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You’ll Never Guess What Lives in Here!

You’ll Never Guess What Lives in Here!

– Now in the field behind
us, there are pieces of wood and sheets of tin scattered all about. Flipping up these items
could yield creatures. So this’ll be like a
creature scavenger hunt. Every piece we flip has the potential for an animal underneath it. – [Mario] Oh, snake, snake. (dramatic music) Oh! (upbeat tropical music) – What’s going on coyote pack? Right now we’re on location in West Virginia, filming episodes, and so far we’ve gotten
some great content. And the other day, the
adventure led us off road into the back country, and what did we find in the process? – This abandoned structure. And believe it or not, these
locations make excellent spots for animals to hide in. – [Coyote] We just had a
big rainstorm move through, and when weather pushes
into an environment, the animals will look for
places to hunker down. Now in the field behind us,
there are pieces of wood and sheets of tin scattered all about. Flipping up these items
could yield creatures. – Creatures like snakes. Actually like venomous snakes potentially. So I’m gonna give you this. – Okay. – I’m gonna have the snake hook, and let’s see what we can find. – Right, now it’s just
myself and Mario today, so we’re gonna have to film
the majority of the adventure on GoPro cameras. – Yep.
– So this’ll be like a creature scavenger hunt. Every piece of material
or debris that we flip has the potential for
an animal underneath it. – That’s right.
– When we find and catch something, we’ll bring it back to this spot, and film it on the main camera. And then at the very end, we will explore the abandoned barn, ’cause I guarantee you there’s something cool living in there. – Like ghosts. – Maybe some ghosts. All right, I’m gonna cut
the main camera here. The adventure is going
to continue on GoPro. All right, see ya soon? – [Mario] See ya. (playful music) – All right, now hopefully
we can get this adventure in before the rain hits once more. That is one of the nice things
about filming on GoPros. That even in the rain,
the camera is waterproof. So, we can get a little rugged. – All right, this is
my type of competition. I’m really good at searching for animals, and I’m pretty good at
finding animals too. So Coyote does not stand a chance. (dramatic music) – It looks like there might
be some stuff to flip up here. Let me check it out. (metal creaking) (bird chirping) Nothin’. (metal creaking) Nope. (dramatic music) (metal creaking) Nothin’ there. – I see my first piece of tin. (dramatic music) (metal creaking) Ooh, nothing. (dramatic music) Nothing. (dramatic music) Nothing. Let’s keep going. (dramatic music) Nothing. – [Coyote] Find anything yet? – Not yet. – Okay, well I say at this point, since we’ve reconnected, we should head back to
the abandoned structure, start flippin’ stuff there. – Okay.
– That’s definitely the highest concentration of debris.
– Yeah. Makes sense. Let’s save the best for last, – Okay.
– which is that spot there. – Sounds good. (dramatic music) Lots of good stuff around here. Here we go. First piece of wood. (dramatic music) Ooh, wow, lot of ant eggs. Okay, well, we’ll just set that back down and not disturb their nest. (dramatic music) – [Mario] Looks like this was a barn. I sometimes use my snake hook as a way to kind of just
pry pieces of debris. – I am inside (grunts) of the structure. Wow, pretty cool looking in here. Here’s a big, big barrel. I don’t want to move anything too much, for fear that the roof might come crumbling down on top of me. Okay, last piece of tin. Last flip of the day for me. Is there gonna be something under it? Let’s find out. (dramatic music) Ooh, a little mouse! Look at that guy! That’s a little field mouse right there. Let’s see if I can catch him. Nope, okay, let’s go find Mario. See if he’s found anything. – [Mario] This is a nice
piece of tin right here. (dramatic music) Oh, snake, snake. Oh! Got a snake, oh! Ooh, it’s–
– What? – [Mario] Kingsnake! Woo!
– Snake. Oh Mario’s got a snake.
(Mario laughs) Really?
– I got a kingsnake. Oh man, check this guy out.
– Oh yes! (Mario laughs) Oh, Mario’s got a snake. Look at that! Wow! – I flipped this one. This is like one that I
left for last actually, and this is a beautiful black kingsnake. Look at that. – [Coyote] Oh he pooped all over you. – [Mario] It sure did. – Oh man, this is like right up front. I walked right past this one. You saved this for last? – [Mario] I did save it for last, yeah. Look at that guy. – Wow, he stinks. You are covered in poop. Okay, I’m gonna grab the main camera. I haven’t found anything, other
than a mouse and some ants. So, this is definitely
the animal to feature. Wow, that is a beautiful snake. Okay, hold on, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna get the main camera. You win! Mario wins the scavenger– – A kingsnake. Actually this is my first time
encountering this species. I was really hoping to find
an eastern black kingsnake. This is my first one. It’s a lifer for me. Look at that! – Just when you think you
aren’t gonna get an episode, (sighs) you find a snake. This is great. Okay, well let’s do this. (panting) Cut your GoPro. – Okay. – [Coyote] I’ll put down my GoPro, and we will film with the main camera. I will film, you present. How ’bout that? – Oh, I’ll present? – [Coyote] Yeah, you’re gonna present. You officially win the scavenger hunt. – Okay.
– So, let’s fire up the main camera,
get a little presentation – Okay.
– with the black kingsnake. (playful music) Main camera is rolling. And, let’s do it, a black
kingsnake, look at that. – Look at that. A beautiful species. First of all, their coloration compared to other kingsnake species, especially like the California kingsnake that we’ve featured in the
past, very unique color. At first, you could easily
misidentify this snake for like a black rat snake,
potentially even a racer, especially if it’s just
taking off really fast, as this one did. But as soon as I grabbed it,
and I felt its scale structure, and I saw that unique white speckle-ation, I realized it was a kingsnake. Now, this structure not only
provides shelter for a snake, but it might provide
shelter for its prey items, which can be rodents and
actually other snakes, including venomous snakes. So this guy right here would have no problem
encountering a copperhead, biting it, constricting it, and swallowing it down whole. That’s why I love kingsnakes. Kingsnakes are kind of like
the king of all snakes, hence their name. They eat other snakes. And you might be asking yourself, well, what if he gets
bit by that copperhead? Well, all kingsnakes are
immune to snake venom. The venomous snakes here
in the United States will have no effect on
a kingsnake species, which is pretty cool. – [Coyote] Now when it
comes to defensive tactics, this snake doesn’t seem to
be biting or striking at you. Is this a rather docile species? – So far, this snake is very docile. It’s, oh, did you hear that? (squishing)
Oh! (comical disappointing music) – [Coyote] Oh, it’s pooping on you. – Okay, well, it’s poopin’. (birds chirping) – [Coyote] So, I see a thick white fluid coming out of the back end of the snake. What is that? – All right, well, several
things just happened. When I first caught the snake, it immediately went into defensive mode. It tried to get away. And it did not bite. It did not actually strike at me at all, but it did musk on me. A lot of reptiles, when
they feel distressed, they will emit this smelly
substance from their cloaca. And essentially it’s kinda
saying, “Hey, I smell really bad. “I don’t think you want to eat me. “I might be rotten.” So, it musked, and then
at this point right now, it did just poop. – [Coyote] So is there a
difference between musk and poop? – Definitely, there’s
definitely a difference between musk and poop. Musk is essentially a defense that’s a mixture of kinda like uric acid and a substance that smells really bad. Poop, well, poop is poop. It’s essentially whatever
he ate last night, that he just let out. This is a snake that I like to advertise to people that don’t like snakes. If you encounter a
kingsnake in your backyard, that’s awesome. If you tolerate that snake,
it means it may actually kill and consume venomous snakes
for you, free of charge. That’s pretty cool. So having a kingsnake in
your backyard is a benefit, even to those that are afraid of snakes. Well, it looks like exploring
this abandoned structure for a scavenger hunt was a great success in finding the eastern black kingsnake. I’m Mario Aldecoa. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see ya on the next location. (playful music) Looks like the rain
finally caught up to us. I’m gonna put this kingsnake
right back where we found it. (playful music) – [Coyote] If you thought
exploring this abandoned barn was creepy, make sure to go
back and watch the episode where I went inside this
haunted-looking house. And don’t forget, subscribe
and click the notification bell so you can join me and the
crew on our next location. Now Mario’s on the outside,
scouting for pieces of wood that we can flip that might
have snakes under them. Actually here’s a piece
of wood right here. Let’s see if there’s anything under it. There’s a lot of bird nests in here. (playful music) (wings flapping) (birds chirping)
(coyote howling)

100 thoughts on “You’ll Never Guess What Lives in Here!”

  1. Coyote : knock knock
    Mario : who's there
    Coyote : daisy
    Mario : daisy who
    Mario : ;)))

  2. Coyote Peterson when he sees a garden snake: Captures it

    Me when I see a Garden snake: runs over it with electric scooter true

  3. A coyote Christmas

    coyote when he was young: mommy can I have a snake
    mom: no
    coyote: fine

    coyote when he is adult:
    oh I remember when I asked for a snake welp lets go to an abandened barn
    coyote sees snake doesnt even care if it bites him just grabs him
    coyote: hey I got a snake

  4. Me seeing a snake: run away as far as i can.
    Mario seeing a snake: gets excited and grab the snake and call cayote to show it. Cayote was hype up as well when he heard mario catches a snake.

  5. Hey! Mario does a pretty cool host maybe a little shy but he did a good work… and also the snake he found was pretty cool

  6. Most of the time when I flip a piece of tin over and there's a snake under it I drop the tin back on the snake and run as fast as I can. Thx for the likes

  7. *this is my first time encountering this snake

    Then grabs the snake like his been doing it his whole

    And the snake also is a paid actor

  8. Mario…you win said coyote peterson.
    Inside coyote peterson's heart yes you go kid.
    Outside coyote peterson's heart urggghhh…i lose.

  9. I’ve seen garden/king snakes up close before a couple of times. It’s cool seeing them. They startle me at first cause they come out of no where but they don’t scare me at all. They’re going the other direction anyways so that’s cool 🙂

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