100 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption | Full Horror Movie”

  1. my 4 yr old daughter watched this film with me.. now everytime she sees her babysitter she bites her in d hand.. this film is a bad influence.

  2. attn. yau kian: The Rezort(zombie safari),Tom Sawyer v.s. the zombies(has a genuine new twist for zombie movie i haven't seen before)Dead Set Serious!(british film i think, like 28 days later).Try these 3 dude.

  3. I think it pretty clear that TWD has set a pretty high standard for zombie flicks,only on one seen worth a damn in years is GTWATG,,,that was great

  4. Woooww he crushed a frog with his bare hands, that's gotta be the most badass scene in all history of Zombie movies!

  5. This movie's full of wanna be's, mad max, snake plissken, fake ass tupac, milla jovovich, and the worst, fake ass Samuel jackson!

  6. Im not buying shit from Mozes'' Good, it's not for sale. Decimated
    That line alone, made this movie a rough diamond inside a pile of coal. And there are plenty of good one counter lines and one liners in this one. Also I love it when I can recognize almost all sound effects used. Seriously the Fallout 3 minigun spin-up sound? Hahaha, love this movie.

  7. The acting is so bad it's strangely fascinating… fight scenes are so bad they must have been intended as camp… awesome hot girl fight; not. I watched it, I've seen worse. Actually kind of enjoyed it… in a strange way.

  8. it dosnt seems to be a zombie movies. it looks like a rivalry movie between a guy n a gang n zoombies are part of just bunch of side kicks n time pass.

  9. these type of Zombie films are a great respite from the dreary repatative zombie soapy type series we are stuck with – aga thanks for the upload

  10. Yeah and urine is actually good for your hair . That guy in the begining who was bald must not have pissed in his hair .

  11. The baby scene gave me the worst nightmares the feeling I cried so much after that scene I was 7 years old now I’m hear again 14 years old and I was ok they did a great job make this movie very realistic I give this movie 10 – 10 great job

  12. 9:04 – You can see the crew to the left of the screen. The leader (the black guy from "From Dusk 'til Dawn") should have punched himself. HE is the reason Billy is dead because he would not listen to the guy when he said don't go there. And, no, he could NOT have convinced the other guy any other way. Not to mention, you can't really say that convincing without force is what leaders do, after the leader punched him in the stomach. He wouldn't believe anything he said because he used to be a marauder. To risk your life because it's "easier" is idiotic.

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  14. Zomble? Chaves?!?!
    Playtation 👈

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