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YOU vs HELLBOY – How Could You Defeat and Survive It (Hellboy 2019 Movie)

YOU vs HELLBOY – How Could You Defeat and Survive It (Hellboy 2019 Movie)

One day you’re minding your own business strolling
through an old graveyard when you accidentally kick something hard. Rubbing a stubbed toe, you bend down to check
out what you just kicked loose and discover a strange, mystical trinket, half-protruding
from an unmarked grave. Pulling the trinket free you feel an overwhelming
sense of evil and malice, and as dark thoughts begin to cross your mind you hear a helicopter
overhead, and the crashing sound of something big landing behind you. Turning around you see the seven foot half-demon
himself, Hellboy of the famed Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, and he has a warrant
for your arrest. Pleading your innocence, Hellboy won’t hear
any of it, accusing you of activating evil trinkets and dooming the world, and as Big
Red bears down on you you realize there’s only one way you’re getting out of this unfortunate
mixup. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics You Versus series, today we’re pitting you up against the harbinger of the
apocalypse, affectionately known as Peanut, but called Hellboy by his enemies. Hellboy is the son of the demon duke Azzael
and the human witch Sarah Hughes. Consorting with Azzael as his bride, Sarah
repented for the sins of her youth on her deathbed and asked her son and daughter to
watch over her body for three days when she died, after which she would be free of Azzael’s
grasp. Upon her death, Azzael return to earth to
claim his bride, immediately incinerating Sarah’s human children and dragging Sarah
to hell, where she died- again- giving birth to Hellboy. Upon his birth, Azzael cut off Hellboy’s right
hand and attached the Right Hand of Doom in its place instead. Enraged at this act, the other dukes of Hell
came for Azzael and Hellboy, but Hellboy was sent away before they arrived and Azzael was
frozen in ice for eternity. Hellboy would reappear three hundred years
later in 1944, summoned by the evil mage Grigori Rasputin who had summoned Hellboy as the harbinger
of the apocalypse with the aid of the Third Reich. Unfortunately for Rasputin and his Nazi allies,
Hellboy appeared in a churchyard where an elite team of American soldiers had been sent
to investigate the dark ritual. Befriended by 1st Sgt. George Whitman, the soldier christened the
small half-demon Hellboy, receiving his official name. Hellboy was then moved to the US and raised
to be an agent of the BPRD, where he would have to constantly prove himself as being
truly good despite his demonic origins over and over again. Now Hellboy’s next assignment has him coming
after you, and misunderstanding or not, he’s not keen on striking up any bargains for your
life- so how are you going to defeat him? As usual to fight your enemy, you must first
know your enemy and what he, she, or it is capable of. Hellboy is a conflicted creature, his very
birth meant to bring about the destruction of the earth and its human inhabitants. That leaves Hellboy with a bit of a muddled
personality, but is generally thought of as a reluctantly good guy who is greatly misunderstood. There’s no denying the effect of his demonic
blood though and he can be prone to violent rages. Hellboy’s most notable feature is his right
hand, the Right Hand of Doom. The hand is completely invulnerable to any
mortal weapons, and when wielded with Hellboy’s formidable strength is in essence a giant
sledgehammer. The hand itself is a legendary artifact, originally
the right hand of a greater spirit known as Anum, one of the first of God’s creations. Anum in turn created the great, dark dragon
Ogdru Jahad, who in turn spawned a race of destructive nightmare creatures which set
about to claim their own dominion over the early earth. The other greater spirits fought the dragon
and its spawn, and after defeating them, destroyed Anum completely for his sin, sparing only
his right hand. The hand now has a deep connection to Ogdru
Jahad, and dooms Hellboy to a destiny of eventually unleashing the sleeping dragon. Hellboy’s right hand of doom is backed up
by a prodigious amount of strength. His half-demon heritage gives him the ability
to lift objects up to 5 tons in weight, and he’s able to tear loose large trees and throw
them at opponents, which means you’d better be up on your five Ds of Dodgeball. Along with his superhuman strength, Hellboy
is very resilient to physical damage, but not completely invulnerable. He can be stabbed, shot, beaten, and bludgeoned,
but his incredible stamina and endurance make him very difficult to keep down or seriously
injure. Hellboy backs up this super durability with
a healing factor that’s on par with superheroes such as Wolverine, and makes his recoveries
from wounds a matter of seconds to minutes, making it seem as if he is completely invulnerable. He is not though, and can still be damaged
by conventional means, it just takes a lot of hurt to keep him down. Also, despite his demonic origins, Hellboy
is not immune to fire, although his greatly accelerated healing might make it seem like
he is by replacing damaged tissues almost as fast as they are consumed. Along with being tougher than a mac truck,
and hitting as hard as one, Hellboy also has incredible eyesight, with vision that is far
better than any normal human. He also has the innate ability to comprehend
most ancient and magical languages, drawing from the innate knowledge stored in his demonic
blood. He is also extremely resistant to aging, and
though nearly eighty years old today, still appears to be in his mid-twenties. It’s not known if Hellboy is immortal like
most demons, or simply ages extremely slowly. Along with his supernatural abilities though,
Hellboy makes full use of advanced human equipment, and is able to use just about any piece of
gear or weapon you’d be able to- making him particularly dangerous to face. So just how are you going to defeat the harbinger
of the apocalypse? First, always choose your battlefield and
force the fight on your own terms. In this case you’re going to want to fight
somewhere cold, really cold, because Hellboy hates cold weather. This might be part of his demonic heritage,
or it might just be that cold weather pretty much sucks for anyone. Whatever the case, you want to throw Hellboy
off his game, but even more importantly, you want to take steps to avoid some of the gadgets
Hellboy is going to be bringing to the fight. If it’s not bad enough that Hellboy is super
tough and super strong, remember that he has access to some of the most advanced military
equipment on earth. In this case that’s going to include thermal
imagers, which you’ll need to avoid. Though normally you’d stand out like a beacon
against a cold backdrop, dressing in several layers can help minimize your heat signature
dramatically. But you’ll be adding to your thermal camouflage
by setting large fires throughout your battlespace, and making sure that you feed those fires
with discarded car tires. The burning rubber is an absolute health hazard
that’ll just kill your lungs, but it’ll also fill the air with rubber particulates which
can wreak havoc on thermal imagers. The thick smoke will also block Hellboy’s
use of nightvision if he so chooses, though night vision is more easily defeated with
the use of several well-placed infrared spotlights. Invisible to human eyes, infrared light is
clearly visible on night vision, and can easily overload an image, whiting out the night vision
goggles. So now you’ve got Hellboy blinded and more
than a bit irritated at the freezing weather, making him reckless and impulsive- that’s
perfect, because the whole time he’s been tramping through the snow trying to find you
through the sooty air, you’ve been biding your time, waiting for him to get closer and
closer until he falls into your waiting trap. VX is a synthetic nerve agent developed in
the 1950s for use as an insecticide. In trials VX worked wonders on eliminating
local pest populations, but unfortunately it proved to be absolutely bonkers at killing
literally anything else as well. The poison was quickly canned and research
taken over by the US military, who developed it for use as a nerve agent in case an enemy
ever used chemical or biological weapons against America. As a nerve agent, VX targets a molecule called
acetylcholine, an important catalyst in exchanging messages between nerve cells. If acetylcholine is not broken down by an
enzyme catalyst known as acetylcholinesterase, then the molecule will keep transmitting the
same message between nerve cells over and over again without end. VX works by preventing the breaking down of
acetylcholine so that nerves are ‘stuck’ firing the same repeated message incessantly, which
inevitably leads to muscle contractions that are out of control and asphyxiation. As one of the deadliest nerve agents ever
created, VX can kill in concentrations as small as 3 micrograms per kilogram, giving
a pound of the stuff a killing potential of… a lot, and we mean a lot of people. Armed with a simple tranquilizer rifle and
a 2 ounce dart, a single hit of VX directly into Hellboy’s bloodstream is going to end
this fight pretty quickly. Hellboy is extremely resilient versus natural
afflictions and all but immune to disease and illness, but VX is a synthetic compound
that works in a way that completely surpasses all of Hellboy’s supernatural healing abilities. The synthetic nerve agent will slip right
past Hellboy’s healing factor and fry his nerve cells, leaving them turned permanently
to ‘on’ and causing massive convulsions, and eventually- death by asphyxiation. Half-demon or not, Hellboy does still need
to breathe after all. The world may be full of scary things that
go bump in the night, but modern science has given us the tools to bump them right back,
completely circumventing their supernatural defenses with a bit of one of the most noble
of sciences: chemistry. Of course you did just murder one of the Earth’s
greatest champions against the hordes of hell itself, so while you’re patting yourself on
the back don’t forget to find yourself a nice seat to watch the pending apocalypse unfold. But hey, at least you won. How would you defeat Hellboy? Also, check our our other videos in the series,
You vs Thanos. Thanks for watching and see you later!

100 thoughts on “YOU vs HELLBOY – How Could You Defeat and Survive It (Hellboy 2019 Movie)”

  1. my super hero form is "konjali"
    konjali is a 18 feet tall hulk-buster like robot suit with a rail gun on both shoulders, which can reload in 5 seconds.
    that should be more than enough, considering it's made of durasteal.

  2. But Wait In This Video Hellboy Can Die But Let's Say Say He Was Immortal And Could Not Die What Would Happen Then

  3. Did anyone else notice that the faint yell in the background when Hellboy stubs his toe is the death sound from the game Rock of Ages? Anyone? No? Just me? Ok…

  4. I worked in a cemetery for a summer. One day, while marking out a plot for a burial, we found three head markers (a poor man's headstone) that were buried and forgotten. I also laid down in an open grave before the coffin was on location, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Also, a friend found a butcher's knife just tossed over the fence.

  5. He has the best technology of military so he can just use anything that helps him and hellboy does not have blood

  6. I have a simple answer and you don’t need all those experts to know what it is

    Holy water because he’s a demon 🙄

  7. or you could go to his gf and get her to call him off. it would prevent your death and the end of the world too!

  8. Don't go out your way trying to get ahold of VX.. just use something simple like Sarin
    All you need is to mix Methylphosponly difluoride with rubbing alcohol…
    (Amines) will produce a more pure gas also.

    Have fun.

  9. Wait, so if he’s a demon….then why is he taking physical form? And using military equipment…and can’t even possess people or attack their mind

  10. But this is controlled by military so it kinda makes no sense if an average joe can get this stuff it would more sense is hellboy had it

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