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  1. If you make a game (not my idea i bet) but it could be called Mythical Online where there is pegisus dragon and hippogriff(all with wings)and the animals are all aginst each other. There can be boss battles and i think this will be a good game becuse its suits your style. Like one boss zombie dogs and you get the point and also you can marry like in wao… also the beginning seen is where you hatch from an egg. Then you grow depending on your level. So at level 5 you can glide and at level 10 you can fly it makes the players wanna play more so they can learn how to fly. So dragons attack is scratch(power attack for dragon fire) pegisuse attack stomp(power for pegisus magic) and hippogriff attack bite(power attack for hippogriff rock power) and there is a map where every one is on eachothers sides so they can hang out or a map thats were you practice flying. You can level your flying speed and attack like wao. Also there should be ais to kill so you level up (also diffrent colors for your animal you choose) Thanks!
    If you did read this i hope you liked it 1Games! It would be an awesome game if you make it!!! 😀

  2. I know this isn't related to the video but since you are only updating WAO I was wondering if every animal can be free and more slots could be open since you aren't really working on the game that much anymore. If you don't want to do that can you add more cats like the Lynx or Cougher.

  3. ~{Hello 1Games My name is Julia}~


  4. PLEASE 1Gamed Make cheetah for Free I always want a cheetah Make it free sale for 1 day or i will delete the game

  5. 1GAMES 님 픽셀 블러드 온라인 정말 재미있게 하고있어용~!!
    그 게임님! 픽셀 블러드 온라인에
    무기를 얻기가 좀 힘들어요..;; 그래서
    나중에 업데이트 해주세용

  6. 1GAMES Please make we could use mutant zombie forever I have collected 100 serums it fells like forever cause the serjms keep reseting somehow

  7. I was thinking of a possible update to Wolf Online: so, the pet tigers seem to not do anything for anyone. I was thinking if we could gain better pets depending. on honour. Maybe you can have the boss wolf as one too. They would attack predators and you'd get the points, you can upgrade their stats too and possibly switch roles with the pet.

    For example, when you're eating the pet will attack approaching wolves and attack them. You can order them to attack bosses when they spawn (probably by a separate button) and spawn them whenever. You can't upgrade their speed, because it'd just be awkward lol. But attack and defence sure.

  8. 🔰WAO🔰. 🛑❌ Get rid of Hackers and Modders…❌🛑 WAO needs a good update ‼️ Do you even care what people want anymore⁉️ no one gets responded to❗️

  9. 1GAMES i heard u guys are letting wao/wzo go to shit and will not update anymore, now us normal players have to play in fear of getting spawn killed by modders and of getting sent to hh (dead servers) by hackers after we worked so damn hard and paid money for our animals and points i too bought the 825000 points and i bought my cheetah points not cheap, just to say one day im playing and im lvl 52 rn took me 4 whole damn months to get to this lvl work sweat pain also paid for my points ($49) with my hard earn money 😑 than a hacker comes along and hits me i crash i rejoin im in fucking hh and all my hard work would be thrown down the fucking drain, sorry for my cursing but im so damn angry… Plz fix your wao/wzo and wolf online bc i join that damn game few weeks ago someone spawned 100 dragons in dl my screeen froze i couldnt click out of the app so i had to force restart my phone it took freaking 3 mins of holding the power button to get it to shut down (i cant remove battery bc its not removeable) so are u really letting your games go to shit? Or will u fix? If not let me know so i can quit 1games games now… Ill hate too bc they are my favorite games but if i continue playing and gets sent to hh by a hacker ill be fiery pissed/ and if my phone gets messed up by wolf online ill become bitchy, plz let me know are u guys letting all u games go to shit or going to fix them, bc i heard yall wont update anymore….PLZ REPLY OR IM GOING TO QUIT ANYWAYS I ALREADY GAVE BAD RATING IN PLAY STORE ON YOUR GAMES WAO/WZO/WO BECAUSE OF HACKERS/MODDERS…if u fix ill change the rating to good, so many pple already quit most of your games…

  10. Uhm, 1GAMES I really want admin access to help new players out, I really like the game, and I what others to like it to

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