wanted to ask you something… / – Yes. After I saw your card. – I know where Yangpyeong is… / – Yes. But is it like a meaningful place for you? It’s not that it’s meaningful. – With a close friend of mine… / – Yes. (A close friend?) – Not a girlfriend, a real friend. / – Yes. – A close friend? / – Was it really a friend? A close friend? Did he go on a date with his close friend? I went to Dumulmeori, and it felt really good. So I’ve been thinking it’d be great to drive there if I have a girlfriend in the future. – Yes. / – I see. I’d like to know what type of relationship you like. – When I’m in a relationship… / – Yes. With one person, I think I show… – A different image? / – Different side of me every day. And it makes it more interesting. You have a variety of charms. (You have a variety of charms) – Yes. / – You have a variety. I like making eye contact. I like looking into the person’s eyes. (At that moment) (Almost as if they promised) (They stare into each other’s eyes) (Startled) And you’re so good at making eye contact while talking. I feel a bit overwhelmed. You don’t lose. – I don’t lose? / – That’s not the right word. – That’s not it. / – Were we having a staring contest? When we were talking, I felt like I was becoming more relaxed. I think I felt comfortable with him. I used to think. that I don’t change my mind once I make a decision. But I think I’m starting to change my mind a bit. (What will happen to them at the end?) Are you younger than me? No, I’m a year older. I can’t tell what it is, but you look young. – Do I? / – Yes. I… (Finally, someone recognizes) – I think you’ll be popular. / – I’m not. What about me? Where do I stand today? – Today? / – I’m doomed. Won’t there be someone who likes your crazy energy? Did I look crazy? Is your blood type B? Me? My blood type is AB. We can give each other a transfusion when we’re in an accident. – Is your blood type AB? / – Yes. That’s awesome. The crazy recognizes the crazy. (My goodness) (They’re a match made in paradise) Really? (This man could) (Embrace all my craziness) I think those two could turn out well. Seunghye and the dentist. It’s really awkward. – Is it awkward? / – I feel… (Stockbroker Andrew Mun seems shy) (Nervous) Stockbroker Andrew Mun is the only one going on a date with the partner he wanted. Isn’t he? Have you been on blind dates before? – No, I’m… / – Yes. Very shy of strangers. – Really? / – I think it takes a long time… For me to open up to someone. But once I become friends, the friendship goes all the way. Some people are frustrated… – By me. / – Because you don’t open up easily. It’s the sincere ones who don’t open their hearts well. – Really? / – But once they open… (Curious) There could be a golden treasure within. I think it’s good that you take your time. What type of woman do you like? I think I’m getting more realistic as I’m in my 30s. You can’t have a perfect fit but if I’m going to live with someone for 80 years, I’d live with a best friend. (She empathizes) You’re right. (When he mentioned a best friend) (He actually meant) (What he saw in Hee’s card) Of course, we’ll have to love each other but it’d be better to be like friends. We’d make each other laugh. You have a bright character. I do. – If I had one strength… / – Yes. It’s that I don’t get stressed. I usually have a lot on my mind. I don’t like to talk about my hard time, and I pretend like I’m okay. I don’t even tell my friends my worries. I just deal with it myself. Somehow you’re consulting me. – If you had lived… / – Yes. Relying only on yourself for 30 years… (Yes?) (Curious) How about spending the rest of 70 years relying on me? (Rely on me for the rest of 70 years) (A sweet confession one can’t hear anywhere else) – Did I make you laugh? / – Yes. (He feels shy after his confession) Who did you choose? – Pardon? / – Who did you choose? She had a common interest. She likes playing tennis. Was it me? I don’t know. I can’t remember. I heard she likes playing tennis and hiking. – Really? / – Yes. – It’s interesting. / – Who is it? “Did he choose me?” That’s what I’ve been thinking. I talked to her face to face for the first time, and my heart was fluttering. I did tell her exactly how I felt about her, but I don’t know if she’ll reciprocate. (How will they turn out?)

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  1. I don’t really like these kind of dating shows cause they seem fake and scripted if you want a real dating show watch Terrance house on Netflix

  2. I want to know the update of choi hee and Andrew mun 😌. Did they make it to be together or not? Anyone knew???

  3. The third guy really like the father of rots triplets and sometimes look like Suho especially the way he pouted his lips when he speaks 😍😍😍

  4. kang ye bin had plastic surgery because her face look so weird but i still think she is hot what is wrong with me am i crazy or what?

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