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Would You Survive the French and Indian War?

Would You Survive the French and Indian War?

(gentle music) – Hi, my name is Ellana. And I was wondering if you were a soldier in the French and Indian
War, would you survive? – If you were a soldier in
the French and Indian War, would you survive? That’s a very difficult
question to answer, ’cause it really all depends on where you are in the conflict. It’s important to remember
that while we refer to it as the French and Indian War, we’re really only referring
to the North American conflict that took part in a
larger, global conflict that took place in Europe, the Caribbean, in the Philippines, in
India, all around the world. And it’s very difficult
to really nail down what the casualty numbers are for the time because we had varying
types of combatants. Here in North America alone
you had British Regulars, you had American Colonial Militia, you even had Colonial regiments who were regular soldiers. In fact George Washington was the colonel and commander in chief
of the Virginia Regiment, a permanent force for Virginia’s defense. And then of course you
also had the native tribes who were allied both with
the French and the British. So getting firm numbers is very difficult. But what we can do is look
at specific campaigns. General Washington, of course, took part in the Braddock Campaign to try and take Fort Duquesne
in modern day Pittsburgh. In that conflict the
British were surprised by the French and their native allies, and 2/3 of all the British
forces were casualties. General Washington, of course, famously was not a casualty in that conflict and helped make a name for himself leading an organized retreat
back out of that space. The French on the other side, the attackers in that conflict, only suffered about 20
casualties in total. We can look at the numbers
from major campaigns from the French and Indian War. And in 1759 there were an
estimate 50,000 combatants and there were about
11,300 casualties total. So what you’re seeing is
about 22 out of every 100 soldiers was a casualty,
meaning deaths or injury. But another big part of that
was illnesses and disease. That was a major part of
conflict in the 18th century. You get a lot of people
very close together, and often times the
hygiene was not very great. General Washington, as commander in chief of the Virginia Regiment was in charge of the safety of the Virginia frontier. And oftentimes you’re gonna see fewer deaths or casualties from
combat and more from illness. – [Announcer] Click the
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  1. We still have some bullet holes in some of our trees around Fort Wayne here in Northwest Indiana from the French & Indian War.

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