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X-H1: Kiko Arcas & Alberto Saiz x Wildlife | FUJIFILM

X-H1: Kiko Arcas & Alberto Saiz x Wildlife | FUJIFILM

My name is Kiko Arcas I’m a nature photographer. Being Galician, I feel a strong connection with the sea. It’s a landscape I love. The rhythm of the tides. The power of the waves on a stormy day. Shooting along the Galician coast in winter. For me it’s a perfect place
to try out the new Fujifilm X-H1. It’s a camera that gives you a feeling of safety, particularly in the ever-changing environments I move in. It combines robustness with lightness. Silent… 325 focus points let me position the subject anywhere in the frame. One of the things I liked most about this camera was the stabilizer that let me take shots at speeds of up to 1/15. For me the new Fujifilm X-H1 has everything a nature photographer could ask for. A great camera. My name’s Alberto Saiz. I’m a camera operator and nature documentary maker with the production company NaturaHD Films. I was lucky enough to test the new X-H1 and was very surprised about the improvements it includes. The video quality in 4K was fantastic. Shooting in F-LOG mode gives you a soft picture with a low contrast. Perfect for working in-depth color retouches. The option of filming in slow motion, up to 120 fps in full HD, means you can slow the action down by a factor of 4. This is a huge boon when filming wild animals. The sensor of the X-H1 has a 5-axis stabilizer which lets me shoot very stable scenes camera in hand and even make movements that imitate the use of a slider or steadicam. It includes an internal interval time function that’s really practical because you can do timelapse photography without having to add more accessories. In short, it’s a very comprehensive camera for filming nature. It’s become an essential part of our equipment. And we have no doubt you’re going to capture great times together.

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