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WoW Classic | Night Elf Hunter | Server: Blaumeux (PvP) | Level 40 | Video 41 | Night Before Honor!

WoW Classic | Night Elf Hunter | Server: Blaumeux (PvP) | Level 40  | Video 41 | Night Before Honor!

welcome back to the stream we’re gonna
be continuing our adventure on our level 40 hunter tonight we did get our mounts
ice cream just a little bit earlier in the day kind of getting over to
Darnassus taking up our mount and all that fun stuff I went ahead and turned
in a quest as well so if you guys are brand new to this channel definitely hit
the subscribe button below like this video if you enjoy playing World of
Warcraft today we have officially completed the desolates area
I guess there’s one more quest way up there and I don’t care to do that it’s
some sort of a raid there’s no benefit to it let’s go ahead I can gently just
copy that and type it in the WoW head in to see if there is some sort of good
benefit to completing this quest at all so it goes the raid on both of these so
you have this one for the Alliance Oh raid we got stealing supplies which we
get some will be able to choose from one two three there so a throne explosive
then we can go to on gekkou which is nothing in there next one I’m just
checking out what as far as rewards we get it’s mainly just running back and
forth running back and forth and I want to see if it’s really worth it
at the very end settle and agility 14 strength and you’ll also receive place
in the margin for Horn and below huh I don’t know what this thing does comments huh okay must be some sort of a item and
then some rares come oh kill them until the bring keys okay
yeah it’s nothing too important from that quest chain and it just has you run
it around everywhere so I’m not going to be bothering with this one I think I’ll
go ahead and go from there okay so let’s see if there’s any who see if there’s
any majors in the area so I can go over to there’s absolutely no majors here in
this area so our plan when you go ahead and hearth back to the town I’m gonna go
ahead my hearth is right here in Dessalines it’s bright back over here
and Tiger on Nigel’s point and what we’re
going to do is fly I don’t have any quest on this side I don’t have any
quests in Kalimdor so I do need to make my way what’s this right here frost oil
okay I gotta go visit the auction house forgot to do that in ash Darnassus so I
do have a few quest over in iron forge so what I think I’m gonna do is I’m
going to fly either to ratchet or dustwallow let’s go ahead and if we go
here this takes us over to the wetlands and from the wetlands we could fly down
into Ironforge we have two quests to turn in there and then we can make our
way down into Oldman black I’m sorry Badlands but we don’t have a lot of
quests to complete here we have a few which are the murder lock dudes down in
this area I guess we have some tremor pearl daven that’s over in stranglethorn study of the element of rocks this takes
place down in the bottom here I don’t want to be engaged and to many pvp but
at the same time I kind of want to find broken tooth I’m kind of in the air as
to where I want to go right now I could also go down in the
stranglethorn these are a little 35 I have to collect some of the blood scalp
ears and do that area Oh water elementals see stranglethorn is just a
bloodbath I guess I should knock out stranglethorn the night before honor if
I hit H there’s no honor and yet so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go to
stranglethorn so I am going to I should turn in these quests into I’m gonna go
look for broken tooth I’m gonna go to I don’t have a plan as far as what I want
to do right now I know that if I don’t do stranglethorn now it will be a
complete blood on Thursday from then on from Thursday
on with honor activated it’s going to be a complete bloodbath but at the same
time there’s not a whole lot of quests that I can complete there it’ll be not
only tough to complete the quest because of contested area and ganking and just
level 60s I just love to kill you and you’re also other players that are also
level in an area so it may actually slow down my leveling process to bother with
stranglethorn what I could do is we’re going to I could go to Wetlands I could
just go I could just stop at Theramore take the boat over to the wetlands fly
down into Ironforge take the flight path over into lock mode on run down into the
badlands the badlands is – contestant I mean there’s a lot of level six easier
going to BRM but I could go ahead and spend this time looking for broken tooth I could spend a little bit of time
trying to get broken tooth – name level 40 so I’m three levels over him now I
don’t want to get too far away from his level so I can kind of scout this area
maybe grind on some of the the organ ogres and also the Dragons that are
found back in this area also kind of complete some of the quests that I do
have available I can pick up the study of elementals I can do this one down
here like it also eagle-eye and look for broken tooth if I
do see him and once I complete these two quests kind of scout around for the next
couple hours I’m going to spend two hours on tonight and then maybe kind of
spend some time down in the dust belch grotto kind of grinding on those ogres I
think they’re about level 42 or so so I can actually grind on them they
shouldn’t be too contested unless other level 40s are also going down there
because a bunch of level 60 don’t generally go down there they generally
go down and make their way over into the Syrian gorge and then into blocker
Mountain or they just fly over into the Thorian point so so I’m gonna go ahead
and hit my request off I’m gonna go ahead and request the stop over in
theramore I’m not gonna make it all the way to ratch it if I go to wretch I
don’t have any quest to turn in down there anyways to strangle boom
stranglethorn maybe I spelled that wrong let’s go look at spelling okay so there
are quite a few let’s ask you let’s ask a couple different level
ranges okay and also I have some time tonight I’m
gonna go ahead and see if I can find an Oldham group I’m level 40 so I don’t
think I’ll get accepted in anything but it’s worth just looking and trying so am
i looking for group oh that’s my old one I want this one okay here let’s see if we can get
something for old ah okay we’re going to be landing here tonight
okay the other guys are actually saying that string guitar is actually pretty
quiet right now it’s just such a fart run over there I can swamp to my mount yeah I need the boat there’s only one
boat here and it goes over to the wetlands man look at this rain going on
oh there’s the boat now it’s taking off this is where I need my 60 miles oh man
it started going nope take me with you well okay
I guess I can spend a little bit of time here and rearrange my bags now that I
have my mound it’s a non movable item so I’m gonna go
ahead and move it back next to my hearthstone and there we go we have a
little bit of time so I’m gonna go sell a couple items so let’s see level 39 said it’s pretty
bad but Danny level 39 other one so one said that’s really bad the other says
it’s okay how are you it was kind of like a mixed result there alderman curious kind of kind of wait for the
boat not too much just to do be nice if those
stuff we could kill near here but there’s not really too much so we did by
our mount in the last dream we did go with the striped night saver very nice
dark looking mount I don’t have a cat that’s going to be white or striped or
spotted my main cat up to level 60 will be broken tooth if I can get him I’d
like to get rid of this neurons and kind of get rid of that for now because I’m
not following that and that made the whole grain stop I thought that was the ship over there
for a second that’s just another ship no one we’ve been ship with anything on it you should be by I know you know where
we are over underwater right now I’ll track Alan would be kind of cool to go
look at that’s way over that way there should be some naggers are not
understand oh yeah there they are what were they school so they are high level
slick seas and there are some hydras as well you don’t see many of these mobs
actually in the games these hydras these stress has hydros everything here is an
elite I would really love to see this place get turned into a man I wonder if
those are hostile huh I would really like to see that place get turned into a
raid and say classic plus I went over a couple places I would like to see
unlocked in say Classic Plus if they went with not just Guren going into the
Burning Crusade I would love to see them do some sort of classic plus with
opening aLEC has Island so I’m sort of raised there I would like to see hide
you’ll get unlocked from the path within between winter spring what’s this place
called here felwood and moonglade there’s there’s a couple paths within
this path going between felwood and winter spring there’s a path that’s cut
off that would lead you into hideaway that should be unlocked in an upcoming X
you know classic Plus also let’s get a readout on a sheriff how about the
temple of our Quran that should be a raid another one is the underwater
there’s another entrance looking like the Dark Portal they actually get turned
into something as well there’s also a area right here with a bunch of fur
lobes I guess guarding it that should be
something else that would be really exciting to see these turn in the
engines or get turned in the raids also there are some areas down in the Blasted
Lands I mean we obviously know what the boss of lands are down here in the
tainted scar you know there should be something more to do with this
there’s also a couple areas you know they could bring this area up here into
the mix that’s actually going to be the night you know what’s it called blood
elves in the future but what about this other portion up here that was cutting
it could get included into the classic class over in the wetlands we can see
grant battle makes some sort of an appearance you know the red dragons also
there’s the knight the emerald dream entrances scattered all throughout the
the continents here a1 in ashes I’m a sheriff Oh ashenvale another and for all
US and other hinterlands another in dark Shire they’re they’re everywhere these
little Twilight groves you can find them in the hinterlands you had the Sarah
Dane over in the hinterlands you have them in the fro Alice we have this area
up here up top I don’t know it I haven’t discovered it so I don’t see it I would
like to see something also in the Iowa of the dread this place is really nice
really nice grind spot once your mid-40s you go out here horde never come out
over there there’s no quest for horde out there so they don’t ever bother that
way plus the Alliance have a really easy flight path that is going to be my safe
zone once I get into my once I get done with denardis that’s well primarily
beheading I don’t know why it wasn’t mounted in the first place but now I am
animatic okay we’re gonna go ahead and I need to
go down to Ironforge and turn a question it’s not too far away I have two quests
to turn in there I think they’ll probably unlock some oldham quest down
to iron forge I also need to pick up some Frost oil while I’m down there for
a quest and Badlands since I’m going to the badlands oh it’s good it gets you oh
yeah you do bring it into the badlands okay I need frost oil so I am going to
get some frost oil these are all complete where this goes
in the Ironforge this goes into South Shore I guess I could have flew up there
this is a quest for the Scarlet monastery I guess I could have turned
this one and it’s well I think we’re gonna have to go back up into the
Alltrack Mountains anyways once we get into oh that could actually be another
area after badlands but I want to check out the badlands tonight anyways see if
I can find a broken tooth over there that we really really really really
really nice for me because then I wouldn’t have it on like my mind as far
as having to find this dude I’m bringing my desk down right now that’s why it
sounds kind of funny my desk is just going down into the seat seated position kind of alternate throughout the night
seated stand very nice very nice okay we have a Rana in Ironforge and we need to go to the comments to buy
my Frost oil and then look turn in the quest I want to do the frost low real
quick so I don’t forget that’s the first thing I want to do because that’s what
happened last time I told myself I was gonna buy frost oil and I forgot to buy
it when I was in darnassus so now we are going to head over here make our Buy and
turn in these class replacement file ok frost oil frost oil see which one is the
cheapest here 87 percent 95 cents we’ll go ahead and turn this in look at
all these people over an iron forge nice populated city I did not know that iron
forge is actually more popular than I got how big I can buy this now I’m down
to one gold let’s hear what this sells for New York
snows keep that someone was selling it the Excel jumper
cables inside of world Chester day for two gold so I thought you know what I
feel like that’s a pretty good price a day’s worth it’s about two gold I’m not
I’m not mad over nine silver okay so I’m gonna go ahead and run this way I’m not
sure why I’m even bother running I have my mount and there we are okay so I’m
gonna see a replacement file file I’m not sure where this quest will take us
so we have 14 quests in our log two of them will get turned in here shortly
whoops it may not even be able to be done right
now have half the street right here he doesn’t have a question my CD wasted my
time the forlorn cave fisherman kind of an interesting spot
this must be like where the road was go for our other stuff looks kinda dark
shady just like rogues like it there’s get some mail now but nothing
that I would want 26 to 31 and you get some cloth with the agility yeah you’re
laughing I’m laughing too okay these sequester turned in they’re just single
class so they get turned in and I get some experience now we’re gonna go ahead
and get out of here what was our plan after here go to badlands so we’re gonna
go ahead and fly down to LACMA Don I’m gonna reset my hearth once I get in the
lock because I only sent my hearth over desolates because I knew I’d be hurting
back and forth a few times during the questing process so no cooldowns
everybody wants to fight but unless they have cooldowns they can’t fight for about 20 minutes into the stream I
have the details time stamps below in the description below if you guys want
to go ahead and pop in between exciting the events that take place today I kind
of forgot to do my whole spiel at the beginning but I’m gonna go ahead and go
through some of the equipment over on our flight path and if there’s anything
you’d like to take a look at a little bit deeper go ahead and pause the video
if you are kind of watching this right now but I did do a video earlier kind of
going over all my pieces of gear and kind of just basic stuff at level 40 how
is a level 40s look now I know I am probably not you know what every level
40 looks like I did not obviously upgrade a lot of my gear I’m wearing a
level 11 wrist I’m wearing a lot of junk that still back from level 20s any 11
he’s level wheel ovens my smallest piece there so my – Henry is a 7 agility 6
strength that I found but gives me 14 attack power so it’s a nice little ap
boost and then my weapon which is my main source of damage as my master
hunters rifle and this is going to last me all the way till 45 so that is that
all so let’s go ahead and cover talents I am lovely beast mastery I have 5 out
of 5 points into into improved aspect of the hawk I have 2 points into and revive
pet 3 points into thick hide 5 points into Unleashed Furies real quick and get
downsell see talent points again we have a quest that’s down here it looks like
I’m gonna go ahead and pick these up looks like they were for Oldman badlands
region good request it look like down here I
thought clack oh he doesn’t give it to me until 44 it looks like or until I
complete this quest okay we’re gonna do our units can units can we have broken
tooth Android units can okay let’s get out here well we have two points into
pathfinding giving us a 6% bonus to our cheetah giving us you know allowing it’s
kind of tight or move between mom’s a little faster 5 points 5 out of 5 into
ferocity we have one point into intimidation we expect out of beast
you’ll swiftness because beast you’ll swiftness doesn’t provide bonuses
actually just do this doesn’t provide bonuses to our pet inside caves inside
dungeons and I wanted my pet to always have that – ability anyways so I expect
out of this spending 1 gold prior to level 40 move two points in the spare
bond kind of give you me in that my pet that 2% passive regeneration every 10
seconds pretty nice it does you know it makes more sense in this focus my pet
never needs focus because of the way I trained him five points into frenzy
increase in his attack speed when he critically hits and we have one point
into beast your wrath so that completes our level 40 talents next level at level
41 we will be going into marksmanship I will be going 5 out of 5 points into
improved concussive shot because we are in a pvp server pvp is going to be
starting tomorrow I want to give myself the best possible chance of engaging and
surviving GABP events as you can see there are dead bodies here so I’m going
to go ahead and also spam here locally that I’m looking for a older group and can I go in down this way if we if
we do Brennan left a broken tooth the unit scan will alert us that it sees him
there’s only a few areas that broken tooth spawns its back here and no
nothing alerted right now and over here and nothing alerted right now so nothing
as far as broken tooth currently but broken tooth can spawn every six hours
plus one or two hours on top of that so it’s funny that this guy engaged from
such a far distance he’s flying over us so we’re gonna go ahead and turn in the
frost oil class spores just frost a little class turn in I thought it was in
badlands Frost oil what’s the quest coolant heads
prevail collect s prevail bring it to you Lots
will in the badlands lot will yeah right there it doesn’t tell me that it’s
completed on the tracker so this have to read sometimes okay so let’s go trim
this question so I have that spot available then we’re gonna make our way
pick up this quest since we’re gonna be fairly close and then we’ll pick up this
quest we’ll pick up this quest we’ll work on completing this one first I
think it’ll be easier what’s this pearl diving right yeah
pearl diving that’s over in stranglethorn and don’t care much for
that PvP tankage in badlands it was pretty hectic the other day when I was
here but doesn’t seem to be too bad at the
moment and see what the chat says okay not bad
so they said not bad that’s good it’s right here and there’s 46 over there
okay cool cool Damon okay then we’re gonna head over here
pick up the quest off the body fiery blaze enchantments I don’t think that
quest is even available for me yet let’s go look
oh it is available for me okay I don’t know what’s for this level 45 there’s someone up there I think it’s probably an alliance though and let’s take a quick look here talk to
this guy you got my attention acquire a block Draco the Dragons back here that’s
fine I was gonna go back there afterwards and kill some moms back so
that’s my last grind I’ll probably do the ogres and the the whelps letter back
there the whelps are mainly casters so they
die fairly quick but the quest I have some quests available here I still
unlock out some of the quests that I can do here there’s a body right there what I have to get my pet to level 40
and then I can train him with the next round right now I can’t train them with
Brown rank five because he’s not level forty and we’re gonna pick this quest
off the sky and then we gotta kill these so let’s get this quest except so I think every 10 minutes or so boy can’t move anywhere
rise up before t1 he’s behind me I don’t know if he was gonna try and
engage me or not looks like he was considering it yes lounger let’s see three out of 12
nice nice and we have a body over there as well and that’s pretty much just kind of
doing this this question a bit seen if we can I don’t know if we’ll get level
41 tonight I have about another hour and a half of gameplay took us a little bit
to kind of decide what we wanted to do and actually put the plan in action doesn’t seem too bad right now I’m gonna
go ahead and kind of conserve my mana so I’m not going to be doing excessive
looks like the warrior avoided by going around okie-doke
I think on mine I think it’s the same class on horde and Alliance I think I
thought we had to kill the casters on horde side but it may have been this
Murdoch dude there you go little bunny take a nap drink some water hmm this guy’s paying a hundred gold for
hose the hand of justice that’s a pretty good so eventually you want to kind of
make our way in sign and look for them BAM
over there it’s right back there so what kind of just kill our way to the back
there we’re gonna go all out with our
cooldowns here mm-hmm I have to come up with a better
pet attack in the future actually I think I still use this button Oh cuz I
made that in tore it over wrote Mikey buying that I set pets pet attack by
combat I’m trying to come up with a better
macro one that if he’s in combat obviously I can hit this and it’ll make
him retreat but what if I want him to re-engage then what I guess I could just
hit one and we’ll kind of set my pet back in but I don’t want to you do that
I just have to kind of think of a better solution solution yeah I ran into that
mo let’s switch to our better mo yeah we were just using the rest of our last
ammo and then we have this knife level 40 mo I think we’ll go ahead oh this
guy’s right there he kind of Pat’s around now did not know that we’ll get
him when he kind of retreats back into the cave area maybe not what if you pull with them oh you look
like a pretty good distance away it’s done trying to decide how I want a
macro beast you’re on I want to have it to where if it’s like a cast sequence
where I hit it I hit my button once that’s a caster I’m pretty sure will
come and attack this should we count I need to get them the hover I don’t see a totem there okay and we need to get one more of the
regular guys take care it you were picked and selected to be the final it
goes into intimidation so we wanted to click it twice again there’s also one
where if you have aspect of the hawk on you’ll swamp to monkey if you have
monkey on you’ll swap the hawk I kind of have to play around with different
macros too and keep eyeing my swapping up aspects because it’s going to be very
important when I start actually a PPP and quite a bit more can’t chain does yeah what are you inviting me for I
don’t need you I don’t need your help man I’m good let’s see let’s see let’s see so this quest gets
turned in where I completed this quest Murdoch report to the prospect and Mokpo
Don oh we have to go this is the quest for here
oh we he’d send us to find his brother we found his brother the corpse here now
we have to go turn it in let’s do a quick look for broken – normally he
would spawn right here do we set it here ok we can do this racer binding quest
let’s go do that and we just kind of follow the the area down here they can
the rock area huh I’m not only hunter here who was 37
up high put 70 well either way honor does honor go alive at 12 or restart happens I mean it’s as a 7:00
in the morning and that’s when it won’t happen
okeydoke okay Duke here’s why I’m pretty excited I’m going to get it bad here and
then wake up and be able to go the word come back home and enjoy my night of
death death did honor both for myself and others looking for one more tank DPS
Scarlet monastery hmm let’s see we’re heading that direction
ooh we can actually get a wolf here that has what do they have actually we got
rid of our beasts floor we have here 40 up there mm-hmm still an important skill has – furious
how how furious how that’s what the one I was looking for something that has
bite rank 6 I think I can get that now at feralas or dustwallow marsh one of
those places this guy pretty can’t go afk he’s a rogue and he goes
afk ways instead of funny I thought okay they are immune this quest may be too
hard for me to do fast it may not make sense for me we’ll see how this kind of goes kind of
forget what level they were and it actually looks like maybe
somebody else shows up here it’s done let’s see there’s an ST group
that’s for me myself if I’d like to have liked it I don’t like kind of like pops
specific lettering or freight phrases out so say you set the phrase they say
older or SM then you’ll see it in like bright color because I don’t always read
yeah see there’s a party down there I don’t always read the chat 175 I don’t
think we train like these things are 43 this is kind of where it was going to
probably crying a little bit later but the ER OH 42 41 this is actually a
really nice area inside this cave well have a killing site green machine out of
this warrior yeah it’s level this warrior was level
40 and he killed me in strangled horn seemed like that place is pretty
contested right now for with horde badlands kind of a bad area man see this
is killing my and we haven’t picked up anything either
we actually need for this quest well hang out here for now at 15 minutes on
the timer we’ll go ahead and check for broken tooth again can use the F at 1:45 my pets gonna die hmm thinking might make some more sense to
kind of mount up and get out of here well there’s a thing that can pick up
there brain death up is up here shortly and
then I’m gonna run back if I could pull a girl I’ll feign death bellerose my pet how many of those do we have left – hmm not sure what I want to do if I want to
continue I think he just a GERD that that’s what he kind of killed it he’s on
over there are you still over here I resisted are you still down there we need a few more of these
I think I’ll ever go to handle that hinterlands he doesn’t want to engage me tonight
because he has I was priest with him hmm my pets can I die here in a second you
go okay cool I wasn’t sure what to expect
from the warrior so I don’t want to blow my cooldowns I kind of just got a little
bit flustered I guess so I was killing him mom I don’t want to die let’s try to
get out of it then he didn’t actually end up attacking me so this is the only
place to get these things oh I got in the balloon here man there drop rate is
pretty low oh great he’s here too I’m getting this quite a ways I don’t know what element or element or
what it in only auctions for like two gold so it’s not really worth trying to
warm it I haven’t been dropped the other day it was it really anything here I
guess what we could do is do a find and just do this greater rock then there’s
nothing here that’s alive but actually now this is killing our
experience Jesus if it needs more tanks backs let’s see here every group out there looks for looking
for a tank i fairly should be responding leads ones
respond back here and i killed those up for this one over here I’m hitting from Fatah he’s saying out
of range so looks like there’s some sort of a
distance that I can’t send my pet to attack looking for more pain 15 gold for
a tank for school oh it just doesn’t make sense to do a lot of tankage I mean
15 goals for an hour and a dungeon you don’t need unless you’re looking for a
loop you existed so I went ahead and just be
a stroll around I’m gonna go to beta period a second time
hopefully kind of get some MC going on now 11:30 at night on a Wednesday there
we go three out of five very nice let’s go ahead and bandage up my pet I don’t
like the lock in PvE there’s nothing to react to besides movie it’s been 15 minutes now I don’t have my be sure wrath up in five seconds
feign death is up here in one second let me go ahead and get some Pistons and
treat my Passover I can’t trap diggety diggety D 14
seconds I’m like 10 seconds really not much I can do here I try to put down a
trump I just don’t have enough mana when I finally had enough mana so I just have
to run and run with our ongoing stuff well I know there’s enough stuff up
there now to hopefully get my last two findings I just have to not be an idiot
and pull additional mobs it’s also been over 15 minutes so I really want to go
and those will scout for rom broken tooth here and okay Oh y’all I shall heal on my own yeah this one over there I can loot ten
minute right off the bat everyone’s pretty specking do pvp spec fine frost or fire with imp Nasik any
elemental earth there mmm I don’t know if I’m too close for this guy I’m gonna
go ahead and buy this here’s this twice my respect is expensive as home hey
we’re gonna be doing an Oldman at level 40 oh boy already in the zone to buy em hopefully
we can get to know yes oh really fill the team remove probably because I’m level 40 – it people would say oh you’re too low-level
but then you probably out the EPS in many ways and what the point at the
level is as long as it takes Holt’s aggro and you stay behind where you
won’t I grow crap you won’t have any issues we need one more of these
brazzers of the finding can’t really check that shot my job feel
a little bit better and let’s bring this guy back up here hope this guy drops our stuff kids
BAM diggity and there we go 5 out of 5 we are out
here let’s go ahead and refill our mana before we take off so if we do encounter
some death PvP huh we are ready look for healer three men arena spam arena spam
Oh irena beardy I was like you know ain’t
no arena out there just do an MC let me go there and say molten core
what else was dropping here staff of domination ins nyan crap bunch of junk okay let’s go let’s go trend this
Causton and we also got some stuff to sell oh
boy I don’t want you little bird a level 40
perhaps reach right now you don’t you have nothing my pets gonna die too my pets in combat not anymore no
comeback are you doing stay do your the humanoid 44 sky gray
okay still in here killing stuff you know the one little hung chair ain’t
another one I made yeah there’s a lot of cord over this way and this dude nobody more meat for what tell me in this pleased to meet you hey Bernie stone is better than cloth bring some
pattern bronze racers to Lucien and you get some of these enchanted ones okay oh just down here I got the best deals anywhere anywhere
see many guys have an accurate okay you’ve been over you would be pretty awesome if I saw yeah
he’s not here otherwise it would have already alerted a disturbance we’ll go back here so want to see what all those these guys
are I thought they were level of 40s like low level forties but maybe I was
wrong see I don’t know what else to do here in
badlands we kind of want to look for broken since that same time I don’t know anyone get in I think there’s elites back in this area
but we’ll see I think this upper area is fine the
lower area has the higher the boy beats yeah 43 so bad in there casters I don’t
like them why it’s releasing so much and that’s just
no offer like my pet to the care they don’t care
about my hopefully he gets a growling yeah didn’t it relist my pets taking a
pet takes a lot less damage than a deer oh nice with all of that thirty-six yeah these guys are fine to grind on and
there’s not a lot of stuff that goes back here if you’re a skinner again nice little
crane spot nice and chill get some crazed cells for junk level 41 anyone wanting to kill Gordon
ashenvale yeah their level 22 you trying to just it’s tough in those low levels
unless you know where to kind of go I don’t think I’m gonna be pretty much
safe though unless someone decides this night but
nobody watches my stream with fe2 you watch my stream out there let me know in
the comment section below hey I want your stream I need to find out how to
stream over to twitch I think that’d be a lot better there’s something up there
require sign up or what am i killing these for the Drake heart we can resell this like you getting
another ten minutes or so requires sign of the earth maybe that’s
a thing for the shaman I don’t know I’m here what if I just to kill
I don’t think broken tooth is use no my right here but I don’t think he’s you
know have to kill anything to have him okay I think this is what we’re gonna see the
human race where’s this me no this was Jesus nobody else is back here oh it’s level 16 nice see it’s kind of cool like random thing
out in the wild I won’t be able to kill these but they probably have a high
chance of dropping the item that I need but I am fine little ones
I think this that has more anyways so I’m going to stay on this side resistant mice turtles sea serpent hits
floor I think 48 er maybe it’s 22 minutes I don’t know does 210 damage over 15 seconds there’s
the dot 42 that’s it one more on the sign maybe I
was wrong I think Jesus would be stunned to try this method oh man I miss that so
much mithril thinking in the air to a place that just has a lot of iron which
was nice to look back and see which of the
zones had the most iron down and did another look for one more DPS I don’t
want a straight librarian so I can get my weapon my new gun what time beam and
also maybe a new Chu Han there not that I really need to combat much in two hand
but it will last me a little bit a little sixty penny provides thirty
attack power over my oppa tech power weapon yeah I wish I had skinny even lieutenant there’s someone candy no we’re just doing killing my stuff man
killing my grind dude you got a level up man get a level
yeah see there’s a lot more over here yeah once therefore flamers just gear
let’s go check for broken to you that would be really cool fee spawn what bye-bye okay let’s see there’s one 1/2 minute because we’re
gonna open up with the multi 41 brogue looking for up cf man 41 they
can do cf maybe it’s 42 I forgot what the water is but the experience here
isn’t great because we’re having to wait for moms go somewhere else then we’re
doing this question here please drop the black Drake heart feel like it’s kind of longing right now subject over level 43 I don’t have my
intimidation won’t actually get them so get it off good smell batch yes down to the count scolding Bob Oh Duke everything is down here that’s been throwing in counsel once it
gets like 75% you can’t cancel their cast because it’ll go low 75% I need to get closer can’t intimidate looking for DPS with herb and/or
enchanting for DM east jump runs so they are getting really specific for jump
runs I have considered getting to 60 getting my engineering and getting my
engineering on no mesh up to the point where you get all my trinkets enemy for
PvP for the next six seasons dropping it crease pecking engineering back up to 16
and then dropping mining and picking up and chanting because then I could do my
own dungeons I could disenchant everything we can doesn’t channel the
mats it makes a lot of profit that way I’ve been 15 minutes again and look for
broken teeth in three two one contact let’s go really
quickly were they broken now not Dean let me go look at discord see if anybody
posts it on discord here on the server here I am I feel like 43 60 is faster okay how far away are you let’s go ahead and open up with an
intimidate by the way for PvP for four days I’m farming ubers wolf fur those are my heel shoes Klein I grab
bucket while leveling and don’t have to go back at 60 with everyone else the
house will actually a leveling a little 37 pet would be slightly easier now it’s
a single layer knowing the respawn time behind me let’s see 4350 at this point it doesn’t make sense to
kind of grind I think I will need to move to another area I just really want
to kind of camp out broken tooth but just really hard without knowing when he
appeared last and then it’s not just when somebody attacked him it’s also
when he was killed by people like to kill him he went like the ultimate way I
don’t even see anything let’s see oh wait hmm let’s see here most Thursday it’s lady
isn’t it already a very short week kicking off now after midnight now I
think I’m going to go ahead and begin making my way level 40 stop right there give you
coward you have 22 points remaining then you damned if you can but you can’t and I can’t do any of that man
give the way yo growl rank 5 now I need to go for twofer Alice and get the new
bike bike drink a second it’s available now it’s 10 more damage
in this for that’s 50 through 58 I believe 25 Danny get bubble succeed quick so I can
get the charm where are you going man okay you’re that
guy go for it have some additional damage when I get
there we kept most things into the guild reading now we tip the truth I think all the COS
yourself setting to kill except for the warlock stuff yeah don’t drop a whole
lot of great stuff like the first couple guys trap something decent but now this
guy’s this just piles of tents over really not a good experience there you
wonder if there’s I guess I can go kill the ogres on the other side of there and
those gets wiped off some some really nice but I feel like it might be more
contested I don’t know why I ran by this one gates been almost 25 minutes I’m
gonna go ahead and do another Chuck man it’s cold over there
turn it around oh man that had me a little bit peeved oh no the thing with people boy it’s pretty pretty active here and
it is a regen because technically I’m using a skill hmm okay okay Oh what I want to do here which I
continue looking for this thing the black Drake’s heart all DPS Cathedral huit what can I get for you today one two three how are you do how do you
not have the fire man
why should I run a bullet this just get be George so dumb that this place isn’t
Saul the high level bullets once you reach like a certain point turn off our taunt okay I went trying to buy some am I
having a family for this place okay this could be was driving a Cheeto inch up some fish
and some chips why’d it clear not too bad not too bad
hmm now look for Jim lay about 4,200 mana what do you have well you have some
nice stuff man he’s like a twink tout – he’s got some nice gear I don’t know why
he got strength oh he really wants to pull we’re not
this isn’t a group where you just pull a bunch of willy-nilly DNA BAM we need the squad maybe dang it I need it’s not a bad experience this is really funny video where this
warrior just doesn’t stop pulling and the healer it’s like I need to drink I
need to drink but the warrior charges in anyway is regardless of the healer today
stay tuned to find out one DPS princess Mara
man I wish I just turned in the class over in South Shore now I’m pretty sure
the social request has me come in here where did you get Stanley some more after this actually took a hit you did it
we can summon everyone here me of our pets might just kid I’m sorry this for
me but generally I can do all them yeah this guy
I kept the dagger table I think the Salinger had a really
advanced attack speed but it’s not really a good weapon let’s go look
expect it’s a 2.8 ok not bad it’s actually better than my much better than
mine see I’m really loving cold right now
between oh my guys are we going inside because I was going oh my god there we go yeah well we clear the fun
at the Cathedral I don’t think intimidation people to
stop that one fat scatter it’s more consistent we’re gonna standard flops
Tom don’t play the same yeah oh he has enough 400 no no nope I got the intimidation like
the knock stop who wants that opens the words for us oh just gonna get them all well we
definitely think you’d pull them back though just kind of a waste of their basic deck
on arcane shot take it take maybe twice we do have some cheap mana let’s go should I marry that’s funny those guys like poor
hunters during that fight we were trying to get in range and he’s like yeah I
know I was watching the struggle for both the two hunters running back and
forth we’re doing the happy dance trying to get in range we curse
what’s the curse was a good now we’re seeing increased by you gotta see I like
the tank he kind of thanks can’t build a whole
lot of a girl I mean I know I do multi sir Leon to generally he does a couple
senators enough email maybe just have the ring rage rage required for it hmm I ran told earlier get on e for
experience infidels they must be purified and this
early phase really mundo them down until he died and then we’ll swap over to this
chick till she gets to you about 20 percent at your side believing Oh save ammo oh you need to see oh wait that’s
probably the valley man absolutely nothing
that sucked now I got some gold once he’s hurt some repairing get more
bullets then should I do one more of these maybe
we’ll do one more pretty good her thing aside unfortunate
all-around good police I didn’t court how long it takes us to
do this place but I felt like it was pretty quick you know get the auto Hertz because I’m
about 26 minutes from my hearth and it’s going to go to Auto her seen in 35 sex let’s see let’s see let’s see how many
more what do we feed him I know smackers pets we’re feeding them tiger meat I’d
like to see how many meats we have two-one-zero and now we can accept the
quiet and stuff that in so where is the flight path person over there what’s on your mind okay you alive no
earth avail it will kill you so you can run and get unstuck reset and get in okay so we’re gonna do one more of these
that’s pretty good experience I mean we went from about half we go out three
bars hmm never trust a horde I don’t even
think this place gives bullets wetlands bullets bender maybe it’s a general guy
and the wetlands what lands general the general supplies it’s bring home mineral
Harbor oh there is a gunsmith here Boonen dearth located in the Alliance
zone and the wetlands location wetlands well doesn’t tell me where the heck it
is in the map but I know he’s here so I could you tar that okay I’ll say
high-end bullets they ain’t getting water hazy look for rear D Irina spam to DPS I’m
gonna go see be doing some BRT spamming right now for that glide or chest piece there is the gunsmith is good+ cool yeah
that’s fine scoliosis yeah he’s right here one two
three four five six seven those are now their level my people so
that watch your back oh we need one more bullets and what we’re gonna do South
Shore gun dant need help safe or I’m different when they are in packs
solo they rarely attack one be one less lower you yeah how much more Tiger meat nine more they might be able to sell those 36 oh there’s a lot of bodies here body
body you even hit for a copyright strike first singing a song
what okay we need to find which is upstairs what Oh complete oh man they’re getting
killed now hey they’re greedy just came in the quest man give me the freaking
quest what can I readings oh yeah here we can for the Alliance we can meet the were easy not the 61 now
I don’t know if I want to come back here I mean it kind of makes sense it’s not
too far away they’re having issues with Ford right now oh there’s someone who so wheat who’s got all the emos let’s see if we can make it we don’t
have the turns yeah there’s nothing I could have done
there against the sexy rogue chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken
okay let’s reset this right now reset to Dido oh shoot kathas the left I did
I’m not gonna make it there we go these guys attack so fast the mayor
really nice physically a rogue I’m a scary one miss me there’s no like it without my useless
pretty much right oh that loot pretty much useless let’s
see fairway one two three four five six six bubbles
till 41 yeah yeah that would be nice
you’d notice a much faster attacking cat hopefully the clubs drop I’d like the
gloves take the gloves or rest I think I died before I can get my shot
off we don’t really get the hold back anymore that’s a resistor we it’s too bad the positive might does not
affect hunters here in classic that’s a pretty good arching crack 149
oh he’s getting a bunch of them take it is waste of my rapid-fire yeah we got more that’s pretty nice
until I’m spirit off him go get him little tooth level to your top you can
aim to hang it right down like pet names you can find us deep yes okay nice boots I was a queen to use New York in I’m
gonna go and get the multi but they didn’t come up fast enough and I knew I
need to get that final shot oh you got quite a bit no mana no intimidation yeah he isn’t missing a lot of his auto
shots though his auto shots make up 55% of his damage but then he’s not just I
don’t know if he’s not multi-and enough or what yeah I get more auto shots and
one bolt eyes could use
what’s the coffee still round but I think I’ll wait for the next three pack there we go so this next one should be a
pretty big pool drink the four ball and he charged
go ahead son get him into combat before I head feast your eyes okay my little 54:10 right Fareway yours my George the same way they must be purified perfect time to feed my pet combine these and closing the door I didn’t die okay okay that sounds cool though the doors
opening the door sounds the door sounds cool okay see if weapon so I stand like
right here oh no must be like right here and yep now I’m in-between the world
okay thank you let’s go Da’Ville oh we got our minds my kitty I just let’s see oh yeah I get the quest here
in the NEEMO scarlet just basically cold 2:34 that’s all it
is I got it because the Warriors I ran with
our car infidels they must be purified
I pulled TPS are that girl with the auto shop no sir so I’m not gonna be doing
too much more in now I’m gonna go ahead and get in position for the door so here
she goes get her a little serpent I really want
to try and see if my children at your side pendant of Messi or what is that – here
we meet some cold off yeah basically formed take it son on my site BAM think we went to South Shore okay
we’re good look at that we topped the meter a
second time and the hunter was asking me how am i beating him in dps it basically
came down to I think he just doesn’t target let’s see where’s the school oh maybe over here so she’s here
somewhere in the village maybe upstairs we get to preach the water target go upstairs oh shit my so long that should be over here she’s right here somewhere I just don’t
fear Oh Barry if they don’t want it what can I do for you okay we’re gonna go ahead and cut it out
tonight okay guys thank you all for tuning in if you guys did enjoy the
content definitely remember to subscribe looking for something join in every
night about 10:30 Pacific time we go live and play for about an hour to just
depending on what the schedule is and then we’re three bars low away from
level 41 I think we did fairly nice for the day but that is it thank you all for
tuning in I also next time have a great day

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