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ZALGO | Draw My Life

ZALGO | Draw My Life

Zalgo is an evil and chaotic entity, commonly
associated with insanity, death, destruction, fear, and the end of the world as we know
it. Zalgo is known as “The one who awaits behind
the wall” or the “Nezperdian Hivemind” in some places. It’s an entity that exists in
a different dimensional plane, and creates chaos when it appears in ours. Its mere presence
is capable of bringing someone to the edge of insanity. In other words, Zalgo is… horror
incarnated. No matter how much you search on the Internet
you will never find a clear explanation about what Zalgo is, as such an answer does not
exist – Zalgo is something so terrible that no words are able to appropriately describe
it. Although, if you look hard enough, you can find the following terrifying description: It awaits behind the wall, in a palace of
tortured crystal, served by legions forged from the tears of the restless dead, wearing
armor carved out of the suffering of their mothers. A knight of jet black skin surrounded
with a crown of dark lightning. It’s an abomination with no eyes, with seven
mouths, and four arms. In its right hands it holds a dead star and a candle whose light
is a shadow. Its left hands are stained with the blood of Am Dhaegar. Six of its mouths
talk in different languages, and when the times comes, the seventh mouth will sing the
song that will put an end to Earth. The mind that confuses the living, and perpetuates
the torture of the damned. It takes the eyes, the windows of the soul, and eliminates the
ability to feel everything… except for pain. Once the eyes have been ripped out, the soul
disappears. The remaining living carcass is a testimony of cruelty and eternal damnation.
It cannot be stopped, as fear itself cannot be stopped. It is inseparable of reality,
as it exists beyond the veil… waiting. Zalgo is one of the oldest and darkest urban
legends on the Internet, and spread quickly when it was first invented. It started on
July 27th 2004 in the Something Awful forums, famous for spreading the legend of SlenderMan.
Zalgo’s creator was the user Goon Shmorky, who published some old Archie comic strips
which had been edited in a very bizarre way. In the strips the characters were acting erratically
and insanely. They were also continuously evoking an entity known as “Zalgo”, which
was causing monstrous deformities in their entire bodies. In the beginning, Zalgo went
unnoticed in the forums until the user Bobby Delux made several edited versions
of strips from the webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del, created by the controversial Tim Buckley. Zalgo then spread between the users of the
website, who photoshopped comics such as Garfield or Charlie Brown, among others.
However, Zalgo went on to become a well known creepypasta thanks to 4Chan, where many users
were marveled by the myth and decided to participate, creating new strips and modifying images in
PhotoShop. All images made based on this meme follow
a pattern: They take a normal image, and retouch it so that it looks as chaotic and demonic
as possible. Gore elements are always welcome in Zalgo images. The most repeated details
in these images are: Black and empty eyes weeping blood or black goo, an atmosphere
composed of red tones, and tentacles of darkness. Besides that, the only limit is the imagination
of who makes the image. Additionally, Zalgo also appears through corrupted
text composed of a chaos of stress marks and characters. It’s everywhere. It’s said that Zalgo only appears through
photos, animations and comics, but that we don’t know when it will reach our reality.
Zalgo is something that’s gonna start… it’s about to start. Before we end the video we wanted to suggest
a drawing challenge to you guys! We would like you to send us modified Zalgo images
of your favorite comics and mangas. Or you could also send us modified images of Tik
and Tak, which would be awesome! You can do it through Instagram, tagging us as @drawthelifeyt.
We will publish the top three images we like the most. We look forward to seeing your submissions! And don’t forget it…HE IS COMING…

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  1. H҉̴̛ey ̸t͘he͢͜r͘e̢͟͠,͟ ͜͝t̛͡ik̨͟͜t͏̵̧a͘k̴̛é̴r̢͟s͡, ̛d͝o̴ņ͏'҉t̨͜ ͘͢fo͏r̨g͜e͝t͏ ̕͝t̶o̧͢ ̵̕͝s̴͟e̛n̷d̡ u̶s̷ ̶̸̶y̢o͜u̶̸r͏̨͠ ͢͝p͏ic̕͞t̛u͏re̴͜s̷̨ ̨̧͠to̷͞ ͏̡͜@̵͡d͘r̸͞͠a̢w̴̷̶t̀h̛ȩ̡̕l͏͘į̶f̷e̸̵y̸t̷

  2. I want to see her to draw the life of Miss Universe Catriona Gray!🥰💕
    Like if you agree!🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. This character in Islamic is known as dajjal

    Allah makes another and another wall when he finishes eating the wall bc he wants to get out

    He will come out in the end of the world….

  4. Zalgo: immortal
    Slender man: immortal
    Zalgo and slendy: biggest enemy
    Creepypasta fandom: fanart and fanfic
    Memer fandom: SHIPPING AND mEMiQ

  5. I just realized that salgo is the monster in stranger things.😱😱😱😱😱 (by the way go watch stranger things j

  6. So guys I'm watching the video and then I get to 2:19 and they it was invented on July 27, 2004 and I'm omfg that's my birthday I was so shocked 💀😭

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