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YOU vs DARK PHOENIX – Can You Defeat and Survive the X-Men Mutant

YOU vs DARK PHOENIX – Can You Defeat and Survive the X-Men Mutant

The mutant known as Jean Grey was born with
exceptional powers, more so than your average mutant. Her superpowers of telepathy and telekinesis
became known to her during an accident when her best buddy died, and it’s after that
when she made the acquaintance of the one and only Charles Xavier, aka, Professor X. The thing was, her powers were too strong
for a kid, so Charles did the right thing and blocked them. To cut a long story short, this mutant, then
called Marvel Girl, got her powers back, died, came back to life and so was aptly name Phoenix. She then got a taste of the dark side and
it was devilishly good. That’s when her altruism turned into destruction. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
infographic show’s you versus, today we’re pitting you the average joe up against Dark
Phoenix. Some say Dark Phoenix is the most powerful
mutant belonging to the X-Men, so powerful she’s capable of unleashing hell on mankind. She has been stopped, though, and died more
than once on her journey through comic book fiction, so that bodes well for you. Right, let’s have a look at her strengths. You see, she doesn’t just have the power
of telekinesis, she’s damn good at it, some say as good as the professor himself. While that is questionable, she’s a force
to be reckoned with. For those of you that don’t know what telekinesis
is, it’s the ability to move things with your mind. Yep, that means drop things on your head or
just fire objects at you, which is pretty hard to defend against. According to her fandom sites she can move
things that weigh thousands of tons. Hmm, how many thousands we don’t know. According to the Empire State building fact
sheet it weighs approximately 365,000 tons. Ok, maybe she can’t move that. Let’s be conservative and say she can move
20,000 tons. Well, we are told an average trailer home
weighs around 4–5 tons, so she could rain those things down on you. A big elephant might weight 5 tons, too, so
she could fire elephants at you as easy as spitting seeds from her mouth. This is a problem, given that it’s likely
when you meet her you’ll be surrounded by heavy objects: houses, cars, boulders, walls,
hot dogs stands, and whatever else. According to Live Strong, the average untrained
but reasonably fit man can deadlift about 155 pounds. It’s likely that the same untrained man
couldn’t even throw a house cat very far, so of course you are no match for Dark Phoenix
in the throwing stuff league. You’ll just have to figure out how to not
let her drop things on you and squish you like a mosquito. But she has more than elephant-throwing in
her arsenal. She is telepathic, too. This is what Marvel says about that power. “Jean Grey can detect and read the thoughts
of others, project her own thoughts into other’s minds, form psychic links with other beings,
control others’ minds so as to manipulate their physical functions, mentally stun opponents
with bolts of pure psionic force, cast near-flawless mental illusions.” The good news is, she can only fully take
over one person’s mind and she has to see that person. She can manipulate other minds, but to gain
full control she needs to actually see you near to her. The problem for you is, how do you attack
her if you have to always stay out of her line of sight. You now know to stop her dropping a house
on your head, and to stop her making you eat your own fingers, you will need stealth. If she sees you, you are dead. Or as we said, she can just play with you,
perhaps getting you to strip naked and run through the streets shouting “I love Dark
Phoenix” until you drop dead from exhaustion. Ok, so you have to hide. But when we say Dark Phoenix is nimble and
can move pretty fast, we are perhaps understating the fact. She can actually move at supersonic speeds
and can quite easily go for a trip around the universe. She can also travel through hyperspace using
her special Phoenix Force Powers. If you are very fast, super-fast, you can
run a mile in four minutes. That means while she has travelled to another
galaxy, killed off a couple of species, had a coffee, taken a nap, and come back to Earth,
you have probably sweated out your first half mile. While she does have something called Psychic
Energy Synthesis, that just means she can use her mind to create powerful blasts. We are not sure, though, if she has the power
to know an unknown enemy is lurking some place. It seems she doesn’t have the power of omnipresence,
in that she doesn’t know what is going on around her at all times. She’s not a God, she’s just a very scary
and often violent girl. She does, however, have Thought Reading capabilities,
so just make sure when you are around her you are thinking about anything but her. If she gets a sniff of your plan to attack,
you’re dead. And as you well know, trying not to think
about something is really, really hard, especially when you have to plan an attack. We suggest you listen to very loud music and
maybe just keep saying “cheese” over and over again. She does have a weakness for men. She has fallen in love with Wolverine before,
and that ended with Jean asking him to kill her before she could do any more damage in
the world. The problem for you is, he tried that, stabbing
her many times, and she just came back to life. Let’s just say that even if you did manage
to persuade her to fall for you as a cunning ruse, once you plunged in the knife, she would
probably just annihilate you. This is beginning to look like a very hard
fight, but don’t despair just yet. There is help out there telling you how to
beat this girl, but the problem is you’d have to be kind of super to do it, and you’re
not, you’re just someone watching this video. For instance, we are informed if you could
get hold of the Infinity Gauntlet you’d be well on your way to handing Ms. Phoenix
a beating. The problem is, you don’t generally find
such things lying around. You can’t summon the all-powerful Odin,
nor can you get your hands on a Miracle Machine. Sure, if you could get on the phone to Thor
and Xavier and tell them you need a small favor, you might have a chance, but we are
guessing you are not friends on Facebook with those guys. We believe your only chance is to get her
in the heart, make her fall in love with you, and try where Wolverine failed. We are told that her one and only major weakness
is just that, the fact that she can lose her powers when emotionally overwhelmed. And hey, you are such a catch you are the
right guy, or gal, to make her go weak at the knees, literally. She has what’s called “Dissociative Identity
Disorder”, meaning you might be able to get her out of her evil superpower mode. It’s a long shot, been done before, didn’t
work, but it’s all you’ve got. Make her human, maybe give her kiss on the
cheek, and then quickly chop off her head with the sword you’ve got stashed close
by. It probably won’t work, and before you can
get a good grip on your newly sharpened hunk of steel, four houses and 30 elephants have
fallen on your head. Maybe also a couple of cats for good measure. Or do you disagree? How would you beat this lady? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
YOU vs Thanos – How Would you defeat him?!. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “YOU vs DARK PHOENIX – Can You Defeat and Survive the X-Men Mutant”

  1. Or you could just get a metal helmet kinda like the villain used to use So Charles Xavier couldn't get in his head and read his mind. Then after that just find higher ground about 2500 feet away and then snipe her

  2. I would ally, then at the last second think, cuz saying something would get me killed: “never trust a ghost twice” then take a high powered rifle and take her entire head off. Or i could make a machine in the chair she is sitting on to swap powers.

  3. If Dark Phoenix exists, then I'm pretty sure the rest of the X-Men would too. So I'mma leave killing her to them.

  4. Jean can make entire groups fall asleep (xmen red and new xmen) and she has memory wiped a press conference in seconds (also new xmen) so the bit about her only being able to control one mind at a time is wrong

  5. Dark pheonix:you can't defeat me
    Me: i know but he can (points at hot guys abs)

    Dark pheonix:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oooooooohhh hot.

  6. This is based off of a battle between Dark Phoenix and a D&D 20 Wizard

    Dark Phoenix: *Makes illusions of herself to trick the Wizard*

    Wizard: “Nice trick, I can do that too” *Summons his snow copies and gives them a Decanter of Endless Water*

    Wizard & Copies: *Sprays Dark Phoenix into a Demiplane full of ice*

  7. Dark Phoenix : you cant beat me
    Me: calls error sans , killer sans and dust sans
    The bad sanses vs dark Phoenix.
    Bad sanses wins

  8. Dark phoenix: You can’t defeat me
    Me: (pointing at the crowd of marvel fans) i know but they can

    Rotten tomatoes everywhere

  9. 1:11: Actually the Professor doesn't have telekinesis, but is a master in the use of telepathy.
    While I may not be able to call Thor or the Professor, I have another best friend: the Scarlet Witch!

  10. Noooo…Try 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and a 10 kilometer run EVERY DAY OUTSIDE! Worked for one guy naimed Saitama. He did it for 3 years and became the strongest hero. Sure he lost his hair COMPLETELY but it was worth it! He can withstand the force of a black hole, run miles in seconds, punch a meteor into oblivion, jump hundreds of feet, and even has ultra instinct.

  11. The Phoenix is an ancient and cosmic being that predates the universe Jean grey is an incredibly powerful empath the Phoenix resides within her to feel emotions. when the Phoenix got a taste of what evil was she was curious of destruction refer to herself as the dark Phoenix flew out into space and destroy a star.

    Telekinesis is the least of the Phoenix powers and capabilities no human can stop her.

  12. I think I know a way to beat her. Contaminate all the drinking substances everywhere on earth with a timed set material ( the Dark Phoenix won't know about this because it will target everyone in that perimeter). All you have to do is think you're going for other targets like in a bar fight. Hide in a deep secured facility with energy and heat sensors. Wait until people drink it by approximately a week. Once she and everyone else drinks it, they'll fall unconscious. Find her within a specific location and take her to place where plentiful equipment is located. Next follow the laws of Physics by hooking her body up to a cable to transfer all her powers into a battery, then shoot the battery into space ( her powers are energy based ). Without the phoenix she's powerless. As she recovers and wakes up, beat her up with your hands till she's knocked out. The water pollution subsides and everyone else regains consciousness not knowing what happened. Bam! The Dark Phoenix is defeated.

  13. I'd use a PTRS 41 anti-tank rifle loaded with bullets made out of adamantium, take an elevated position, remain patient and calm, stay at a range where she can't see you, use the sewers, the rubble and ruins she caused as camouflage and as an advantage, and take the shot to the head.

  14. They left this out in the video and X-Men franchise but the dark phoen is not evil on purpose she is just experiencing new emotions and sensations she never felt before and she does know how to react so she lashes out and she is a bit evil

  15. Can't I just buy infinity gauntlet replica and try to make her believe thet is real by using hologram of water bottle thet turn to dust after I snap?

  16. This is one even as my alter ego Questar I couldn't defeat one on one. Questar has max Green Phoenix psionic powers, up to SX, in addition to his physical prowess, but Dark Phoenix is much more powerful! Able to destroy a sun! I would have to have the Cosmic Cube or Infinity Gauntlet to take on the Phoenix force without major help. No one below Galactus level could one on one.

  17. jean greys pheonix force causes her to gain brief control over the universe and move it to accommodate her space. what you have to do is pull a apocalypse. its simple really, explode all of her molecules ti she cnt regenerate. do this with sulfuric acid from the acid lake in russia.

  18. It's not that difficult. Best thing is to disorient her.
    Get her drugged or put very loud noisy music so she won't be able to concentrate

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