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YOU VS LEATHERFACE – How Can You Defeat and Survive It? (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie)

YOU VS LEATHERFACE – How Can You Defeat and Survive It? (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie)

It’s late at night and you and your girlfriend
are driving down a lonely country road somewhere in the heart of Texas. Your girlfriend points out how clear the night
skies are all the way out here, and she asks you to pull the car over so you can have a
romantic moment under the stars. You point out that you’re in the middle of
nowhere, maybe it’s not so smart to stop- but she’s insistent, so grudgingly you pull
the car over. Gazing out at the Milky Way laid out before
you, you have to admit that she’s right, it really is beautiful out here. Then, suddenly, you think you hear the sound
of a twig snapping. Alert, you look around, but your girlfriend
insists it’s nothing. Relaxing your guard, you hear another twig
snap, just at the edge of your headlights. This time you know there’s something there! Worriedly, you say that you should get back
in the car, and reaching for your keys you drop them like a klutz. Bending over to pick them up you suddenly
hear it- the sound of a raging chainsaw, and from out of the darkness comes the legendary
human-skin wearing Leatherface! Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show- today we’re putting you, the average Joe, up against the chainsaw-wielding
psychopath from Texas: Leatherface. Leatherface is originally from Texas, where
he lives with his family who cook the people he kills and makes them into chili and other
foods to be sold at his father’s gas station. Though his iconic weapon is a chainsaw, Leatherface
has used everything from his bare fists to sledge hammers to kill his victims, or he
might just incapacitate them and hang them up on meathooks so he can skin them alive. As a skin connoisseur, Leatherface has a fixation
on making clothes out of his victim’s skin, much like real serial killer Ed Geins, whom
it’s thought that Leatherface was based off of. Whatever the inspiration, Leatherface will
famously fashion his victim’s skin into a mask to wear, though the exact reasoning for
this is unknown. Give the fact that Leatherface is likely either
autistic or mentally retarded, he might not even be aware of the horror he inflicts or
the inappropriateness of wearing other people’s faces as masks. Leatherface is the first opponent we’ve featured
which does not have any sort of superhuman or supernatural abilities. Terrifying as he might be, Leatherface is
a normal person, albeit quite a bit bigger than most people, standing over six feet five
inches in height. Facing off against Leatherface- pardon the
pun- means you’re going to be going up against an individual who has no increased abilities
or powers, perhaps giving you the best fighting chance of any opponent we’ve featured thus
far in You Versus. However you are going to have to watch out
for the fact that Leatherface is quite strong, able to lift an adult person two to three
feet into the air and onto a meathook- that takes some serious upper body strength, so
you’re probably not going to want to get into a punching match. Leatherface also has some resistance to pain,
and this may be physiological such as the inability to feel pain for people who suffer
from anhidrosis. Seeing as Leatherface does react to pain however,
it’s likely that he is simply psychologically better able to handle extreme amounts of pain
compared to the normal person. As our first opponent who doesn’t feature
any supernatural, superhuman, or other types of powers, we thought it would only be fair
for you to fight on a level playing field. That means no access to high powered weapons,
military tech, or any of the explosive goodness we’re so fond of here at The Infographics
Show. Instead we’re putting you in the shoes of
his recent victim, and will show you how to survive and defeat Texas’ most legendary serial
killer. You wake up hanging on a meat hook, the pain
is severe but thanks to shock you’re not in complete agony. Also the meat hook hasn’t penetrated all the
way though your body, instead it’s pierced through the back muscles just under your shoulder,
so bleeding out isn’t an immediate threat. Looking across from you though is your unfortunate
girlfriend, seeing as her face is already gone it’s clearly too late for her- oh well,
you warned her it was a dumb idea to stop and stare at the stars. First things first, you’re gonna have to grab
on to the chain above your head and lift yourself off the meat hook, no doubt an extremely painful
experience, but you’re up against Leatherface- you better get used to pain. Once you hop off the hook, there’s a bit of
good news: if you haven’t already bled to death that means that the hook didn’t pierce
anything too vital. Still, you’re gonna want to try to seal that
wound up best you can. Rip your shirt in half and tie it around your
upper body so it makes a giant bandage, and make sure to tie it up tight. Don’t bother with cleaning the wound, you
don’t have time, and realistically speaking we doubt Leatherface sanitizes his meathooks
in between killings, so you’re probably already screwed on the infection end of things. You sort of have bigger problems to worry
about right now. Next up you’re going to want to get yourself
armed- if you’re in a shed then it’s likely that there’s plenty of improvised weapons
just laying around. You might be tempted to go for a sledgehammer
or other such heavy weapon, but here’s the thing: you’re gonna have to get up close and
personal to use that sledgehammer, and with a gaping wound on your back taking a few swings
with a heavy sledgehammer is going to wear you out and tear the wound open. Plus, Leatherface is a big guy, and he has
a nasty chainsaw that’ll cut you to pieces at close range- it’s going to be best to keep
your distance. Instead, find a rake, or a spade perhaps,
and leaning the head against a wall, kick the wooden shaft just below the head as hard
as you can- presto, you have yourself a spear with a wicked sharp end now that the wood
is fractured and splintered. The spear is thought to be the first hunting
item humanity ever invented, and with the ability to keep hungry lions at a distance
it’s clear why. Keep in mind you’re not going to be throwing
your spear, that would require a really sharp tip and for it to be balanced correctly, which
your makeshift spear definitely isn’t. You’re going to be making sure Leatherface
keeps his distance or risk getting a gut full of splinters. That’s where you’ll be aiming by the way-
the gut. Because your spear is pretty primitive and
doesn’t have a solid or sharp head, you’re going to want to make sure you avoid striking
at any bony areas of the body. Instead go for the soft, fleshy bits, places
where you can sink your spear in deep and do some serious structural damage. It doesn’t matter if Leatherface can resist
pain, having several inches of spear thrust into his belly is going to lead to some serious
blood loss. It likely won’t be fatal as it can take upwards
of a half hour to die from a stomach wound, but it’s going to definitely slow him down,
and maybe even open up an opportunity to get in a killing stroke. Spears are great, but you always want to have
a backup plan. Next you’re going to want something for close
quarters, but something you can pull out in an emergency. You might be tempted to go for the shears,
they are after all nice and sharp- but they’re also unwieldy, and in a panic if you grab
them the wrong way you might end up cutting yourself. Instead opt for a decent length screwdriver,
something between four and six inches long. That length will ensure you penetrate deep
enough into vital areas to achieve a killing blow, such as the eyes, ears, and throat,
but isn’t so long and unwieldy that it’s useless if you get into a wrestling match with Leatherface. Next you want to find yourself some barbed
wire- this is Texas, if you’re getting strung up on a meathook in some random killer’s tool
shed, there’s definitely going to be barbed wire laying around. You’re going to want to make a trip line out
of the barbed wire, so simply find a place where you can lure Leatherface to that has
only one point of entry. You’re also going to want to make sure that
the actual entryway is dark, with little if any direct light shining on it. That’s because you’re going to make an ankle-high
trip line by stringing the barbed wire from one end to the other- it’s vital that you
keep the wire right around ankle height, if you place it too high then it’s likely that
Leatherface will simply crash through it. You want to exploit physics by placing the
trip line so low that Leatherface’s center of gravity is too high up for him to compensate
when he starts falling forward and tips over like a pendulum. Keeping the trip line in the shadows will
help hide it, but you’re not done. You’re going to place a second trip line at
about face level, only this one you’re going to make sure isn’t as tightly fastened. With a pair of pliers, you’re going to then
turn the individual barbs of wire so that they face parallel to the wire and outwards
at the approaching Leatherface. This will ensure that the physical profile
of the wire is very small, so as Leatherface rushes forwards he isn’t able to see it in
the dark, but it’ll also serve another, much more diabolic purpose. Your last preparation will be to find some
turpentine, or something similarly irritating such as paint thinner, which again should
be easy to find in a Texas tool shed. Once you’ve got it, sprinkle it pretty liberally
over both of the barbed wire trip lines, and for good measure go ahead and pour it over
the end of your spear. Once you’re ready and armed, go ahead and
call out to Leatherface. Unlike most psychopaths he doesn’t seem to
have any particular weakness to insults or taunts, so just play scared. Scream and cry, maybe yell out how badly you
don’t want your skin turned into a mask. Leatherface should quickly respond, looking
to secure his final kill. As he rushes through the booby-trapped doorway
he’ll run into both trip lines simultaneously. The first line down at his ankles will cut
into his ankle flesh and trip him, causing him to fall. The second line will catch him in the face,
and because you fastened it more loosely than the first, the force of him falling will cause
it to yield as he falls, instead of simply stopping the fall. As he falls and the second line gives way,
it will severely gouge his face, hopefully scoring some pretty deep lacerations along
his eyes. The turpentine coating will magnify the pain
of the cuts both on his face and ankles, and if any of the barbs manage to actually cut
across his eyes, severely irritate him and cause him to tear up, effectively blinding
him. Now you’ve got Leatherface on the ground,
but he’s not going to stay there for long. If you can, spear him while he’s on the ground,
aiming just left of where the left shoulder meets the neck. Coming from a downward angle, if properly
aimed your spear will avoid all of the bones in the shoulder, and cut into Leatherface’s
torso along, or next to, the esophagus, avoiding any rib bones as well. If you manage this, congratulations, because
that’s going to be an instant kill. If however, Leatherface stumbles up, take
advantage of his temporary blindness to ram your spear through his gut, but really put
your shoulder into it! You want to not just stab him through the
mid section, but you want to drive him backwards and back over the same ankle-high trip wire
he just tripped on. That’s gonna put Leatherface flat on his back,
spear in his belly, and eyes blinded with cuts and stinging turpentine. This is a good time to run. Sure, you could take your chances and jump
on top of Leatherface, finishing him off with your handy stabbing screwdriver- but for any
of you that have seen Game of Thrones, well you might remember The Mountain’s most infamous
scene. Do what any self-defense expert will tell
you and don’t take any chances, Leatherface is down for the count, go ahead and make a
run for it. If you were trapped in Leatherface’s kill
shed, how would you escape? How would you defeat Leatherface? Also, make sure you check out our whole series
of You vs! Click the thumbnail on the screen! Go on! I’ll wait!

99 thoughts on “YOU VS LEATHERFACE – How Can You Defeat and Survive It? (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie)”

  1. How do i defeat Bubba? Simple: Ironwill, Dead Hard, Urban Evasion, and Diversion. I'm gonna be looping him all day.

  2. I live in the USA. Leatherface is a rural area bad guy. I break into any residence and collect the guns and ammo. There WILL be guns and ammo. I'm a former burglar, so sneaking in, swiping, and leaving even an occupied home is not very difficult for me. I go somewhere open, I down him with the guns. Then I shoot his chainsaw. Then I blow his head apart. Then I use all the remaining ammo turning him into a meaty version of swiss cheese.

  3. :/ This lore is very incorrect. His parents haven't ever been shown and his brother is the one who sells human barbeque at his gas station.

    Plus, if you're a girl, getting away from Leather is EASY. Just flirt with him, happened in TCM 2.

  4. Wth bro weapons are our life you can’t sepera us, I would have taken a AK 47 and blown his brains off

  5. It’s Texas so there’s probably a 44 magnum revolver on the counter and a 12 gauge over under in the corner of the room and a 45-70 lever action Winchester hung up on the wall pick your weapon and blow his brains out

  6. I mean if he's down for the count couldn't i just slice him into bits with that machete i found while hanging on the hook?

  7. In Texas guns are in a shed such as a 22 or something if ur luky whith a clean shot in the heart his orgens will sut down and he dies if u want to make sure after the first shot aim at the head as he will most likely ve on the ground so u will beabol to hit the head then run if ur lucky thears a car

  8. Me: got a automatic turret in my house

    Leatherface: enters the house

    Me: Turns on the turret

    Leatherface: walks infront of the turret and gets his face with thousands of bullets

    The End

  9. If I had to defeat lether face I would stab him in the abdomen and then I would hit him in the head with a sludge hammer then I would hold him down and pour poison in his mouth then I would put him to sleep with a dart and then I would put him on the meat hook and then I would blow him up with a grenade

  10. You say he is strong and can lift adults but also show him stubbing his toe on the table and he look uncomfortable…. EXPLAIN!

  11. He’s carrying a chainsaw. There’s no way he could out run you. If he drops it to chase you, you should already have a head start

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