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YOU vs THE ZODIAC KILLER – Could You Defeat and Survive Him or Her

YOU vs THE ZODIAC KILLER – Could You Defeat and Survive Him or Her

So you’re out on a date with your best gal
and decide to pull into a lonely lover’s lane for a bit of late-night snuggling. The glow of the stars above sets the romantic
mood, and as you pull each other in close you hear the crunching of tires on gravel
from behind your car. Annoyed at having your romantic moment interrupted,
you look into the rearview mirror and see a pair of headlights parked directly behind
your car, followed by the opening of a car door. A heavy set man gets out and starts approaching
your car, flashlight in hand. At first you think that maybe it’s just a
cop, checking to make sure yours is not another abandoned vehicle, but you realize that whoever
this person is, they’re alone. As they get near your car door you see the
flash of a pistol at their side and with a sinking feeling you realize that you’re about
to become another victim of the most infamous American serial killer of all time. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show’s You Versus- today we’re putting you, the average joe, up against the
Zodiac Killer. Britain has Jack the Ripper, Australia has
John Wayne Glover, and the United States has Zodiac. Giving himself the moniker in letters written
to the press during which he taunted the police to try and discover his identity, Zodiac prowled
northern California between December 1968 and October 1969. Officially he is credited with the attempted
murders of four men and three women, all between the ages of 16 and 29, though unofficially
Zodiac himself claimed as many as 37 total murders in his letters to local newspapers. Zodiac’s typical MO was to ambush couples
parked or picnicking somewhere remote, specially in well-known ‘lovers lanes’ where young couples
would go for a bit of privacy. His first attack was against a young 16 year
old couple out on their first date, where he parked beside the couple before approaching
the vehicle, shooting the male as he exited the vehicle once in the head and the girl
five times in the back as she tried to run away. Six months later he struck again, much in
the same style, shooting both victims while they were still in their vehicle. Zodiac would go on to phone the police that
night and let them know of the murder, and though the call was traced Zodiac was long
gone by the time police got to the payphone used. A few weeks after the second set of murders,
Zodiac sent a series of letters to three local newspapers, taking credit for the shootings
and including a 408 symbol cryptogram in which he claimed was hidden his identity. He demanded that the letters be printed on
the front page or he would go on a murder spree that next weekend, killing anyone alone
that he met until he had reached a bodycount of a dozen victims. The cryptogram was solved just days after
being published, only it contained no personal information and instead a rambling claim that
killing people was more fun than killing wild game and that he wouldn’t give his identity
because he was killing people in order to collect slaves for the afterlife. Clearly, Zodiac was very disturbed- or at
least just messing with the police. Zodiac would go on to strike again a month
later, targetting another young couple who this time were out on a picnic together. He attacked both with a knife, though the
male victim would go on to survive and give a detailed eyewitness account of Zodiac. Zodiac also called the police again, but once
more the trace would be far too late. Two weeks later Zodiac would enter a cab in
San Francisco and shoot the cab driver in the head, only to be witnessed by a bunch
of teenagers. It’s believed that police very nearly caught
Zodiac this time around, but responding officers had received an APB to be on the lookout for
a black suspect and thus Zodiac slipped away, tantalizingly close to having been caught. Zodiac would go on to taunt the public and
police both once more, sending letters to the San Francisco Chronicle and even calling
in to a live tv show. Neither the letters or the calls to the tv
show were helpful in catching Zodiac though, and after a five month hiatus, Zodiac struck
again. This time he flagged a car being driven by
a young mother who was seven months pregnant off the road. In the car was her 10 month old daughter,
and after he had flagged them down he pulled up behind them and told the young mother that
her rear tire was wobbling and loose. He offered to tighten up the lug nuts for
her, but instead he secretly loosened them. When she tried to drive away her wheel came
completely off and Zodiac offered to help her get to a service station. Climbing into his car, Zodiac drove the two
around for 90 minutes before finally the young mother was able to flee from the car along
with her daughter. The two hid in a field until Zodiac finally
gave up. Once more despite detailed eyewitness testimony,
Zodiac’s identity eluded the police. After that attack Zodiac would go on to strike
two more times, though eventually he came to be blamed for almost every mysterious disappearance
or murder of young victims. In 1974 Zodiac sent his final letter, in which
he praised The Exorcist, which had recently been released, as “the best satirical comedy
that I have ever seen”, and signed the letter with the score, Me=37, SFPD=0. Zodiac’s identity has never been discovered,
and now he’s back from the past with his eyes set on scoring a new set of victims- so how
are you going to defeat Zodiac? Unlike most of our challengers in this series,
Zodiac is just an ordinary guy, so there’s no superpowers or supernatural abilities to
worry about. What is known about Zodiac is that he’s clearly
proficient with firearms, and not afraid to get in close and dirty with a knife. So how are you going to defeat him? Zodiac is as most serial killers an ambush
predator, preferring to trick his prey into a false sense of security before murdering
them. Lucky for you, this is a match to the death,
so Zodiac’s typical strategy of pretending to be a friendly stranger until he’s close
enough to strike isn’t going to work out. This is a simple cage match, mano a mano,
man versus man, with no tricks or high powered weaponry to worry about. First, if you’re able, a concealed firearm
is an obvious solution to the Zodiac problem- although in the real world it would have been
of little use to most of his victims. That’s because as mentioned, Zodiac often
ambushed his victims, hiding under the guise of social norms- and for those of you who
scoff and think your concealed piece would’ve saved you, then we’d like to know how often
you pull guns out on random strangers that approach you to ask for directions or offer
help with car troubles. That was why zodiac was as successful as he
was, he didn’t come out of nowhere gun drawn and ready to kill, instead he lulled his victims
into a false sense of security, or at least confused them as he blinded them with a flashlight
pretending to be a cop. In best case scenario, you might get a chance
to go for your own piece- but Zodiac already has his out and aimed, getting the drop on
you. So we’re gonna skip the obvious and say no
firearms allowed, simply because this would be a really, really short fight. Instead we’ll focus on Zodiac’s attacks where
he used a knife, which can be defended against quite easily. The first thing to do in a life and death
struggle is to mentally prepare yourself for pain- this is something military operatives
and professional fighters both do, they psyche themselves up and accept that in a fight against
an opponent who’s wielding a weapon, you’re gonna have to take some pain. The key is figuring out how to take that pain,
and where. You obviously don’t want Zodiac stabbing you
in the chest with that knife, so instead you want to use elbows and other hard bony areas
of your body to deflect a stab or slash- even your skull is surprisingly effective against
a knife, given the half-inch thick shell of bone around your brain. And hey, better to get slashed or stabbed
into some thick skull bone rather than straight into a jugular in your neck- we’re not saying
it’s ideal, but it’s better than bleeding to death instantly. The key is to get Zodiac into close enough
quarters that his knife becomes a liability rather than a tool. Knifes require at least about a foot’s swing
or thrust distance to be dangerous, so that’s physical distance you want to deny zodiac. If possible, get in close under his swing,
or deflect a stab with your forearms and quickly close the distance. You want to get as close as possible to chest
to chest with Zodiac, giving him little room to maneuver his knife. Then, get a hand on the weapon as best you
can, and this is the part that’s going to suck, but if he does manage to stab you with
it- force him to keep it there. Not only will this minimize blood loss, but
it’ll prevent him from repeating the stab, although be warned: it’s going to hurt like
the dickens. Remember that we told you to prepare for pain. Once you’ve got a bit of control over the
blade though, you want to start targeting Zodiac’s vulnerable areas in order to incapacitate
him. At close quarters a sharp upwards thrusting
headbutt into the nose can shatter the delicate structure of the nose and cause serious pain,
along with spreading the shock upwards to the eyes which will immediately begin to water. Forget any fantasies about pushing nose bone
into the brain and killing someone that way- the nose is cartilage, that’s pure myth. Because Zodiac is a man, you want to follow
up your nose smash by grabbing onto his adam’s apple and squeezing as hard as you can- this
prompts the body to immediately go into a panicked choking response, turning his attention
from hurting you into preventing you from choking him. With Zodiac vulnerable, smash your knee into
his groin as hard as you can, repeating once or two for good measure. Now you’ve got Zodiac bloodied and bruised,
so next: run. We know this is supposed to be a death match,
but because Zodiac was a real killer and someone who could be copycat’ed in the real world,
we feel it’s our responsibility to be realistic for once. The key to any street fight or any fight for
your life, is not to defeat your opponent- it’s to get away. Any self-defense professional will tell you
as such, so you should follow our, and their advice, and simply run as fast as you can,
as far away as you can, heading somewhere public. If you live to fight another day, you’ve already
won, and forget any hero fantasies about bringing down a serial killer. The dna evidence all over your body will do
that for you, and serial killers are best brought down by police detectives. Do you think Zodiac really did kill again
after 1974? Who do you think he was? Also, make sure you check out our other video,
You vs Pennywise from the IT Movie! See you next time!

100 thoughts on “YOU vs THE ZODIAC KILLER – Could You Defeat and Survive Him or Her”

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  10. We're going to teach you how to survive the Zodiac Killer!
    But we're also going to handicap him so that everything that made him successful in the first place isn't present here.
    Congratulations, you won by default!

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