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You Won’t Survive! (Nerf Zombie Simulator)

You Won’t Survive! (Nerf Zombie Simulator)

Niko: Alright everybody split up, the game starts in 10 seconds Niko: So we’re going to play zombie infection *music* Niko: This is the closest thing to a nerf
zombie apocalypse that we can come up with I really like this game it’s a great
party game. Alright so we dealt cards and one of the cards is a joker, that Joker
represents the patient zero. So that patient zero may turn within 60 seconds to a
zombie. Now, I think it’s Jake based on the way he’s acting, but if 60 seconds pass
patient zero must turn into a zombie keep my distance from everybody Sam: It’s Brett! Niko: wait was Brett the zombie?
Sam: Brett’s definitely a zombie Niko: alright so Brett just took a massive fall, it was really intense Niko: Alright so there’s our zombie up there *shouting and laughing* Niko: put him down Jake: alright he’s down! Niko: so the zombie when shot will die for 15 seconds and then you’ll get back up and continue their hunt *Zombie growl* Niko: oh man, oh man, OH MAN *Niko laughing* Niko: if the zombie manages to take somebody they drop dead and then
rise as a zombie Wren: oh jesus, oh my god, oh my god *death scream* Niko: Wren’s a zombie! Niko: dude I’m getting back in this room *music starts playing* Niko: uh oh *starts firing* *zombie growls* *bullets being fired* *zombie scream* Niko: dude I’m going to run out of ammo at this rate, I’m gettin’ out of here Niko: oh my god Niko: get Joe, get em, get em Niko: oh man Niko: this is the worst spot to fix the camera Niko: he’s moving! *scream* Niko: oh my god here comes Wren Niko: peace out, I gotta get out of here Niko: I may need to reload Niko: let’s see what’s going on in the courtyard Niko: it’s quiet out here *zombie scream* Let’s get out of here Joe Niko: I’m not infected Jake: Move up he’s out there *screaming* Niko: oh shit *Niko fires* Niko NO! NO! *blech* Sam: oh shit Jake: we gotta go man, we gotta go! Joke: I’m going up to the dro- to the roof *zombie screams* *bullets firing* *sigh* Sam: oh goodness Sam: go go go go go go *zombie pants followed by screech* *footsteps* *zombies screaming* *wren panting* Carmichael: Zombies win, that’s game Niko: who’s the last one alive? Sam: Joe *Niko laughs* Niko: If you guys enjoyed this video, you’re probably going to enjoy the stuff we do on our Node channel where we actually do a whole bunch of real life gameplay scenarios, video games in real
life or we do like a battle simulation in real life and actually I’m going to make a playlist of my favorite Node videos and put it right here you can click on
the screen or you can click on the first link in the description and it’s all the coolest
game types that we’ve done If you liked this video, you’re definitely going to like that go check it out!

100 thoughts on “You Won’t Survive! (Nerf Zombie Simulator)”

  1. You know what would make this game better? If people (not zombies jet :P) had to do various tasks taking their ability to shot for some time (like 10-15 seconds) Then the zombies could really be a threat and would spread faster.And the game would have objective to win.

  2. Hey guys, for your next Nerf game or office ambush game, please consider using this bad boy

  3. used to play this, with the blatant respawns and all, 7 years ago, with my friends as a kid. we used cardboard Guns 🙂

  4. my siblings and I literary made this exact game and rules too! This was like 8 years ago, brought back some good memories..

  5. I do see Jake being the guy who goes down, surrounded by zombies while the others retreat, trying to hold them back…

  6. to make game more interesting maybe there should be two kind of zombies at the start of the game:
    first one must turn in 60 seconds, second one – in 120 seconds

  7. Brett is aways the one who totally committed to the falls
    damn, every video. Is he a stuntman or something ?

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