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You’re playing PUBG one day and you just can’t
seem to get a single win. You’ve been matched with a ten year old player
that keeps yelling at you over voice chat how terrible you are and that you should probably
yeet yourself IRL. Worst- you seem to keep being stuck in matches
with him, humiliating one-shot kill after one-shot kill. After what must be your tenth or fifteenth
headshot by this middle school online bandit, you start suspecting that he’s cheating. Sure enough, your worst suspicions are true
and when you realize he’s using an aimbot, you log off in disgust. When you push away from your computer though
something strange happens. You take a bite out of your peanut butter
and jelly sandwich and it tastes like chicken. You tape a sip of soda- tastes like chicken. You bite a chunk off your desk and, you guessed
it, tastes like chicken. It’s then that you realize with growing horror
that your entire life is a lie, and you’ve been living inside the Matrix this whole time. Even more terrifying, your door gets blasted
off its hinges and guess who it is- your ten year old online bully, who’s figured out how
to hack an aimbot in the Matrix, and now he’s after you. So you’ve taken the blue pill by accident
and realized that your whole life is a lie and you live in an imperfect digital reconstruction
of a late 1990s world run by machines who use human bodies as batteries because we blotted
out the sun with nuclear weapons hundreds of years ago- oh, and your PUBG 10 year old
cheating tormentor is after you now, replete with his aimbot hacks. How are you going to survive this? Well, you could try and appeal to the system
administrators of the fake real world and report this annoying little sh- we mean, cheating
and verbally abusive pre-teen for hacks, but that’s probably not going to get you very
far as the machines are still busy trying to figure out how to not make everything taste
like chicken. You’re on your own on this one, and sadly
for you in your Matrix reality Neo is not a moody, attractive in a weird, sort of off-putting
away Keanu Reeves- it’s a mean-spirited spoiled brat ten year old. To defeat this enemy, you’ll have to know
your enemy. An Aimbot is basically nothing more than a
hack that assists players who are terrible at video games. Aimbots were notorious in the early days of
online computer gaming, when game developers assumed the best of humanity and took few
if any measures against cheating. That lasted until about 2pm of the first day
of online multiplayer gameplay, and developers quickly realized that humans are the devil
and we can’t have nice things because we not only break them, we actively want to break
them. Initially aimbots were pretty obvious, players
would basically just move their character forward and the aimbot would automatically
aim the weapon at the nearest enemy player- typically aiming straight for the head so
as to get one-hit kills. Aimbots were typically coupled with triggerbots,
so that as soon as an enemy player was in the targeting reticles and there were no obstacles
in the way, the triggerbot would automatically fire the equipped weapon. Eventually though this type of online cheating
became quite obvious, and developers started laying down the banhammer with all the might
of Thor himself. After players became banned for cheating,
all video game players of all ages realized that cheating was bad and unsportsmanlike
and instead of craving the need to feel like an elite in a digital world and inflate their
ego due to their shortcomings in the real world, all video game players agreed to never
cheat again. Just kidding, people just started cheating
much more intelligently. Initially aimbots were pretty easy to spot,
specially in spectator mode as the cheating player would constantly have their orientation
turned towards the nearest enemy player, even if that player was on the other side of a
wall or otherwise opaque barrier and in no way detectable under normal circumstances. Aimbot developers thus had to get smarter,
and make their bot less obvious. Aimbots thus started to work with varying
levels of effectiveness, and would generally not turn towards an enemy player until that
player was sharing the same space as the cheating player. This helped mask the fact that an aimbot was
in use. Aimbots could be further toned down and simply
activate when the cheating player aimed in the general direction of an enemy player,
and when the aiming reticles got to within a certain parameter of the target, the bot
would take over to deliver highly precise fire. Triggerbots underwent much the same evolution,
all in a bid to stay under the radar. Right now you can find aimbots for every major
FPS out there, and many which are pay-per-download and make some very shady promises about their
effectiveness. It’s likely that most of those are traps,
waiting to infect your computer with ransomware or other malware, and you know what- if you’re
willing to pay money to cheat, you totally deserve it. Unfortunately for you though, your 10 year
old tormentor’s acquired an aimbot in your digital reality, how are you going to defeat
this aimbot? We suppose you could try to appeal to the
digital authorities. After all if your world is a matrix construct
then there’s bound to be real-life- well, you know, real to you- admins whose job it
is to make sure people don’t hack themselves into being glittery vampires or superheroes. Chances are that there’s some pretty serious
anti-cheating protection measures running already, as the entire point of the Matrix
is for machines to use us as unwitting batteries by making us believe we’re living in the real
world while our bodies provide the power for them to compute pi. Seeing some guy randomly activating an invincibility
hack and swimming in lava is definitely going to start tipping people off to the actual
reality of their environment, and that’s something the machines don’t want. So go ahead, open up a support ticket and
see if you get a response. We have no idea how you’d do that though,
but we do know that if you start looking for guys dressed in all black leather with black
sunglasses, you’re going to start drawing the attention of machine security pretty quickly. Once Mr. Smith shows up at your place just
explain what’s going on- a trash talking pubescent child is threatening to headshot you from
maximum range and that’s totally unfair. The machines just might listen and ban your
tormentor for life from the Matrix- which we’re pretty sure means that his real life
body is disconnected and he is flushed down a tube for recycling into the white goo that
feeds and sustains all of humanity. Yeah, you didn’t think about that did you? Rewatch all three matrix movies and tell us
in what part you saw the machines raising cattle or tending crops so they could feed
their humans. It’s people. Everyone everywhere is being force-fed dead
humans via feeding tubes. Remember when your grandparents passed away? That was lunch. Sadly for you, your cheating aimbot hacker
is ten steps ahead of you, and he’s already sniped all the Agent Smiths you were looking
to for help. He’s hacked the system, he’s literally Neo,
the machines have no chance. They say if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So it’s time to start cheating. Another insidious tool of cheaters worldwide
is known as artificial lag. Basically when you lag out the stream of data
coming from your computer to the server, or between player’s computers, is either slowed
down or completely interrupted. Typically this is a huge annoyance, but for
enterprising cheaters, it’s a massive opportunity. By installing a lag switch, players can purposefully
disrupt their upload from their computer to the server, while on their side they queue
up actions that they want to perform as soon as the upload is re-established. Once the switch is deactivated, the player’s
computer sends instructions to the server on what the player wanted to do, and the server
executes those actions, leaving other players unable to respond. If you’re another player, you might see the
cheating player appears to be teleporting, speeding up, or might just become invisible
or invincible, as where they are supposed to physically be as represented by the game
client is not where they actually are. This lets cheating players easily outmaneuver
non-cheating players. Cheating is pretty scummy, and something only
people with small egos typically do so they can feel better about themselves in a digital
world. Today though, you’re going to have to become
a cheater to beat a cheater. You’re going to have to find the nearest morpheus-like
character who’s trying to set minds free from the matrix- shouldn’t be hard to spot, remember
to look for black leather and black sunglasses. When he asks if you want to take the red pill
or the blue pill, say neither, because saving humanity is not your thing and you’d rather
stay jacked in and have dead grandparents force-fed to you than live in the real world
which is basically just living in squalor in a cave deep underground. While machines try to murder you every day. No thanks. Instead ask for a quick bit of specialized
code, a lag switch. Something you can throw on the fly, and have
it disconnect you from the matrix for just a second before re-establishing your connection. Modern anti-cheating measures typically automatically
log a player off if their connection is interrupted for too long, forcing you to relog into the
game entirely to rejoin your match. However if you keep the interruptions to a
minimum, you can get away with digital murder- which is exactly what you want. Now when your tiny tormentor comes trying
to trash talk and aimbot you to death from impossibly far away with a starting pistol,
you’re going to surprise him by throwing your lag switch. His aimbot will recognize that your character
isn’t logged in and not activate, and he’ll be left panicking as he has to manually shoot
at you as you randomly teleport towards his location. Then just get behind him and do what you came
to do- murder a child in a digital world for trash talking. Alternatively, you could just take the blue
pill and when you wake up in your pod in the real world, just start tearing open other
pods and punching every ten year old you find in the face. How would you defeat a real-life aimbot? If our world isn’t a digital simulation, why
do so many things taste like chicken? Let us know in the comments! And if you enjoyed this video check out one
of our other awesome you versus matchups, and shoot us your suggestions for what to
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100 thoughts on “YOU vs REAL LIFE AIM BOT”

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