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YMS: The Walking Dead Seasons 1&2 (Part 4)

YMS: The Walking Dead Seasons 1&2 (Part 4)

So, now we’re at Season 2, Episode 11, titled ‘Judge, Jury,
Executioner’. Or as I like to call it, ‘Carl is a Little Shit’. So at this point, the sheer stupidity of Rick’s decision
to bring back Randy is really starting to show, cuz now he’s just being tortured by Daryl anyway. He beats him into finally talking about his group, and
he basically says that they’re a bunch of violent rapists. [clip] Teenagers, you know? Really young, real cute. [YMS] How you think that would help
you in your situation, I don’t know . Now Daryl just tells the rest of the group that
he’s more dangerous than previously expected. [clip] …have heavy artillery and they ain’t looking to make friends. [YMS] You know, as much as I’d love to be bashing
the show for how stupid it is, and it is really stupid still, it is starting to get slightly better at
this point, at least in a sense of pacing. I mean, the first half of Season 2 was basically moving forward at a
Dragon Ball Z pace, but now it’s starting to make a bit more sense. That being said, pacing was only one
of many problems with the writing. So this is basically the episode where everyone
decides whether or not they should kill Randy, but this is also the episode where Carl suddenly gets an
abnormally huge amount of screen time out of nowhere, and since I still didn’t expect this to be a well-written show at this point, all I was thinking when I first watched this was “OK, what’s Carl
gonna do at the end of the episode? What’s he gonna fuck up now?” So, at first he sneaks into the barn where Randy’s being held
captive, even though Andrea and Shane are, like, right outside. Randy starts luring him in with promises to
take into his group if he helps him escape, and the dumb little shit just keeps walking closer towards him, not even saying anything, and further
reinforcing his character is a fucking prop. Child characters with no character can be a convenient writing
tool: you don’t have to justify fucking anything that they do. Like, if Carl left for fucking no reason, and then
crashed into a zombie and totalled the vehicle, and then got tricked into coming back to the
camp, yeah it would be really convenient, still, but it would sure make a hell of a lot more sense than
a fucking adult doing the same thing. Don’t you think? Speaking at the stupidest character on the show, where the
fuck are you? As in, why the fuck is nobody looking after Carl? Shane rightfully gets pissed at him, and tells him to find his
mother, but doesn’t care enough to actually walk him to Lori. [clip] Do me a favor, man. Go find your ma. [YMS] “Yeah, let’s just let him run off by
himself. I’m sure he won’t get into any mischief.” Carol finds him sitting next to Sophia’s grave, and says: [clip] – You know, we’ll see Sophia again in heaven someday.
– Heaven is just another lie, and if you believe it, you’re an idiot. [YMS] Is that a cowboy hat or a fedora? I mean it’s obvious
that they’re trying to beat you over the head with the whole “Oh no! Carl’s growing up without moral guidelines! His parents
are setting a bad example for him, and now he’s an ATHEIST!” and he’s acting more and more like a little shit every second. Like, Jesus Christ! Why did you have to cram this into one episode? Not allowing your character to change gradually
makes them all the more unbelievable. Sure, a traumatizing event like the barn incident
could snap characters into a different way of thinking, but if that was the case for Carl, he wasn’t
showing any of it until this very episode. If you want me to believe that he’s a real character, you should stop treating him like a prop whose
only purpose is to further the episode’s agenda. I mean, no matter what he’s doing, it’s never about him anyway. The fact that he’s changed into the Fedora’d Avenger
doesn’t mean anything to his character at all. The only reason he does anything on the show, is to
have an implication of what it means to Rick as a parent. He has solo scenes, but there never about him. “Look
at me, I’m a little shit, and no-one’s looking after me. The fact that I don’t have any positive role models is reflecting
poorly on Rick’s character, and especially if there’s implied danger.” Carl goes wandering out into the middle of the fucking swamp, and uses this as an opportunity to prove
to himself that he can take out a walker, and once again, no-one’s seriously thinking “Oh no! Carl’s gonna die.” Like, come on. You seriously think they’re
going to do that on The Walking Dead? Everyone who has died so far has had
‘expendable’ written all over them. So, especially considering that we know that there’s
no real danger, he’s now more of a prop than ever. Seriously, all I could think of when I was watching this for the first
time, was “Who the fuck is he gonna get killed trying to save him?” There’s no question that this is being
set up to fuck over someone else. There’s no fucking chance that Carl is gonna get bit
by a zombie, he’s just there to be a convenient idiot. “Oh no! It turns out that I shouldn’t
have been within arm’s reach of him.” Did you seriously fail that hard when you were at target practice? Man, this is so intense(!) I hope that he makes it out alive, cuz I’m
really seriously wondering if he’s going to make it out alive or not. OK, sweet. So you lost your gun, now. Damn,
he’s catching up to the adults real quick. So, while Carl’s being a little shit all day, Dale’s using the day as a last
opportunity to try and convince everyone in the group to let Randy live. It seems as though no matter who he talks to, everyone
decides that it would be too much of a risk to let him live, and despite Dale usually being the voice of reason, everyone
else is kinda right, or at least coincidentally right, even. Telling Carl he’ll take him back to his
group if he lets him escape is kinda sketch, so I can’t imagine he would exactly be an
asset if he were allowed to walk around. Thanks, Rick! At the end of the day, they have a meeting to try
and arrange some sort of a vote on the issue. – [clip] Just stop it. I’m sick of everybody arguing and fighting.
– [YMS] Carol, it’s like you can read my mind. I will say that I enjoyed the scene for what it was. Like, holy
crap! They’re actually having a group discussion on something? They didn’t just break off into groups of two to provide
biased opinion behind each others backs? Sweet! Dale eventually walks away frustrated,
unable to change anybody’s opinion, and at the end of the day, they get ready for Randy’s execution. [clip] Do it, Dad. Do it. [YMS] OK, to be fair, I’m not sure if there
was a proper way to deliver that line OK, I get it, so your character’s an atheist, and
now wants to watch people getting murdered, but is he seriously that conveniently stupid that he
doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to be there? Like, you just told him that the conversation of whether
or not he should be killed is too inappropriate for him, of course is gonna wanna watch it
anyway; he’s a kid, that’s not my point. My point is that even a kid would understand
to keep their fucking mouth shut. – [clip] Do it.
– [YMS] You had front row seats and he wasn’t even looking at you. I remember back when society collectively decided
that The Simpsons was too inappropriate for children, so when my parents were watching it and thought I was sleeping,
I’d be peaking through the crack in the door just to watch it. And despite being seven years old, not once did it cross my mind
that it would be a good idea to stand in their doorway and say. “Turn up the volume, Dad. Do it.” Is Carl’s mental disability just a part of
his character that goes unmentioned? Or is he just an excuse to have someone show up
and do stupid shit for the sake of a plot device? And if anybody tries to question it, just say “It’s a kid!
He’s not old enough to act like a real person, god!” So while the execution is supposed to be taking place, Dale walks through the open field, because I
guess he just doesn’t want to be around anybody. He stops to notice a disembowelled cow, when suddenly… Oh my fucking God. It’s a ninja zombie. Like, how the fuck do you
sneak up on someone like that in the middle of an open field? Why can’t it just be reasonable for once? The group hears his screaming, and comes to
his aid, but by this point, the zombie’s decided “Well, I-I guess if I can’t bite you, I’ll just use my super fingers.” OK, I’ve talked a lot about how conveniently inconsistent the strengths
and abilities of the zombies have been throughout the show, and if you really wanted to stretch it, you could probably say, “Well,
some zombies are a bit stronger and smarter than other ones.” but this is the same fucking zombie. OK, so he’s strong enough to fucking destroy a cow,
and then rip open dale’s rib cage like it was nothing, but he couldn’t have used his super fingers to pierce through Carl’s
leg earlier? And he wasn’t strong enough to not let him escape? “Well, yeah, obviously, because in that scene, Carl’s supposed
to get away, and in this scene, Dale’s supposed to die.” Well, there goes the only partially relatable character left. I’ll give you one thing, I didn’t really expect his
character to be killed off in the show quite yet. Like, we all know that Shane’s death is right around the corner, but I feel like there’s still so much they could have done with Dale’s
character, and maybe that added to the fact that I didn’t expect it, but get your tin foil hats ready, because I get the
impression that there was a bit more going on. When you compare the death of the character on
the television show to the death in the comic book, not only is the death on the show much more
stupid, but it’s also much earlier in the time line. Now, I get the Shane’s basically hit his expiry date at
the beginning of the season, but this is a huge gap. Dale’s character in the comic book doesn’t die until Issue 66, so the show should theoretically be in Series
11 if they wanted to maintain consistency. One part of the Sam Witwer interview
that really stuck out to me was this: [clip] Because there’s a lot of good
people who are now trapped, you know? Um, and people also who, who, you know, in this
job market, people don’t have jobs, right? And people who have been threatened, “Hey! If you
speak out, we can kill you, you’re in a zombie show.” [YMS] Hmmm… So this character just so happens to die an unreasonably
early death in the most ridiculous way possible, and this character just so happens to be played by the only actor
in the entire show that’s been in 100% of Frank Darabont’s films. Hmmm… Now remember, take this with a grain of salt,
because this is just my own unconfirmed speculation, but what it looks like to me as either
they wanted him out, or he wanted out. And look, he’s already making an appearance on
Frank’s new show. Anyway, that’s just my theory. So Dale slowly dies on the ground while they realize
that there’s no way that they can actually save him. They decide to end his suffering, and instead of saying
something that he might appreciate, you know, like “Thanks for everything. We’re sorry, and we love you”
sort of thing, this is what he gets to here before he dies: [clip] Sorry, brother. [YMS] Way to withhold a parting respect to the
person who would probably appreciate it most! Hey, Carl, what’s wrong? I thought you got off to
this shit. [many internet insults at the same time] Season 2, Episode 12 starts, and we get a nice
little opening segment about Dale’s death, but it’s kind of an odd choice of footage to put with the speech. [clip] The best way to honor him is to unbreak
it. Set aside our differences and pull together. [YMS] Like, your version of cooperating and banding
together is just killing a bunch of zombies together? [clip] We are honoring Dale, and we are
uniting as soldiers. It’s ugly, but it’s war. – From now on, we’re gonna do it his way. That is how we honor Dale.
– [YMS] Is this Dale’s way? So Carl goes up to Shane saying he has a confession. He starts by asking Shane not to tell his parents about it,
and then he gives him a gun saying where he got it from. – [clip] Took it from Daryl’s motorcycle.
– [YMS] [robotically] “Took it from Daryl’s motorcycle. System error.” So, wait. Did you go back and get the gun? Cuz
I thought you dropped it before, remember? So, did you get it before Dale died, and
just happened to avoid the zombie? I guess that even after Dale unexpected death, he’s still able
to run into the woods alone without his parents noticing. Anyway, he robotically laments Dale’s death, saying that if he
would have shot his zombie, then Dale would probably still be alive. [clip] I was gonna do it. Shoot it right in the head.
I-It got free, came after me, and… I ran away. – If i’d killed it, Dale would still be here.
– Carl, would you stop that, OK? [YMS] Shane reassures them that it’s not his fault, and tells him
that he should probably still keep the gun for protection anyway. [clip] – Carl, take it.
– I’m never touching another gun again. – It’s not even an option, Carl, OK.
– Just give it back to Daryl. [YMS] So why didn’t you just leave it in the forest? What
was the point in retrieving it so you could give it to Shane? You’d think that if you wanted for it to end up in Daryl’s
hands, you would just put it right back where you found it. And also, aren’t you upset at yourself for not using the gun? Like, you’re blaming someone’s death on the fact that you didn’t shoot
something, and now you’re saying “I’ll never touch another gun again.” “Well, of course it makes sense, because he’s a child, and that’s why.” Lori bugs Shane while he’s working for what
seems to be only for purposes of stirring shit up. – [clip] I don’t even know whose baby this is.
– [YMS] Why the fuck would you say that? Remember when that thought allowed him to get
obsessive of you, and you had to extinguish it by saying [clip] I’m sorry, but even if it’s yours, it’s not gonna be yours. It’s
never gonna be yours, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. [YMS] So seriously, what the fuck? She continues by reminiscing about just how loving and
caring Shane was when they thought Rick was dead. [clip] Even though things got… …confused between us, you were there for me. [YMS] Yeah, that’ll help. Did you not just have a talk with Rick about how dangerous he is, and how that danger is primarily fueled by his
misconceptions of your feelings towards him? Jesus Christ, Lori. What the fuck is your problem? [clip] For Lori, it’s really about defining family. There are days
when she thinks “We’re gonna make it and we’re gonna be okay.” and then there are days when she just
goes “I wish we’d all gone in the first wave.” [YMS] Tensions rise between Rick and Shane because Rick’s
decided that is now going to let Randy live out of respect for Dale. Shane give Rick the gun that Carl gave him, and says “Ha, you care too much about this fucking Randy,
you don’t even care about your own child.” which prompts Rick into actually sitting
down and having a talk with Carl. [clip] Hell, it’s about time. [YMS] He reassure him that Dale’s death is not his fault, and
as sort of a gesture implying ‘keep strong and I trust you’, he gives them back the gun. Absolutely nobody is bothered by the fact that
it’s Daryl’s gun. This is the same gun, right? Shane told you it was Daryl’s gun, why don’t you give him one of your
guns? Why don’t you find out who has a gun to spare to give to Carl? What if at some point he’s on his motorcycle killing zombies,
and he reaches for where the gun should be, and realizes, “Oh. Some little shit stole it. I guess I’m gonna die now.” “Just don’t think about it, it doesn’t fit the narrative. Don’t you hear this sad piano music? This is so inspirational.” Shane goes to the barn and really obviously wants to kill Randy. Later, T-Dog unlocks the barn and finds that Randy has escaped, delivering a line that can only ever be
written for the token black character. [clip] Oh, hell no! [YMS] So it turns out that Shane has
forced Randy deep into the forest. Shane tells him that he’s actually helping him escape, and
that he wants to ditch his current group and join Randy’s, but it turns out it was just a trick, cuz he breaks his neck instead. So, like, why didn’t you just break his
neck while he was still blindfolded? Like, if you were just gonna kill him five seconds
later, what was the point in tricking him first? Was it just so he could get that vague
idea of where the group was stationed? Cuz he got that information, like, right before he tricked him
into thinking that he was gonna help him escape. I don’t get it. He smashed his face on a tree to make
it look as though there was a struggle, and comes back just as the group is realizing that Randy is missing. – [clip] Little bastard just snuck up on me. Clocked me in the face.
– [YMS] So four of them go to hunt Randy down, and despite how ridiculously suspicious Shane’s
story is, Rick decide that they should split into groups. [clip] You and Glenn start heading up the
right flank. Me and Shane’ll take the left. [YMS] Daryl finds some of their tracks on the ground and starts
investigating with his flashlight, but oh no, there’s a zombie. OK, the one time you had ample opportunity to attack
before it became a real threat, and you fucking froze. Looks like Beth was right about you. So after they kill it, Daryl investigates the
body and notices something peculiar. – He’s got no bites.
– Yeah, none you can see. – No, I’m telling you he died from this.
– Say whaaa… [YMS] So eventually, Rick realizes that Shane
was planning on killing him this whole time. Kind of a sloppy plan. I mean, what would he
have done if you didn’t suggest that you split up? So Shane finally draws his gun on Rick, and
instead of taking his chance to shoot him, they’re gonna do that cliché, “Oh, I’m just gonna talk about it for a
while, and will explain why I did it, cuz I need that self-satisfaction, cuz I’m the villainous character and I-I need to explain
everything. We need to have this conversation. I’m gonna give you as much of an opportunity as possible to
figure out exactly how you’re gonna get the upper hand on me.” So Rick’s like, “You’re gonna have to kill me
unarmed, because I’m gonna put down my weapon, and you should put down your weapon too. Psych! I have a knife! Ha.” So after he kills him, we realize that Lori lost Carl, again… [clip] Carl follows Rick and Shane into the woods, to look for
Randall. He thinks he’ll get some kinda big award or something. [YMS] Like, I have no idea how long he’s actually been standing there, but it seems like he’s under the impression
that his father just murdered Shane. He raises his gun at his father, and then zombie Shane gets up. And great, another cliché that’s been done
to death. Rick’s all like, “Don’t shoot me!” And Carl’s all like, “Well, I actually wanna kill Shane, but I’m not gonna
tell you to get out of the way, or duck, or explain what I’m doing at all, I’m just gonna fucking shoot right past your fucking face.” [clip] He’s very disappointed, but
Carl shoots Shane to protect his dad. [YMS] And woah! It’s a headshot. Yay! Carl, despite fucking swaying
around his arm like an idiot, manages to kill Shane in just one shot. Yay! Totally reasonable, and not out of the ordinary,
or coincidental, or convenient at all. Yay! Let’s just take a moment to think about what would have
happened if he accidentally shot his dad in the fucking head. [clip] It’s not what it seems, please. [failure horns] [YMS] So now Rick is forced to face the horrible truth that
everybody turns into a zombie no matter how they die, as long as their head is still OK. But, uh oh! It turns out that that gunshot attracted a fucking
shit ton of zombies that were all within a mile’s radius. Oooooohhhh ssshhhhhiiiiiit! So now we’re finally on the last episode of Season 2. So, since they put the surprise hoard of zombies at the end of last
episode, they figure they might as well explain where they came from. It’s implied that they’re looking for new food, so they
kinda follow a helicopter, and go this way and that way. I wonder if this means that the cities are basically safe now. It then show them going into farmland, and cutting through
fields. Woah, shit! Clone zombies. What is this, EA Sports? I mean, it’s a cool trick, but ideally you’d have enough
money in your budget to just pay some extras instead. Can’t figure out who to blame for that one… It shows the zombies walking just wherever
the fuck, and suddenly… [gunshot] Aw, fuck! Carl starts inquiring about Shane’s death, and just
before Rick is about to answer, he is like, “Oh, fuck!” They run inside the barn, because they
apparently can’t make it to the house, and meanwhile at the house, Lori is just
realizing what a terrible parent she is. [clip] – I can’t find him anywhere.
– So maybe he snuck outside. What do I do? [YMS] Everybody pretty much realizes they’re
fucked, and that they have to get off the farm. And boy, do they probably feel stupid right now. You’ve
had how long to prepare for the zombie hordes? Like, you’ve definitely seen them move in huge groups before,
but you think that that would just wouldn’t happen ever again? I mean, I get that maybe you didn’t have time to reinforce the fence because of how long it took for Hershel to decide
that he was gonna keep you there permanently, but you’ve definitely had a lot of time to be making shit like Molotovs. And if I learned anything from playing
The Last of Us, fire gets shit done. [clip] Uh. Ahhhh! [YMS] so anywhere, Rick decides that the best course of
action is to lure some of them into the barn and light it on fire. See, this is where I’d be climbing up the ladder anyway, I don’t see why
you have to be so slow about it, I’m pretty sure they all already see you. You don’t think you’re cutting it a little close? And
also, why do you have to light it on fire right away? Why don’t you try and lure in as many as possible
first, and also, why the… who closed the door? The rest of them try and kill as many zombies as possible. Oh, sweet! Daryl doesn’t even give a fuck
that his gun was stolen, he’s got a spare. Also, it looks like Daryl’s got a lot better of an idea than you guys. Frigging, just stay in one spot while you
shoot, and drive if they come close to you. It’s a good thing everybody is such a good shot. [clip] It’s just us coming down and just
destroying zombies. Like, just plowing them. [YMS] Daryl notices the fire, and tells… Jimmy
to drive over there to help Rick escape. So he parks the RV in a place where Rick and Carl can jump on top
of it, but he didn’t lock the door, or something, so yeah, he’s fucked. So, was the plan for him to drive away with them on top or what? If it was, it’s a good thing that he died, because
otherwise he mighta run Rick and Carl over. I mean, they go down the ladder before they realize Jimmy’s dead. Why did all them unanimously decide that
it was a good idea to just park the RV there? I mean, what did that accomplish? It wouldn’t have made much
of a difference if you just walked over here and jumped off. I mean, the zombies on that of the fence
don’t even notice Rick until he starts shooting. I’m also going to assume that if you’d jump down right after the
fire started, there probably wouldn’t have been as many zombies. And if you were worried about injuring your legs from that
height, which would be pretty consistent with the show, then you could have just, hmm, I don’t know, pulled
up the fucking ladder before lighting it on fire. You didn’t think you need a way of getting down? Dude,
The Last of Us taught me so much about zombie survival. Hershel tears some shit up with his infinite ammo shotgun. [clip] Double kill. Triple kill. Killing spree. [YMS] Meanwhile, Lori tries to make a plan to
find Carl, but Carol convinces her that it’s too late. [clip] That’s my boy! You’re gonna have to trust. If we find him,
he’s gonna need his mother. We gotta go! [YMS] Yeah, easy for you to say, your kid’s dead. [internet insults] I love how whatever ad-libbing Carol was doing was apparently not
appropriate by the person that edited this. Like, they just muted her. And not only that, but they dubbed it with Lori’s heavy breathing. So it’s obviously intentional, but there wasn’t enough
forethought to just crop out Carol’s face right there? Maybe the audio in the scene is from Lori’s
perspective, and she just tunes people out. Seriously, what the fuck did she say? It
seems like this whole shot was dubbed. [clip] Get the others. [YMS] Were you guys forced to dub this scene
because the audio guy forgot to start recording? And then does nobody noticed that Carol was actually saying
something and that the dialogue wasn’t [deep breathing] The girls decide to ditch Hershel
because they can’t get through to him, and, oh no! Not Patricia! She’s such a vital
member of the cast! At least she died smiling. Wow, what a surprise. The person who died was someone
that didn’t really get much screen time. I wonder why? So, so far in the series, we’ve had one basically
unpredictable death of a main character, one death of a main character that
everybody could see from a mile away, one debatably expendable character, and absolutely
everybody else has been completely expendable. [clip] You know what? You take a risk with this, but if you
don’t kill characters, then it feels like a phony TV show. – “Oh, they’re not gonna really kill that person.”
– Yeah. You know what I mean? [YMS] That’s quite the ratio you’ve got going, and even with the
two main characters, they couldn’t have just gotten through one fucking death scene without doing something so completely
stupid that it ruined all chance for emotional relatability? Even with how cliché Shane’s speech was, I was
still hanging by a thread until this shit happen. Yep. That’s one way to ruin an important scene that
you’ve been building up to for two seasons. Thanks. You had two chances to make me care about
a character’s death and you fucked it up twice. Like seriously, who else am I supposed to care about? So Andrea’s been kicking some serious ass, getting
headshots without even aiming at their heads. [clip] Double kill. [YMS] She saves Caroline, then decides it’s a good idea to just
stand there, like she forgot about the zombie hoard behind her. Oh, I get it. It’s so that she can shoot
one real close, and then it falls on her, and then that’s a plot device so she get
separated from the group. Hahaha! Is Andrea done for? Nah, she’s just gonna keep running?
Carol done for? No, Daryl’s just gonna pick her up. It’s really difficult to make me feel as though the zombies are a
threat when the only people that ever die are fucking expendable. [clip] [slow motion] If you don’t kill
characters, then it feel like a phony TV show. “Oh, Jesus. You came just in time, Rick.” I’m actually really surprised
that’s the only zombie you had to kill coming up behind Hershel. I guess those other ones just didn’t notice him. It’s the power of Jesus! Dude, he totally turned on cheats. Fucking noob. You pleb. Come to think of it, it doesn’t make sense
where quite a few of the zombies are. [clip] There wasn’t enough for the threat still, because all zombies are
in front of her, so we added a couple CG zombies in the background. [YMS] So everybody starts driving away from the farm.
Sweet, not even a scratch. Just a little blood, that’ll wash off. Rick, Hershel, and this object make it back
to the highway where they lost Sophia. And ladies and gentlemen, may I present
to you, the performance of the year. [clip] W-W-W-Where’s Mom? You said
she’d be here. W-We gotta go back for her. [clip] It’s pretty embarrassing for Carol
that they muted her and kept this. And before anybody tells me that I’m picking on a 10
year old, just remember that not only is he 14 right now, but if he’s a decent actor, at this point he probably
agrees with me on his past performances. I’m sorry, but there’s just no nice way to put it, this scene is hilarious. [clip] – Carl.
– No. W-Why are we running? What are you doing? It’s, i-it’s Mom. – We need to get her, and not, not be safe a mile away
-Shh, shh, shh. We need to be quiet. [YMS] I think it’s safe to say that the script was
expecting a bit more from his performance. “Yeah, you need to be quiet, any walkers
within a three foot radius will find us.” To be fair, I would probably do a lot worse
at that age, and probably also currently, but I should hope that whoever’s
doing the casting would pick someone that would do a good enough job to not have
years worth of self cringe to look back on. I mean, who’s the idoit that’s to blame for th… Hershel tells Rick that he needs to get Carl
some place safe, and says that he’ll wait behind. Rick says “That’s fucking stupid”, but
Hershel says that he’s got nothing to lose. [clip] I’ve lost my farm, I’ve lost my wife, and maybe my daughters. [YMS] “Yeah, take that, Jimmy. I don’t even care about you.” It’s
funny because Jimmy was screaming Hershel’s name as he died. They’re about to leave when suddenly
the rest of the group comes at once. Rick runs out of fuel and tells the group to stop, and Daryl decide
that it’s as good a time of any to talk about how he found Randy, and since no one can explain why he became a zombie without
actually being bit, Rick is then forced to make a confession. [clip] We’re all infected. Jenner told me. Whatever it is, we all carry it. [YMS] So, if anybody living dies, as long as it’s not a head
injury, they’ll turn into a zombie. Yeah, that makes sense. So it’s not the bite that turns you into a zombie, it’s
death itself, and everybody is already infected? So the only reason you die from a zombie bite is because of E. coli? So getting zombie flesh in your open wound is the equivalent of
being bit, but T-Dog just didn’t die from it cuz he’s just so hardcore? Maybe he’s, like, more infected than everybody else, but not dead
yet. Maybe the infection is causing his cheeks to be so clean shaven. You know what? If there’s one thing that I really
absolutely respect The Walking Dead for, it’s how it has enough self restraint to not show a flashback. You have no idea how much of a pet peeve that
is to me. Seriously, that deserves some props. So now everyone’s kinda pissed at Rick for not sharing
this information with them earlier, and rightfully so. That really could’ve fucked someone over in the wrong situation. But in Rick’s defense, he might not have
known that when he was saying was true. I mean, logically, everybody in the group should be skeptical of that
claim, that is if anybody in the group remembers Season 2, Episode 1. You don’t look like you’ve suffered a head injury,
why are you dead? How come you’re not a zombie? You also don’t look like you’ve suffered a head injury,
why are you dead? How come you’re not a zombie? Their vehicles aren’t touching anybody else’s,
it doesn’t look like they crashed into anybody. So what, all of these cars on the same highway
just stopped incredibly fast for no reason, and their brains got scrambled on the insides from whiplash? [sigh] – Rick and Lori get some space from the group, and then Rick says:
– [clip] I killed Shane. [YMS] He explains to her very clearly in a way
that a fucking five year old could understand that Shane tried to kill him, and he was acting in self-defense. And this is how she reacts: [clip] Rick’s revelations: “We’re all infected”, and “I
killed Shane”. I don’t hear anything but “I killed Shane” – He didn’t want to do it, he felt bad about it.
– Shane forced that. It wasn’t like Rick lead him out there to kill Shane. It was total self defense. I don’t think anyone
would, would fault Rick for what he did. Lori looks at Rick, and thinks for the first maybe ever in her
life, “I have no idea who you are. And I don’t think I trust you.” [clip] Dude, you fucking told Rick that Shane
was dangerous and needed to be stopped, and to add insult to injury, it seems as though
you’re completely oblivious to the fact that this happened right after you reignited Shane’s fantasies. Also, you already knew that Shane died, so it’s not like that’s
why you’re upset. Someone loves getting angry at other people. So it’s almost night time, and Andrea’s been
running for the past probably twenty hours. It seems as though she’s done for when suddenly… Uh, what? You’re, like, standing completely motionless, implying
that that’s where you were standing when you killed the zombie. Let’s watch that again in slow motion. How long are your arms? Hey, sweet, she’s cut off the limbs of
some zombies and brought them along. Somebody’s played Halo 1. They camp for the night, but some people in the group
express concerns that their situation isn’t exactly safe. [clip] – We need to move, now.
– No-one is going anywhere. [YMS] Drama! [clip] I’m keeping this group together, alive. I killed
my best friend for you people for Christ’ sake! Carl feels a lot of betrayal, because he killed his best friend.
He’s just devastated, he had no idea. He thought Shane was bit. You tell ’em Rick, lay down the law, but Jesus Christ!
Don’t point a gun at people. I mean, could you imagine? “I’m keeping this group together. Alive. Oh shit! I’m sorry!” So anyway, Rick stops being Mr. Nice Guy, and tells
them that it’s not a fucking democracy anymore. Except he doesn’t say the F word, because despite
there being copious amounts of gore on the show, what would really hurt you is the word ‘fuck’. They end the season with a shot going over top of the trees, a
prison visibly lingering in the background, ever so subtly implying: “Hey guys. You should tune into next season,
because there won’t be on that fucking farm.” So in the end, yes, this show is massively overrated, but like I said,
there are some details to appreciate about it, even in Season 2. Despite it being absolutely fucking ridiculous. Hopefully this analysis has brought some context
as to why Season 2 just sucks so fucking much. But in the end, is Glen Mazzara really to blame? Like,
he obviously sucks and has no idea what he’s doing, and if he had a bit more of a spine, he would’ve
turned down AMC’s offer out of respect to Frank, but they probably just would’ve found someone else.
And who knows, it might have even been worse. [clip] I’ve been watching The Walking Dead for quite a while now,
and I have the same burning question I’m sure everyone has. Where are the fursuiters? [YMS] And not only that, but Frank Darabont with actually still
working on the show right when Season 2 started filming. It’s really unclear as to which parts were reshot after Frank got fired, but the most important thing to remember is that
Season 2 did not get written as Frank originally intended. Frank had a vision for the show, but what we got
was the result of an entirely new writing staff scrambling to make episodes that cater towards AMC’s budget cuts. Yes, Frank was the one who fired his
entire writing staff after Season 1, but you’re telling me that it’s just a huge coincidence that this
happened right before AMC went public about the budget cuts. And that to me is the heart of the issue. As much as Glen Mazzara is really easy to make fun
of because of his incompetence as a showrunner, he’s not the one to blame for the show going the direction that it did. And hopefully, this fiasco will become such public knowledge that anybody credible wanting to work with
AMC will decide to go with somebody else. Because honestly, these people deserve to go fucking bankrupt. They didn’t just damage the quality of a TV
show, they fucking stole someone’s baby. His crew was made up of the closest friends he had in the industry, and when he gets fired, it’s not like he can be like
“Hey guys, wanna come to my show instead?” By that point, everybody had already
signed their contract for the season. And just how imposing would Frank feel if he wound up asking
them to leave one of their most successful roles just for his sake? He just got left behind. It was very recently that Frank came out in an
interview, and flat out called them sociopaths, and honestly, I think that’s the best way to describe them. They don’t give a shit that Frank Darabont’s the sole
reason that anybody’s watching their network right now. They were put in a position of authority where they could
fuck him out everything, and they did it because they could. They get to fuck people over all day and all the while not even
revealing their names and faces, and just hiding behind a fucking logo. And at this type of shit that I think deserves to be in the public’s eye, because if there’s people out there that would stop supporting
AMC altogether if they found out how despicable they are, then I say let the people be informed,
and let the free market do its job. Because personally, their type of behavior
is not something I want to finance. Subtitles by JorWat

100 thoughts on “YMS: The Walking Dead Seasons 1&2 (Part 4)”

  1. You are funny enough without having to resort to edgy humour Adam, and you are intelligent enough to know why, so it just lessens my respect for you every time you dip to that level. I'm pretty sure you don't care but I felt it needed to be said, there's a lot of value to your work here so it's just a bit sad.

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    Just imagine… if they were a couple from the start… all the shit from Lori, gone.

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  10. the frank darabont fiasco is truly disgusting and the show suffered hugely because of it..if it was darabont project throughout we would have had one of the most authentic scary drama ridden suspenseful zombie projects ever.they underestimated this guy and gay anne hurd is the worst producer in tv movie history,she is so far from understanding her audience she waters down and weakens anything she touches with her terrible ideas

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  13. mean while in the comic Carl shot Shane in the head while he was still alive because Shane was on top of his dad trying to force a knife into his throat WHICH MAKES 100% MORE SENSE BY THE WAY. Just… season two was oof, i started into season 3 at the same time I was reading the comics and i couldn't anymore. The show really was/ in that bad.

    Also damn if i had seen these interviews before i would have stopped watching it way before i did

    P.S. yes i know i'm 6 years late but whatever

  14. Lori was and IS the most unenjoyable parts literally until the death of her character that couldn't have come too soon. Maybe if we had more backstory on Shane and Rick of them being on rocky friendship, but from what i remember of the comics they were pretty close and similarly in the show Shane saving Rick how many times? Shane also saving Rick's family…. how many times again? Just to simply be shat on endlessly throughout the series. So much for reliable friends cause yes in TWD ' booo Boooo' the humans are the scary ones Gasp … ffs why have things about zombies if it's just going to be a mafia turf drama every season?

  15. "Where are the fur suiters?"
    Me: They died before a zombie even faced of against them because their too weak.

  16. Does anybody else get the feeling that Lori is basically just a more emotional version of Cersei Lannister from GOT? Like seriously, she's at that level with all her tomfuckery.

  17. The actor Jeffery Demunn “played as Dale” lefted the show due to Frank Darabont being fired by amc.

  18. @10:09 Okay, I actually had to stop the video here, because the kid now makes absolutely no sense, at all. "If I had shot the zombie, Dale would still be alive." Okay, fine. That checks out. It's still in no way the kid's fault that Dale was apparently facing off again Weeping Angel Zombies or whatever, but fine.

    However, instead of asking "teach me how to shoot properly; I don't ever want something like this to happen again," which would help him grow, he instead says he doesn't want the gun and to keep it away from him? Do these writers not understand how this situation works? Your character says "I don't want to touch another gun again" when their actions with a gun have caused the death of someone they care about, or someone innocent, or if they feel like they've just become emotionally dead and realize that they're no longer thinking about what it means to kill someone with it.

    This kid is experiencing the opposite of that, which is "I screwed up and didn't know how to do this, so someone got killed. This is my fault, and I need to fix it." It's not that difficult to know which of these tropes you are doing, writers.

    … Also, hello to anyone else watching this video for the first time six years after it's publication >3>

  19. Laurie gets in a car crash, a goddamn 360 degree turn and there not a realist scratch on her. Whomst the fuck? She must have diamond plot armor

  20. Browning are single-shot, reloading 12 times is plausible, but he shoots with no reload.Machete's aren't heavy enough to cut a head off instantly, though.She'd have to hack at it.

  21. Imho lori and coral are an absolute shitshow. Each time they had screentime I was embarassed for THEM. Felt so cringe to watch basicly anything they say/do.

  22. I think I stopped watching in season 2. My parents still watch it, my mum is bored now with it and I think my dad is losing interest too.

    I’m not into zombies, they terrify me. But the one series I thought was brilliant was Dead Set. Made by Charlie Brooker (the guy who makes BlackMirror), it’s about what happens after the zombie apocalypse happens, within the Big Brother set. Honestly… it’s great.

  23. The actor who plays Dale (Jeffery DeMunn I think…) was so disgusted with how AMC completely fucked over Frank Darabont who he has been close friends with for most his life that he went to Glenn Mazzara and told him "I wan't out , kill my character off its a zombie show and AMC has proven everyones expendable. Tell them to kill me their greed will kick in because 1 less underpaid actor to worry about".

  24. In season 4 (I think it was that season) Bob's death was Dales death. Bob didn't exist in the comics so everything about him and Shannon (who also didn't exist) was Dale and Andrea's conflict. The only way Bob was in the comics was he was a member of Woodburry, but he was a combat doctor during Vietnam who was an alcoholic. The only reason Bob existed in the comics was so after doctor Carson died he good fix the Governor after Michonne beat the shit out of him.

  25. I read on imdb that the guy playing Daryl actually asked to be written out of the show after his showrunner friend got screwed over so badly

  26. when rick said "I killed shane" I just knew the writer was trying to go for the scene in breaking bad were sky is terrified of walt for killing gus but it just doesn't work the same cause, she wasn't SCARED but MAD at rick

  27. Not really saying anything new or significant but…
    For real, Shane's death in the comics is leagues better than the show's and I'm greatly confused why they didn't just recycle it.

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  30. Eh Carl reminds me a lot of my son at that age so…
    Doesn't feel super fake to me tbh.

    ETA: Age of the character, not the actor.

  31. One summer holiday we stayed in some shitty middle of nowhere French village. I helped the farmer next door because there was nothing else to do. Even with that basic experience of watching him move his cows around I call bullshit a zombie, super or otherwise, could even fucking touch a cow. Even a small one. This one cow was fronting and getting all aggy and he smashed it on the head with a hammer. It didn't even flinch. Just walked off. They are mental strong.

  32. In the character interviews they all seem scripted and forces. Like they have to say these things in order to justify the dumbass plot choices.

  33. yea in the end show is massively overated but there are some details to appreciate … Lets eat shit because there are nuts in it …

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  35. Well it kind of makes sense that the disease that turns people could turn airborne with some sort of mutation. That would explain why the parking lot was full of dead bodies, they died before the pathogen went airborne.

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