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Zombi U: TheZombiUnicorn and Amelia Battle For Survival – Game Night at the Mansion

Zombi U: TheZombiUnicorn and Amelia Battle For Survival – Game Night at the Mansion

– Hey guys, Happy Halloween! I am – And I am – And I’m with no e in zombie,
cause I’m a (beep) idiot. And I’m here with Gamer Next Door! We’re about to play ZombiU, and I swear I’m not named after this game. This game, if anything, is named after me. So Amelia is gonna spawn
zombies while I try to survive, and shoot them, and kill
them, and she’s gonna watch. – That’s what I do. (lounge music) (beep) What you don’t know is
that I’ve actually been hired by Amelia to
distract her with my tail. (laughing) – No, it’s too cute and fluffy! – Boom boom. – Ah. – In the butt. – In da butt. – In da butt. – [Pamela] So this is Zombi Unicorn, fighting the zombies in ZombiU. – Deads, all of them. – All of them deads. Oh no, that one didn’t die. (makes noises) Amelia, what tactic are you
using for these zombie spawns? – Get her while she is distracted. I got zombies running
around, tracking her. – I think it’s comfier this way. – Oh no, no! I’m already bad as it is! Okay, alright. – [Amelia] Get her Pamela, get her! – Agh, no! So not fair! There we go, boom, you’re dead. Alright, next flag. Moving on. – [Pamela] Oh wow,
that’s a lot of zombies. – [Cat] Ooh! – [Pamela] Oh geez! – [Group] Oh God! – [Pamela] Oh geez. – [Cat] Oh, in the face. (shouting and mumbling) – You got rid of my special! – You have a special ability? – [Amelia] No, I have a special zombie. – [Cat] Oh no! – [Pamela] Oh no, keep them away! I feel like these zombies are moving a lot faster than normal zombies. – Yeah, they’re probably super zombies. – All I can see is my
minions doing my work for me, and then I look up and I’m
like, oh my god, that’s scary. What have I done? – Oh I know, right? Dead dead dead dead dead dead. – Is this game based in a different time, ’cause these outfits are very… – They’re dressed up for Halloween, maybe. – They’re timely. Halloween, ZombiU for Halloween. ZombiU. – There we go. Oh, you’re still alive? Die! – She should die because
her pants are ugly! Why are zombies going after flags? That doesn’t even make sense. Are they going after the woah! – Oh no no! – And she’s down. – I almost have my last flags. – No, no! – [Pamela] I feel like this
is a little overpowered. Amelia’s got numbers. – [Cat] Perhaps. I am the zombie master! – Get off of me! – [Pamela] Oh no! – Get off my butt! – You’ll never expect what
I have in store this time! (laughter) – [Cat] No, come on! (laughter) (ding) – Well, you lost. – Those are the sprinters,
and they wear jogger suits. – Makes sense. – You know, safest tactic is
probably just to shoot ’em. – Just to shoot ’em, I tried. – Don’t give away the secrets. – You didn’t pay me full
time for distracting her, so I gotta help her somehow. – You were pretty distracting though. I had a whole face of fur for a second. – I thought I gave you enough nuts. – Deez nuts? – Gotti! – Let’s do another round. I’ll give you a shot. – I will get ready! – No! – Blue is 0-1. – Wow! – Oh, that didn’t kill you? – What? He has no head! – I mean, it was a zombie. I have a proposition for you. Will you join my forces, become a zombie? You must die in order to join me. – Oh, I see. But then I would lose. – That sounds like she’s
inviting you into a cult. – Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll join your forces on accident. Oh no! See, I knew it. – Do you guys have any horror movies that you wish they
would make games out of? – Oh, you know what’d be cool? The Poltergeist series, a classic. – The Exorcist would be a pretty fun game. – Oh yeah. What would you do? – Your weapon is vomiting on people, projectile vomiting on people. It could be a combination
between a survival zombie game and Splatoon, where your objective is just to cover everything with vomit. – That’s good, I like that. – What I really want is a
Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. ‘Cause everybody’s just so
obsessed with the story. – I was gonna say, have you heard of all the theories and stuff behind it? – Yeah, there was an
article, a real life article about five kids that had been
murdered in this pizzeria. – Oh God. – In the butt! – In the butt! – [Group] Oh no! – She used that one to distract you! She’s using guerrilla warfare. (shouting) Stab him with the serum! – Did I save her life? Did I turn her into a human again? – No, I think she’s too far gone. – [Cat] Oh, probably. – [Pamela] There’s no coming
back from that kinda (mumbles). – [Cat] I don’t have any ammo. (mumbles) It was. There we go. You know what, I’m gonna
take you up on your offer. I’m gonna join you on your side. I belong with the zombies anyways. Take me, take me now! (angelic singing) (gunshot rings) – Now rise! Rise my minion! – Ah, stronger than ever! – Did I just watch a cult initiation? – Oh, here we go. (grunting noise) – So ladies, what have we learned today? I think we’ve learned that
I’m really bad at video games. – No, not video games, just surviving during a zombie apocalypse. – Surviving me. I am pretty un-survivable. – I think we do have a history
that can attest to that. – I accidentally killed all my teammates. – You’re not playing nice. You’re so mean! – No, this was perfect. – What’d you learn today, Amelia? – That I am the true zombie king! – Queen? – No, king. – I learned that I shed a lot. – [Amelia] You’re like a dog. In the summer. – Yeah, I’m gonna cough up
a hair ball later for sure. – And you got hair on my gloves, and I didn’t even touch you. (moaning and grunting noises) – I think I got it in my eye! Ah! – Well, thank you so much
for having me ladies, it was super fun. – Thanks for coming! – Good time. If you guys haven’t already, please subscribe to Gamer Next Door. If you wanna see more
of me, you can follow me on twitter @thezombiunicorn,
no e in zombie, or, no e. – [Group] Happy Halloween! (beep)

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