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YOU vs JASON VOORHEES – How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Friday the 13th Movie)

YOU vs JASON VOORHEES – How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Friday the 13th Movie)

It’s a late summer’s night and you and your
friends are out camping by the lake. As you’re laughing and joking, suddenly you
hear the snap of a twig coming from just beyond the small circle of dim light your fire creates. Nervously you laugh it off as a squirrel or
other small animal and get back to horsing around- when suddenly one of your friends
gurgles a dying breath as a machete splits his head open. Looking up, you see a seven-foot tall figure
step out of the darkness and retrieve the machete- it’s him, the legends were true. Welcome to this episode of The Infographics
Show- where we pit the average joe against the legendary Jason Voorhees…could you defeat
him? Jason Voorhees was born in the small town
of Crystal Lake on June 13th, 1946. Afflicted with Hydrocephalus which created
several facial deformities, an abnormally large head and mental disabilities, Jason’s
mother, Pamela Voorhees, kept him away from other kids and took care of him alone at home. Having no other people in his life, Jason
developed a deep bond with his mother, loving and revering her above anything else. In the summer of 1957, when Jason was 11 years
old, Pamela was unable to get a babysitter for Jason and brought him with her to Camp
Crystal Lake where she worked as a cook. Hanging around his mother instead of the other
kids, he was inevitably ostracized by the other children, and eventually bullied for
his disabilities. One day as he was being bullied, Jason fled
from the kids who chased him to the end of a dock. Throwing him into the water as a joke, the
kids watched helplessly as Jason began to drown while the camp counselors who were supposed
to be supervising the children were having sex in the woods. Jason’s body was never found but the camp
was closed as a result. Opening the next year, Jason’s mother Pamela,
mad with grief, murdered the counselors she blamed for Jason’s drowning. Unbeknownst to Pamela, Jason had somehow survived
his drowning and built a crude shelter for himself were he stayed for years alone. Jason would ultimately rediscover his mother
20 years later, but only moments before she was decapitated by a new camper acting in
self-defense. Taking his mother’s sweater, pants, severed
head and the machete that killed her, Jason built a shrine to his mother and began his
murderous rampage. So let’s say you’re foolish enough to go camping
in the area around Camp Crystal Lake- what can you expect to go up against? Well, first of all be warned- because Jason
and his mother both blamed his near-drowning on teenage promiscuity, any drinking or sexual
acts are surefire way to be marked for death by a vengeful Jason. So keep it in your pants and you might survive. But let’s say you manage to stumble across
Jason anyways, what should you be prepared for? First of all you should be aware of Jason’s
superior strength. Already a hulking and imposing figure, Jason
stands at nearly seven feet tall and easily weighs over 200 lbs. But his strength is far beyond that of a normal
human being, able to bend even metal pipes. Jason is also incredibly durable- though not
impervious to damage, he has shown great resiliency, even taking a machete to the head and surviving. After his accidental resurrection via lightning
bolt though his resilience reached supernatural levels, with Jason apparently being completely
impervious to any fatal damage. That’s not to say that Jason can’t be hurt,
it’s simply that killing him can be nearly impossible. The last thing to be aware of is Jason’s incredible
speed and stealth, seemingly able to cover vast distances in surprisingly little time. Some theorize that Jason simply has the ability
to teleport to shadowed, hidden areas near his prey, as when observed physically walking
he is typically no faster than the average person- and yet routinely surprises and ambushes
fleeing prey. So how can you survive an encounter with Jason? The first tip would be to remember that even
though he is in fact extremely resilient, he is not invulnerable to damage. While after his resurrection via lightning
bolt Jason seems to be immortal, it has been clearly demonstrated that Jason can be restrained
for years in one location, frozen solid, or even blown up into small bits. Your first order of business will be to slow
Jason down. Despite his resiliency and slow regenerative
powers, Jason clearly still takes damage. With Jason’s far superior strength, a melee
weapon such as a club or an axe is completely out of the question, you’re really just asking
for a machete through the skull. You need to keep your distance, and you need
to dish out some serious damage that will slow Jason down. Here is where you want to be thinking much
like you would in a zombie survival scenario- but forget the headshots which are difficult
targets to hit anyways. Firearms deliver tremendous amounts of kinetic
energy at very high speeds, and wether you’re an undead zombie or an immortal machete-wielding
mass murderer, a shattered femur is still impossible to stand on. While gut instinct may be to go for a popular
shotgun, we recommend going instead for something with much more penetration power- your goal
after all is to hit structurally-vital bones and obliterate them. An M4 assault rifle, favored battle rifle
of the US military, can deliver a 5.56mm round at 2970 feet (905 meters) per second, and
with a steel penetrating core a few shots to the leg is sure to decimate Jason’s ability
to support his body weight on that limb. But don’t stop there. The backbone is extremely important structurally
for an upright bipedal animal such as a human, helping support the upper body and distribute
that weight evenly to the pelvis and thus the legs. Put a few rounds into Jason’s backbone and
shatter his backbone to watch him crumple over like a sad pancake. It’s important to remember that Jason canregenerate
though, so he won’t stay down for long. You may be tempted to take this opportunity
to run and hide, but given Jason’s ability to seemingly appear from out of nowhere, this
is probably not a great idea. Instead keep Jason in full view at all times,
and let him crawl towards you. If he regenerates, no problem, put a few more
bone-shattering rounds into his vital areas and slow him down again. While you can’t kill Jason, it has been shown
that you can obliterate his mortal form and force him to return to hell until he reassembles
his body. So what you want to do is carve Jason into
pieces, but again, while staying out of the reach of that terrifying machete of his. Enter the M18A1 Claymore directional anti-personnel
mine, another favorite toy of the US armed forces. Unlike a typical mine, the Claymore is aimed
at a target and fired by remote-control, shooting a pattern of seven hundred 3.2mm steel balls
at a speed of 3,995 (1,218 meters) feet a second a maximum of 250 yards. With a detonator made out of 2.5 lbs of C4,
the closer you lure Jason to your hidden Claymore, the better. And you’ll have to lure him, because another
thing Jason has shown is that he’s not dumb- so if your Claymore is out in the open, forget
about it, he’s not falling for it. However, if you successfully lure him to within
range of your hidden Claymore, be sure to get him as near as possible while you staying
safely out of the firing cone. You also want to be somewhat cautious about
backblast, although thanks to the Misznay-Schardin effect- where a sheet of explosives has its
blast directed away from a heavy backing surface such as the Claymore’s rear metal plate- you
shouldn’t be in too much danger yourself… aside from possibly shattered eardrums. However for Jason, being on the business end
of an exploding Claymore is going to ruin his day as 700 steel balls absolutely shred
his body. Jason will come back, he always does, and
to be sure he doesn’t regenerate right away we recommend you spend a few hours picking
up the meatball-sized pieces that are probably all that’s left of Jason’s body and perhaps
burning them. You can try and appease his spirit by giving
his ashes a proper burial near his mother’s final resting place at Camp Crystal Lake,
but in all likelihood it’s probably just better if you put up a bunch of signs and got stupid
teenagers to stop driving to the site of multiple mass murders to make out. So, how would you kill Jason in a one-on-one
matchup? What weapon would you use? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
called You vs 100 People, Could You Defeat Them. Thanks for watching, and as always, please
don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “YOU vs JASON VOORHEES – How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Friday the 13th Movie)”

  1. Fun fact in Vergas falls a town in the state I live in it's where Jason vorhees died and his mother killed all the camp counselors Crystal lake is real but it's shutdown

  2. The game???? All you need to do is hit him aiming up to knock his mask off. Then have a girl act as his mom using his mother’s jacket then you shoot him then somebody very very strong use a machete against his head. Boom ded…
    For more detail search up How to beat Jason Friday the 13th the game.

  3. That's if you can get an M4 and claymore. You can get an AR-15 easily, which is basically a semi-auto only M4, but you aren't going to get any explosives. A better option would be to get a chainsaw and after you shoot his knees and backbone, chop him up into little pieces. Since Jason's really tough, it might be better to get an AK-47 or even an AR-10 which each shoot bigger cartridges, 7.62x39mm and .308 respectively.

  4. I would use the SLR L1A1 rifle larger caliber so it hits harder and has 800 yard range or the Austeyr rifle as accurate as the M4 and same caliber but is more reliable.

  5. I would use a 6th game shotgun with fire shells that conflict the major damage on the vital organs so I can get a head start plants c 4 in a home where the proper burial grounds of his mother is blowing up Burnham throws ashes in the water

  6. A 50 beowulf its an ar15 platform rife that shoots 50 beowulf which is a 50 cal bullet and an fn 5.7 pistol as a sidearm and if i were to use a shotgun it would be a Benelli m4 12 gauge

  7. Me:is this roblox
    Infographic show:?
    Me: my country doesn’t allow guns
    Infographic show:then just uhhh RUN

  8. I just don't see how an average guy would get his hands on military weapons unlike in U.S we can't simply go to wall-mart to buy some.

  9. If his legend is true, so the legend of the vampires would be true too,,,, so just let a vampire bite him, he will transform into a vampire, so he would die with the sunlight,…. Lol

  10. Me: just reading hey jason spare me and ill tell and show you where everyone is hiding.
    Jason: thinks deal.
    Me: rats out her friends plus i never wanted to come here. I was happy at home. And the worst i would do is read a book

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