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*Birds chirping.
Soft snoring.* Let’s go. This is bullshit man!
Oh you think this is funny? Hmm? You think this is funny?! How many Walkers did you kill? Wouldn’t you like to know? -How many? -I don’t know why you gotta be so dramatic about this. -I want proof. Proof of what? *Quick whistle* Yeah. *Walker screeches* *Laughing* Oh don’t be scared now.
No you’ll be fine. You killed 300 Walkers in the day remember? -Oh no no no no no. That was..that was in the stone mansion with 16 weapons all right. -Oh the last time you told us it was 6! -16! Six-teen! -Look everyone in camps has done this. Consider it a rite of passage. Everyone in camps had to do this? Yes. No weapons? Yes. Raging Walker?! Yes. Underwear?! Panties and all. Look I’ve had nothing bu- Unlatch the gate! Oh! *Screeching* Get him Zeek! *Walker gnarling and screaming* Come on Martin run! *Laughing* Come on Zeek get him! You better run! Come on Zeek! Aaahh! Whoo! *Chuckles* Get him out of there! Pull him out! Get him Zeek! *Laughs* Whoooo! Come on Zeek! *Laughs hysterically* Where did you learn to do that? -Have you ever been to Spain? -No. -I thought so. You see, bullfighting, is more than just torturing an innocent animal. It’s the artists wh- *Walker grawls suddenly* *Screams in horror* *Screams loudly* Huge thanks to ‘The Walking Dead No Man’s Land’ for sponsoring this video. ‘No Man’s Land’ is the official mobile game of ‘AMC’s’ hit show, where you can celebrate the world of ‘The Walking Dead’s’ 8th season by exploring new in-game mission sets available each Monday, following the events of that week’s episode. It’s pretty cool. We’ve played it, and we’ve enjoyed it, and if you’re a fan of the show you probably will enjoy it too. In addition, the game is constantly adding new survivors you can include into your cast of in-game heroes including: Rick, Daryl, Negan and many others. In fact, if you download the game now, you can get Negan for free. Just click the link in the description. Once again, thanks to ‘No Man’s Land’ for sponsoring this video, and thanks to you for watching.

100 thoughts on “ZOMBIE BULLFIGHTER”

  1. Não muito triste não falar sua língua ir para vocês também deve ser a mesma coisa não fala língua portuguesa mas meu nome é Miguel eu adicionei Miguel

  2. me inscrevi no seu canal muito legal muito obrigado e agradeço a ele por tá fazendo esses vídeos mesmo que você não entenda esteja me ouvindo se não estiver vendo esse comentário agora vai ver depois porque vai porque vai chegar a hora e eu só posso falar isso mesmo por causa que vocês são muito meus fãs só que não sabe eu sou filho do Rocky Balboa mas quem não sabe mas quem não conhece fica ouvindo ouvi falar muito obrigado Leonardo de Almeida Paes Barbosa diga as suas opiniões aí embaixo vou ficar agradecido obrigado eu posso falar isso mesmo o comentário foi muito grande mas isso mesmo valeu uma boa sorte

  3. This game not help me i need a suport bu i am a noob and i stay front on the zombie attck i win a gun and not a trap

  4. the thumbnail looked exactly like my country president "bouteflika" ,wouldn't be suprized if he turned out to be a zombie ._. !!

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