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YOU vs DEADPOOL – How Can You Defeat and Survive Him (Disney Marvel Comics Deadpool Movie)

YOU vs DEADPOOL –  How Can You Defeat and Survive Him (Disney Marvel Comics Deadpool Movie)

We got some bad news for you- someone, somewhere,
wants you dead… really, really dead. Perhaps you accidentally crossed some high-powered
crime boss, or maybe you just have the bad luck of looking like someone a high-powered
crime boss wants six feet under. Either way, there’s a considerable price on
your life, and if that wasn’t bad enough we’ve got more bad news: the legendary mercenary
Deadpool is coming to collect it. Hello and welcome to another episode of You
Versus- today we’re pitting you up against the sometimes annoying, often wise-cracking,
deadly mercenary assassin, Deadpool. A lifelong mercenary, Deadpool, also known
as Wade Wilson, globe trotted around the world for years hiring himself out to the highest
bidder as a bodyguard, assassin, or just plain old mercenary. Yet when he discovered that he had terminal
cancer he broke up with his then-girlfriend to spare her the pain of being with a terminally
ill man and basically quit on life. That is at least until he had a second chance
offered to him via the Weapon X program, and after being exposed to Wolverine’s blood in
an attempt to cure his cancer, Wade discovered himself with an astonishing healing factor,
supernatural speed, strength, and agility, and unfortunately- a horribly disfigured face. Adopting the persona of Deadpool, Wade went
back to his mercenary ways, hiring himself out for both heroes and villains alike. Now, he’s been hired to come after you, so
how are you going to defeat the wise-cracking superhuman mercenary? As always, first you have to understand your
enemy and what you might be up against. The first and most obvious power Deadpool
brings to the fight is his legendary healing factor, which is more powerful than even that
of Wolverine. Able to regrow missing limbs and even survive
catastrophic injuries such as being stabbed or shot in the head, Deadpool can lose his
head- literally- and as long as it is promptly reattached, continue to live. His healing factor though is directly linked
to his highly aggressive strain of cancer, something that will come into play later as
we prepare you to defeat him. Deadpool’s healing factor keeps his brain
cells in a state of constant flux, which makes telepathic contact with him very difficult
to achieve and maintain. This gives him a large degree of protection
from telepathic attacks, and makes reading his mind all but impossible. Along with his telepathic immunities, Deadpool
also has superhuman stamina afforded to him by his healing factor, and can in effect run
at top speed indefinitely, his body neutralizing the acids created by his muscles exerting
themselves almost instantly. All Deadpool needs to run forever is a constant
intake of food to keep his caloric intake up. Deadpool is also very strong, but not superhumanly
strong- his strength is estimated to be as that of an olympic level weightlifter, despite
weighing at least a hundred pounds less than one. While he may not be superhumanly strong, he
is superhumanly agile and fast, with extraordinary reflexes that far outstrip those of a regular
human. He may not be able to duck out of the way
of a high velocity bullet, but forget about trying to win a punching match with Deadpool,
because to him you’ll seem like you’re stuck in a vat of molasses, moving at impossibly
slow speeds. On top of his enhanced or superhuman abilities
though, Deadpool is also a master martial artist and champion hand-to-hand combatant. Remember what we just said about not getting
into a punching match with him? Yeah, that would be a terrible idea given
the fact that he’s a master of several martial arts and will likely kill you with your own
punches- while making a terrible joke about hitting yourself. So how are you going to take Deadpool down,
seeing as he’s superhumanly fast, and can probably kill you with your own pinkie? First, you’re going to have to use your brain. Deadpool’s healing abilities keep his brain
in a constant flux, and while that makes him difficult to affect telepathically, it also
makes Deadpool extremely emotionally unstable. Not only is he very emotionally unstable,
but he has some serious psychological buttons that you can push to make him fly off the
handle, or maybe just break down crying. For one, there’s the fact that Deadpool is
completely aware of the fact that he is a fictional character that lives in comics and
movies- because of his severely affected mental state, Deadpool is one of the few characters
that has realized what the true nature of his reality is. So go ahead and remind him of the fact that
he is just a fictional character, while you yourself are a living, breathing person that
is free to make their own decisions, while all of Deadpool’s choices are nothing more
than the whims of a writer. Deadpool’s probably come to terms with that
fact by now, but luckily he’s got two more sore spots you can slam him on to push him
into an existential crisis. First, remind him of his dead father, and
how there was nothing he could have done to save him- even if he could have done anything
though, the writer that controls his fate would’ve prevented him. Then remind him of his last girlfriend, and
the fact that the love he feels for her is fake, while the love you can experience in
your own life is real and comes from free will. That should push Deadpool over the edge and
into a full-blown existential crisis, and if it doesn’t then feel free to remind him
that he has no real friends either, because every other hero thinks he’s annoying. Remember, Deadpool may be a swaggering bad
ass with superhuman abilities, but he also has the psychology of a child. So now that you’ve turned Deadpool into a
sobbing mess, what’s next? Well, given Deadpool’s unpredictability, you’re
going to have to act fast, because his little mental breakdown isn’t going to last long. Deadpool is famously highly resistant to foreign
chemicals, but not completely immune given as he is able to get drunk, even if he has
to drink enough alcohol to kill a small whale. While Deadpool is busy coping with his dawning
existential crisis, you’re going to act and act fast by injecting him with 10 milligrams
of Carfentanil. The most powerful commercial opioid in the
world, a dose that’s just the fraction of the weight of a paper clip could kill 500
humans, and it takes 10 milligrams to sedate or outright kill an African bull elephant. That’s going to be powerful enough to give
Deadpool a very sudden and very deep nap- but with his powerful healing factor you’re
going to have to act very fast because there’s just not much time before his body breaks
down the toxin and he recovers. You’re going to have to transport Deadpool
to get to your next destination, and there’s only going to be one way to do that successfully-
you’re going to have to take off his head. Don’t worry, it comes off from time to time,
so it’s really nothing new. Deadpool’s genetics have been so severely
affected by the Weapon X experiments that it’s believed his DNA itself maintains a sort
of ‘personality log’ that is constantly being updated. This means that Deadpool in essence can regenerate
from any part of his body if the rest is lost, similar to some species of flatworms. While two Deadpools won’t be formed, one part
of his body can begin to grow the missing parts, so given enough time Deadpool’s head
will literally regrow its body back, or vice-versa. So you gotta find a way to destroy both at
the same time- yet how do you destroy a body that heals almost instantly? First you have to slow down that healing factor
by a considerable amount, at least long enough to prevent Deadpool’s regeneration from outpacing
the damage being done to his body. At a temperature of -320 degrees Fahrenheit
(-196 Celsius) liquid nitrogen is the go-to cryo coolant for the freezing of dead bodies
by people who hope that science can resurrect them in the future. For us though, we’re not going to use the
liquid in an attempt to cheat death, but rather to try and bring death. By freezing Deadpool’s body and head you’ll
slow down molecular activity to an absolute crawl, severely slowing down Deadpool’s regenerative
abilities. Next, and we’ve talked about this chemical
before because it’s one of our favorites, you’re going to introduce Deadpool’s frozen
remains to fluoroantimonic acid. This acid is so powerful that it’s 20 quintillion
times more powerful than sulfuric acid, and will dissolve nearly all organic matter into
a molecule-rich goo. Even though the act of breaking molecular
bonds releases a great deal of heat, which will unfreeze Deadpool and free up his healing
factor, by the time his healing factor kicks in at full force it’ll be far too late, and
all that will be left of Deadpool is a pool of dead molecules- see what we did there? Deadpool is a formidable opponent that’s a
master of all matter of blades and hand-to-hand fighting techniques, but luckily for you he
also has the psychology of an eight year old. Proving that mind really does trump matter,
and that fluoroantimonic acid trumps almost all matter by dissolving it, it’s sad to say
but Deadpool may just be one of the easiest opponents we’ve ever pitted you up against! How would you defeat Deadpool? Would psychology tricks really work against
the master mercenary? Let us know in the comments, and while you’re
at it check out another epic matchup in You vs Leatherface and don’t forget to Like, Share,
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